Saturday, 2 August 2008

Random Acts Of Kindness and Raffle Wins!

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Is this the official "Desiree Skylark" week then?  Please let me know, and I'll note it in my diary so that I don't have to be embarassed by it next year.
First off, I want to thank the two people who sent me these parcels very much!  I'm pretty certain I know who both of you are, but won't reveal names in case you don't want me to.  If you are one of the senders though, please step forward.  I want to thank you both personally, rather than writing a load of nonsense you may or may not see on here...and I definitely don't want to thank the wrong people!
Just a quick note in case you do want to keep yourselves to yourselves though.  Tattle Tails is gorgeous!  She is the last but one Fairy Tail Bird I needed to complete my favourite set, and is in far better condition than any of my other birds.  And as for the stuff in the huge box that turned up this morning, all was very gratefully received, and is really going to help me through these difficult weeks before we finally get out of this house, and I can hopefully start leading a normal life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I thought I told you (assuming it is you) not to waste your time and money on me though.  I am highly embarassed right now.  Thank you so much! 
Caroline's raffle also ended today and, thanks to the extra tickets I bought last night, I won not one, not two, not even three, but SIX PRIZES!!!
-Original 6 rereleases
-Sweet summertime with her case
-Newborns Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash
-Sing n Dance Pinkie Pie...
Wait for it...
A Wysteria Pyjama Pal!!!
Now, for those who have no idea what I'm on about, have you ever seen anything this cute?

Image no longer available.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

(Photo from e-Bay, as I can't find Caroline's photobucket album now, to show you the sweet girl I've actually won.  Sorry.)
Now I am stressing myself out over what the shipping costs for her and Sing 'n' Dance Pinkie Pie are going to be...not to mention the other ponies!  Agh!
Anyways, enough complaining.  I am extremely excited right now - thank you so much for organising the raffle, Caroline!  I can't wait to meet you in October...only 71 days to go now.  I'm just debating on whether Wysteria or yourself will meet me first.
So what's happened today, besides all my bragging?
Well, we went to another bathroom showroom, and saw a couple of basins we liked, then David had to find a public toilet, while Mum and I walked around a craft shop, got some holiday brochures from a travel agent, fell in love with a load of kids' MLP clothes in Sports World (Why can't they make them in my size?!) and wandered around in WHSmith.
Then we went and looked at fireplaces in a shop near Woodberry that Emma had told us about (none there.   I wish they hadn't smashed the one we loved so much), and wandered around the three charity shops which are within five minutes walk of Woodberry in the pouring rain - David having kicked us out of the car in a rush without umbrellas or coats!
And back to Grottsville.  I am sick of this place - in the past week we've had no less than five glass booze bottles dumped on our wall, and worse than that, three needles (as in syringes - think drug addicts) in our front garden, all of which we've had to dispose of ourselves.  We don't even report anything to the street patrol people anymore.  They always just shrug it off anyway.
I must also add a note about how wonderful the police around here are.  Due to the high levels of crime in this area, we get regular newsletters through our door from the police service, warning us what we should and shouldn't be doing to keep safe, and telling us what a brilliant job they're doing for us all.  Mum and I love these newsletters - they're hilarious.
So today our latest newsletter came, delivered by two policewomen.  I was sitting on the lounge floor as always, and suddenly here a loud noise behind me.  I turn around to see one of these women posting our newsletter THROUGH OUR OPEN LOUNGE WINDOW!   The common voiced police woman shouts at me as I look up at her - "Soz - Oi cor-n' bay a***d tah pu' it frew ya le'erbawks."  (That's "sorry - I can't be a***d to put it through your letterbox" to those of you who don't speak garbled police woman language)  What extra effort is it to her to put the newsletter through the correct slot in our front door rather than through a window, for goodness sake?  AGH!  David just stood there with his mouth open, having never experienced this particular rude habit from the Grottsvillians before.  Why is it he never listens to us when we tell him about things that happen in this place?
The builder rang, asking for the latest lot of money, despite the fact David has stopped them working on Woodberry until P*ss Sickton gets home from his imaginary vacation.  He wants us to go and see him tomorrow, even though we've been banned from speaking to him, and everything is supposed to go through Picton.  His reason?  He wants us to choose the bedroom doors, and since we can't choose from the catalogue, and the bedroom showroom was shut today, he's going to show us ONE door design, and if we like it, we get that one.  Having binned the doors we liked, they could at least give us a choice.
Well, I guess that's about it.  I'm hoping to get to Chiswick's monthly car boot sale tomorrow morning, so I really must get to bed.  Fingers crossed for me that it doesn't rain, please!
Best wishes, and many thanks again to my RAOK'ers,
Desiree  xxx

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