Friday, 26 September 2008

How dumb is my father?

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I honestly feel sorry for those of you still reading my blog at this point.  It's just going downhill really, isn't it?
I couldn't even bring myself to write a blog yesterday.  Everything just seems so pointless.  But now I have two days to write about.
We took Chris Picton to Waterforce yesterday morning as planned.  On the way there, David almost went through a red traffic light, Mum screamed, so David jolted on the brakes, and blamed Sickton for causing the near car accident.  That made me laugh.  So now even David the wimp has had a go at him (although not on the correct subject).
But what caused the great diversion that meant David almost crashed the car?  Well, dear Mr Sickton may have not got the quotes for changing the back doors yet as promised, but he had got the builders smashing the wall down anyway.  Er, but what if we can't afford to have them changed?  
David spent TWO HOURS discussing his shower.  In the end, he settled for what must be the most expensive one in the book.  How are we supposed to afford that?  He's not putting any thought into these house expenses at all, is he?
By the time we got on to things that effect all of us, likes taps and whatnot, Mum was too tired to stand up and look at the book, so I ended up choosing a load of stuff which she had said she liked while we walked around the shop, but I bet she'll change her mind once everything is installed, and blame me for choosing the wrong stuff.
We were supposed to go to another shop (almost everything could be ordered from Waterforce, but not the sink that Mum and I have chosen for the first floor bathroom), but David told Chris that he "had to go to a meeting at 1pm", so we were dashed back to Grottsville, via Picton's house, where the architect was dropped off.  "I'll get the quotes for the doors by tonight", he promised.  I rolled my eyes, and watched him rush inside his house.
Surprise, surprise!  David's meeting was with the agency to find out about his backpay.  He didn't come in until 6.30pm...surely they'd had a good conversation and agreed something?  Nope.  The bosses hadn't shown up again, so David had chosen to spend another afternoon working for no money.   Don't worry though, they'd "meet him tomorrow (today) afternoon as originally planned"
Today Mum and I went on a coach trip to Arundel Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre.  We had to walk all the way down to Perivale Station to catch the coach.  David was supposed to be dropping us, but decided to go to "work" nice and early today - 7.30am, a record for him! - so he couldn't (the coach left at 9am).  Hence, we were tired before we even started.
It was a great day though - we saw loads of different species of birds.  Nothing exceptionally rare - notably, lots of nuthatches (which you never see in London), and Mum saw a water rail - I just missed it!   Oh, and loads of greenfinches about three feet away on a bird feeder.  I have no batteries for my broken camera, so I'm afraid I couldn't attempt to get pictures, Elisabeth.
You can buy bags of seed at Arundel to feed the birds (which you can't do at the Barnes centre), so we got three bags for £2.50.  We got mobbed by a gang of moorhens who chased after us looking for more of the food after we'd finished up the last bag though, so I'm not really sure it was such a good idea!
When we got back on the bus, everybody else had been on a boat trip which we had been unable to find, and seen loads of water voles, so we were quite miffed, as you can probably imagine.
They decided to come back a strange way (doesn't surprise me, really - the driver was useless, and went up on the kerb three times! ), so we arrived back in Grottsville half hour late.  A good job too really.  David was only just pulling up outside the station, although he denies that, of course.  I wouldn't have fancied walking down this road in the dark at 8.30ish.  This morning was the first time we've walked down here since that car accident I mentioned a few weeks back, and I see there are candles and flowers everywhere down by the smashed wall, so I guess that couple were killed after all.   And yet the accident didn't even get a mention in any of the local papers.
And now for the best bit.  David worked all morning, went for the promised meeting and - yup, you guessed it - the bosses didn't show up again!  But obviously David didn't leave.  He must have been working until about 7pm to have only just got back for us at that time of night.  Is he a total idiot or what?
We are literally broke now.  The only source of income Mum and I have is the cash we get from David each week, and now he's stopped giving us our money.  I notice little purple paperbacks keep coming through the front door though.  Never too broke for Mills & Boon, are we?
"So what did Picton say?" Mum asked.  "Picton?  About what?" David said.  "ABOUT THE DOORS!" Mum and I said in unison.  "Oh, those.  I didn't ring him.  Was I supposed to?" David answered.  I feel sick to my stomach.  What is with that man?  Yesterday, I was getting shooting pains in my head.  This whole business is taking a toll on my health, whether people think I'm exaggerating or making a mountain out of a molehill etc.  Until those doors are chosen, the eight weeks extended prison sentence in this house of H*ll doesn't even begin.  And David can't even remember Picton saying that he was getting quotes by last night.  He thinks it was tonight.  Er, well, oh...kay.  So, WHY DIDN'T YOU RING HIM TONIGHT?!?!?!?!  Both of us reminded you before you went to "work" this morning.  And no, you are not going to get paid unless you get on to those cheating, lying "friends" of yours.
Ah, I feel a little better for that rant!
Oh, and as if that isn't enough, let's add our latest ingredient to the pan of worry.
The second loan for the house finally came through.  It's supposed to be £50,000, but they've given us £85,000!  Don't ask me.  I've said it before, I'll say it again; The people in the most important jobs in this country have got the smallest brains imagineable.  Mum has the sense to see that we need to return the extra cash as soon as possible, but David just sees £ signs floating in front of his eyes, and thinks that now we have £35,000 in our names we should use it to live on (and buy more Mills & Boon from e-Bay, of course ) and pay it back "when he gets a new job".  Who says he's getting a new job?  He's 61, and so far I see no offers coming his way.
If he decides to spend this money, we really will be in debt for life.  Plus, if anything happened to David before we move, Mum and I would HAVE to stay here and sell the other house to pay off some of the debts.  I just wish those idiots hadn't as good as given David another £35,000.  I really, truly believe it this time ~ we're all doomed, one way or another.
I have been summonsed to the communal bed, so I must go for another night of being used as Mum's footrest, before she starts screaching about how cruel I am to not go to bed when I'm too stressed to be tired.
Ooh, did you notice my new profile song?  Sarah managed to find it for me earlier today.  Thank you so much!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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