Sunday, 10 August 2008

Fantastic Weekend... not.

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I'm really fed up, so it's only fair to warn you that this is likely to be a rather downhearted blog before you start reading it.  I really wanted to finally work on my rather empty Myspace profile today, but I couldn't even set my mind to something as simple as that.
David's official last day at work was Friday, as you know.  His bosses (his old "friends", that is) aren't even thinking of discussing what they owe him until MID-SEPTEMBER, so I fear we are going to have trouble with them.
Despite this, David refused to take Mum and I out yesterday afternoon (having spent all morning in the bathroom), as he had to go and "clear up and finish off the job he was working on" - without even a promise of payment.   How stupid can that man get?
So I spent the entire day packing ponies, trying to keep positive about moving to Woodberry, singing, and updating my Rescue Home forum.
Today, I got up early, recorded the TV commercials (only one Hasbro advert, and no MLPs - strange for the school holidays.  I wonder if they really are trying to kill the ponies again?), and sat on the floor while David slept on the communal bed until 10am, then he went in the bathroom for ages, came down at about noon and went to sleep on the lounge floor.  We finally managed to get him out to Uxbridge at 1pm.  We were really going there in search of the trousers I have now decided I like, which have gone into holes again.  Guess what?  The shop had closed down!  Just my luck.
So, having paid £2 to park the car for a flat rate day pass, we thought we may as well wander around and look in the other clothes shops.  (Yes, I am trying to find clothes now, at least!)  But the entire time David was rushing me the entire time.  "Why are we dragging around for no reason?"  Um...but we HAD a reason, as Mum and I pointed out to him.  He cheered up a little when he saw some female dancers in African tribal uniforms performing in the centre.  Of course, he pretended he wasn't looking at them, but why else would he insist on emptying his pockets of all the junk he has accumulated (over the last few weeks, I should imagine) in a rubbish bin by the fence overlooking them on the floor below right THEN?!  Idiot.
Obviously, with him keep ranting, I had no success finding any trousers.  Oh well, maybe next time.
So why was David in such a hurry?  He wanted to get back to the office again, of course!  For goodness sake, you've had the sack, father!  Stop going back there, even if your desk is a mess!
He really didn't want to take us to Woodberry, but we insisted.  We knew most likely those builders had been making yet more, um, "mistakes", if they are indeed mistakes, in the absence of both Mr. Williams and Chris Sickton.  And our worst fears were proved to be correct.  Those of you on my Myspace friends list can see photos in my "Woodberry ~ House Of My Dreams" album, because I didn't want to waste more space here.  But here's a rundown on the latest disasters.
They said they were boxing in the broken fireplace, and not doing any more in that room until Sickton returned from holiday.  The fireplace is actually further broken, with yet more rubble dropped on top of it.
Most of the structure of the extension is now up, along with huge thick brick walls, where there should have been a window.  So it's really dark in there, with just a back door on the side where our sofa is meant to be going.  We can only see through a small crack on the ground floor (they've boarded up the back of the house while they build the extension), but we can see enough from the first floor to see all the measurements are TOTALLY wrong.
They have moved the plug points in my bedroom, roughly blocking in the ones they put where my cupboard and wardrobe.  Where have they moved them?  To the wall where my bed is going!  And my bedroom was the one room I was able to make sure they knew every little detail about.  They are blatantly ignoring us, I am quite certain now.
They've put such thick plasterboard up on every wall and ceiling that all the rooms are noticably smaller.  It's crazy.
And while we're on the subject of ceilings being covered by plasterboard, they have removed the beautiful original ceilings, which Sickton said we could keep!  I am so mad.  They've taken everything away from that house now.
Mum's family history room wall has been built up now, and has been moved back much further than she wanted, and the dimensions of that room were one thing she was sure to make clear.  The reason they have moved the wall back is for a kitchen door they said simply couldn't lead out of her family history room. Um...  But now the kitchen door is so near the kitchen wall that there's no space for any kitchen units!  So how can it be a kitchen anyway?!
And as the final straw, the lantern which Sickton said he would take down and save, but we discovered was still hanging up last time, was found ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR, in amongst all the rubble!  Really looking after that, weren't they?  We picked it up and brought it back here with us.  At least we can protect one remaining original feature.
So do you really still believe Sickton is on a holiday with his family?  Well, you won't, even if you do now.  On the way back along the street to the car we saw a car drive by us.  And who should be driving it...Sickton's "wife" (we know they're not married, but he calls her his wife), with their kids in the back seats.  Mum went mad, and yelled "Oh, look it's Picton's wife - B*TCH!" at the top of her voice.  Her kids saw us, but I'm not sure if she did.  Either way, I think this is the start of a lot more trouble to come.
David took off to work almost as soon as we got back, but not before telling Mum "it isn't Picton's fault, it's YOUR fault for not selling the house like I told you to."  Well, I'm sorry, David, but we liked the house, even if you didn't.  It's those sick sabotaging people who've ruined it.  And yes, I do swear this is sabotage.  I intend on writing awful reviews of our experiences with this company all over the internet as soon as all of this is over.  It's not enough, but if I can lose them even a couple of potential customers, I will be happy.
Well, I guess that's about it.  Goodness knows how long it's going to take to get all of this fixed.  But I really don't think we'll be moving in 49 days, as that evil Sickton creep originally said.
One thing to look forward to though - Caroline's parcel is being delivered tomorrow.  I can't wait to see Wysteria for the first time...although I guess she may have to go in temporary storage until all this is over, in order to protect her from the insects in this house.  I hope I can think of a way to keep her here though.  We'll see.
Anyways, I think that's it.
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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