Wednesday, 13 August 2008

"Kitchen, kitchen... It's a wonderful new kitchen, kitchen..."

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Just in case you're wondering what on Earth the title of this blog is all about, I'm quoting something I heard Mum chanting a few years ago while madly pacing up and down and daydreaming.
Well, after many hours of waiting for David to come out of the bathroom, we went to MFI to order our new kitchen for dinner time.  Mum hadn't eaten anything for breakfast either, so was pretty weak.  Still, we battled on and tried to sort out the kitchen.
So, after three hours at the shop, we have the kitchen units, countertop and gas hob are officially ordered.  As well as the sink, which was chosen by David at the last minute and which none of us like.  Oh, but "does it matter?  At least we have one ordered now."  Um, since you ask, yes, it does matter actually.  If we're paying a lot of money for a sink we may as well shop around and find one we like.
We had McDonalds chips on the way back to Grottsville (just perfect for Mum's bad stomach, I'm sure), and then David took off to work, seeming to forget he lost his job five days ago now!  He's come in just now looking really sorry for himself, and told us that he couldn't get the computer at his old desk to work.  Well, I wonder why that was?
Oh dear.  I know what you're all thinking to yourselves.  Why hasn't she mentioned the orthodontist?  Well, I guess I have to own up.  I made myself really ill with the stress of it all, to the point I was very nearly physically sick this morning (very rare for me), and I knew I couldn't cope with the appointment emotionally.   So I rang in sick, and the appointment has been put off until September 24th.  Not that I'll feel any better about the treatment then.  I don't know what I'm going to do.
On a happier note, the Comic Con pony and blank pony I ordered from Sailor Libra arrived!  Wow, that was fast!  The Comic Con pony is simply beautiful, even if she does look a little silly without proper eyes.  The blank pony is to become a G3 version of a G1 pony, as soon as I can get some proper paint for the job, and figure out if I'm going to dye her hair or totally re-hair her.  I need to get Lancer finished too.
Anyone want to vote on who the pony should be?  It's between Truly and Bright Eyes.  Truly is my favourite G1 character (after Lancer, of course!), but it would be kind of nice to have Lancer and Bright Eyes together as a pair.  I will never customise a pony other than these blank ponies, so unless I suddenly win the lottery and can order more of them while they're still available, these will be my only ever custom ponies.  So any help with this decision will be much appreciated!
Well, we are off to Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth for three days now, so I won't be online again until Sunday.  I will try to catch up with my letters before bed, but if you haven't had a response to your last message, I am really sorry.  I will write to you as soon as I get back, I promise.
Best wishes,
♥ ♥ ♥  Desirée Skylark  ♥ ♥ ♥

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