Monday, 1 September 2008

Back from watching the film...

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And I can honestly say I won't watch another My Scene movie ever again.  What a load of nonsense!  Ellis had such a tiny part compared to Jammin' In Jamaica too...  It makes me wonder why I've been so desperate to get a copy of that movie the last two years!  And there were no credits uploaded either.  Agh!  Please, can somebody tell me where the voices for that movie were recorded.  I'm just being nosy for the sake of it now.  I'd like to know if it was Ocean or Koko...  Not to mention have a full cast list.  I swear I recognised a couple of the voices of the minor characters in the movie, who aren't listed on IMDb...  Help?  Please?
Right, back to the weekend.  This is going to be very fast because it's almost 1am, and I need to get to bed.
Yesterday we went to Ealing Broadway, where I was able to get two more pairs of these trousers.  I don't really like them all that much, but they're cheap-ish (£3 each), and got to be better than walking around wearing old hole-y leggings.
I also got a nice t-shirt in TKMaxx.  Now that summer's over I'm getting some nice summer clothes together, so that I don't have to wear a coat all the time.  Typical, isn't it?
Then we went back to the bathroom showroom so that I could take some photographs of everything we that we could check that Picton does get us VERY similar stuff.  You already saw an example of the photos though, so I won't bore you with more basins and toilet seats!
Then today we went to Homebase to pick up some colour charts so we could try to sort out our own wall colours, and then on to Woodberry for another look at the bathrooms.  It now seems as though the "bath bathroom" will be moved into the loft where Mum will now be sleeping, while David's "shower bathroom" will be next to my bedroom, on the level below David's bedroom.  And all this because Picton moved one wall he promised he wouldn't move.  So now my bathroom will be on a level above, and I shall have to climb the stairs every morning in order to have a wash.  What a disaster!
I noticed some Edwardian tiles which were on the floor in the front bedroom when they removed the fireplace (which we were told could remain under the new carpet, in case any future owner of that house wanted to restore and use them), have mysteriously disappeared.  They're not in the skip outside, so we reckon the builders have probably stolen them to sell on.
Then finally to Asda.  They've stopped giving away free carrier bags, but because we didn't have any to re-use with us, we had to pay for yet another "bag for life".  They didn't have any carrots.  And they still don't have the butterfly top that I've fallen in love with in my size either, so all in all a disasterous shopping trip.
Hooray!  I think that's about it.  The latest news is that I have a terrible ache just below my hip every time I put weight on my right foot, and I've got no idea what I've done.  I'm hoping it'll be gone tomorrow, but right now it just seems to be getting worse.
I don't think anything specific is planned for tomorrow, so now that this blog is finally up to date maybe I can update my Myspace profile, do something with my Facebook account, and write all the thousands of letters I owe people.
While I'm here, I may as well add a couple of notes in case certain people are reading this.  I can't add blog comments from this computer at the moment for some reason, so I couldn't speak to either of you directly.
I am so pleased to hear that Kovu turned up safe and sound, Bonnie.  My mum and I have been thinking about him ever since you mentioned his disappearance.  I figured he'd show himself sooner or later.  It was a strange coincidence for him to turn up right then though.  I hope he refrains from taking off on another adventure just yet!
And Caroline, I do hope that you are OK.  I hate to see you so down again.  I also know how much you hate thunderstorms, so I'm guessing the weather we've had over here today can't be helping much.  *Hugs*  If you ever want somebody to talk to, you know where to find me.  I will reply to your Myspace message as soon as I switch the computer on tomorrow morning.
I'll also write to the rest of you, I promise!  We don't have any more trips away planned just yet, so I should have a chance to get everything sorted out, and still keep this blog updated daily.  I would at least like to keep a record until we move house now that I've kept it going this long...
Anyways, must get to bed now.  I can hardly keep my eyes open, so my sincerest apologies for any typing errors I've made in this blog!
~*~ Desirée Skylark ~*~

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