Monday, 4 August 2008

Doors, glasses and Sweetie Pups - An interesting mix, huh??

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David came in at lunch time to take us to look at the doors at Magnet which we have been told are the only ones we are allowed to have for the bedrooms at Woodberry, now that they binned the ones we actually wanted.  Well, there were none at the warehouse we liked at all, and that's a fact.  They all look so cheap and nasty (when they are quite definitely not the former!) compared to the originals, and none of them are the same style as the ones we should have had.  They just don't make them like that any more.
We received a phone call from the builder today.  Chris Picton (who was due back from his imaginary holiday last Friday) is now not coming home for another week (Monday 11th), and no work is being done on the house until then.  So he's just delayed me getting a bed and independence a further fortnight.  I'm going to kill that man!
Then on to Ealing Broadway to finally pick up Mum's glasses.  They were ready the day before Iceland, but David hasn't bothered to take her before now.  Anyhow, the girl who was working there today seemed quite dizzy, didn't have a clue that the glasses (clearly labelled for reading and mid-distance) were not suitable for long distance, and kept asking Mum to try them for that range, even when we explained what they were for.  Then, after cleaning them, she tried to fit the things on ME!
Mum thought they worked OK at the time, but has since decided she can't get on with the bi-focals, and she can't see anything through the reading part.  Her mid-distance vision is very good though, so we don't think it's the prescription this time, more that the lenses are too small.
I finally got my Argos catalogue, and then we popped in TKMaxx on the way back to the car.  They hardly have any of the t-shirts I like now, but I refuse to stop looking.  Surely Playboy can't feature on every single shirt for much longer?  I refuse to have anything to do with that blasted Playboy bunny!
We had a look at the toy department, really in search of the MLP book shelves I'm still hunting for, and saw yet more Sweetie Pups, this time two adults.  I wonder where they're all coming from?  I wish I had bought them now.  I'm already regretting selling the babies, and the buyer hasn't even paid yet... Oh well, I haven't got room to start another collection anyway, have I?!
Oh no, my parents are arguing about the house again now.  David says that we should go around and see what damage has been caused this week...NOW. the pitch black dark with no electricity in a house with huge holes in the floor, David?  Idiot.
We know the builders are still continuing work, but they won't tell us what's going on, because Sickton has told them not to speak to us.  David has his head buried in the sand as ever, and says they will have only been putting the foundations for the extension down over the past fortnight, but all of us know, with dread in our hearts, that more than that will have been done.  The whole back of the house was boarded off when we snooped in there last weekend, so we couldn't see what was going on, but something definitely was.  I expect the entire extension is done to their liking by now.
I'm sick of it.  David has stormed off to the bathroom now, telling us Sickton and his gang are not in the wrong, it's the house that was wrong in the first place.  He told us that it should have been sold when it first came into our possession.  Yeah, right.  And what house was the "right" house, may I ask?  Another huge Mills & Boon storage bin in the middle of nowhere?!
After a twenty year prison sentence for Mum, and me being born into this dump, don't we deserve to be free now?  There were three drunk men sitting on our wall earlier, staggering around and lighting cigarettes, and I honestly thought they were going to set fire to this place.  I hate it here.
Sorry for the long rant.  I'm just really fed up with this whole situation right now. *Sighs*
Thank you for reading, everyone!
Desiree  xxx

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