Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kind of embarrassed, but I guess I have to tell the truth...

Current mood:  exhausted

I am tired out.  Mum and I have spent all day trying to clear up in the hall, and even having got rid of no less than FIVE black sacks full of rubbish, this place hardly looks any different at all.
David has just come into the room bragging about how he is about to throw out a whole CARRIER BAG full of old letters.  Wow.  Have you looked at the stack of rubbish in the kitchen, Father?
This place is riddled with all kinds of insects - everything is literally crawling with them.  I just wish we could dust everything off and slowly start taking it over to the new house, before all of our stuff is thoroughly destroyed, but obviously we can't.  We discovered two of Mum's old tapestries have huge holes in them now, eaten away by carpet beetle.
Anyways, that's not really what this blog is about.
I received a private message yesterday from someone at the MLPArena.  She linked me over to a thread on a certain forum, and I know this has caused a stir of "You shouldn't have told her" comments from other members.
First of all, please don't shout at her.  She has been very kind to me lately in helping me to obtain a 2008 Comic Con pony.  I know she probably shouldn't really have "ruined a RAOK", but she didn't actually ruin it.
I did already know who sent that surprise parcel, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again.  I won't mention your name here in case you want me to keep it secret to those who may not have seen the board, but are reading this.  I didn't tell you I knew, because I was kind of embarrassed and felt awful that you had spent your time and money on me, and I didn't want you to be upset that I knew who my secret sender was, as such.
I knew of your kind act through that very thread, which I discovered myself about the time the parcel was sent out.  I am ashamed to say I am one of those that you guys over there hate, a lurker.  It comes in handy for getting a quick round-up of bad traders and whatnot, but I'm not really a person who wishes to take part in those kinds of threads, especially when I often see names of my friends mentioned on there for little or no reason.  Although we've all come to see the funny side of it and get a good laugh when our names come up now!
It seems I have my reputation as Miss Goody Two Shoes who would never wander over to such a board, and I'm sorry if I've spoilt that for anybody with this blog.  A lot of people also seem to have got the impession that I am immature or naive, and unable to make my own decisions, so I need to be "protected" from the awful language and adult topics on that board, but is that really the case?  Sure, I don't smoke, drink, or take drugs, like just about any other teenager on the block.  Oh horror, I've never been in a relationship, and don't even have the urge to go out and have a one night stand with the nearest thug on a Grottsville street corner.  But does that make me immature?  In my opinion, no.  Sorry.
Anyways, I am genuinely pleased that there are still people out there kind enough to care about total strangers.  I also hope that I have not upset you by not thanking you personally for my package, now that you know I knew who you were.  But I never really know the correct way to act if a RAOK comes my way and I find out who it's from.   So I'm just hoping that you're reading this, and know how grateful I am.  Once again, many, many thanks to you.  *Hugs*
Well, I guess I had better be off to bed.  Tomorrow is David's last day at work.  I do hope we don't have too much trouble getting the money he is owed out of the blasted agency.
Thanks for everything,
xxx Desiree Skylark  xxx

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