Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Oh dear.

I didn't go out today, just did a bit of clearing up around the house, so I'll concentrate on what happened this morning.
I had trouble sleeping last night, trouble by weird nightmares, meaning I overslept again.  I was finally awoken at 9am by Mum yelling "B*****DS!" at the top of her voice.  "What?"  I said, seeing her in the doorway.  "David's on the phone to the builder, and I've had a go at them!  I've told them that I'm suing Picton."
"Oh, for goodness sake!" I moaned.  "We haven't got any money to sue anybody!  Why give them a good laugh?"
Mum didn't answer, and I went and got dressed.  She started ranting at me for not coming down in my pyjamas to support her while she shouted and swore at them, but I just ignored her.
By the time I got downstairs, David was putting the phone down, and looked as white as a sheet.  "What's happened now?" I asked, fearfully.
Mum gave me a rundown of what she heard of David's end of the conversation just now.
"Er...Mr.Williams (the builder's name - and I thought it was Mr. Davis.), I just wondered what you're actually doing....  We were wondering... My wife...uh...just wondered what you were doing..."
There was a pause.
"The wall - you've built it?!"
"Oh...well, is it a very big wall?  I...my wife is worried she won't be able to see the garden..."
After that, things seem to have gone crazy with Mum yelling from the sofa, and David covering the mouth piece on the phone while still trying to speak to Mr. Williams.  The builder is in WALES listening to his wife in some choir or something, while his team work on Woodberry.  So Picton and Mr. Williams are away?  This is crazy.
Basically, it seems they have built the wall of the extension, with just a back door and NO windows.  They are currently building up the garden so that our nosy (and thieving) neighbours can look straight over at us.   Please people, just do something that we want done to our house for once!
We've just had another thought too.  Sickton said that he was going to save the garden shed and move it to the bottom of the garden originally.  We're not bothered about it, a we didn't want the shed anyway, but the stupid architect should have still given us the option.
Agh, another argument about the house has begun now.
Mum says, "I want my doors paid for, and my fireplace..."
Fat chance of that, eh?
Well, I'm off now to join in with the latest argument.
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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