Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I killed Lily Lightly!

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It's not as bad as it sounds!  I didn't actually kill her, as you will see, but hey, it got your attention didn't it?  I didn't leave the house today, so I needed something to write about that would keep you interested.
I woke up today with a terribly sore left eye.  I've no idea what happened to it, but I have this vague memory of it watering all night, and I think I kept rubbing it which probably made it worse.  It might have been staying up in this awful light later than usual, as I remember feeling that my eyes were "dry" before I went to bed.  Or maybe I had some E45 hand cream on my finger and rubbed my eye.  I honestly don't know.
Still, my eye was streaming when I got up, and I couldn't see through it at all for 45 minutes, which was scary to say the least.  I made up some cammomile tea (which is supposed to be soothing for sore eyes) and get bathing it at regular intervals, but it was so painful every time I blinked.
Then it occured to me that it actually felt WORSE just after using the cammomile tea, so I started just bathing it in water, and about an hour later, it just got better on its own.  I wonder if those teabags are so out of date now that they actually do more harm than good.
Anyways, to try to keep my mind off the pain, I washed some extra ponies.  Today I finished off the adult G3 duplicates, which included Lily Lightly (I ended up with more than one because of those stupid bonus ponies they issued at Toys 'R' Us last year).  Now for those who aren't familiar with Lily Lightly, she's a "special feature" unicorn pony. The photograph is purely for illustration purposes and taken from the Hasbro MLP website - this is not the Lily Lightly in question!

Anyways, when you press that button on her chest she blinks and her horn and dress light up.  Obviously, her dress is not removable because of all the wires linking from her body to her clothing, so many collectors disliked her.  I have always been quite a fan of this pony though, and love the song "Shine" from the "Come Back, Lily Lightly" movie.  Anyways, I'm getting off topic now.
I guess I couldn't see properly because of my bad eye, so despite being extra careful to just wash her hair (which was standing on end from the weird way Hasbro package their ponies!), her dress must have got wet.  Throughout the entire washing process I had this phobia she was never going to light up again, and kept pressing the button.  I had just rinsed her hair, and pressed the button one final time - her horn started to glow...and kept glowing, rather than flashing as it should have done.  And her dress didn't light up at all.  Slowly, her horn faded out.  I killed her, I thought.   I pressed the button again several times, but nothing happened.  I decided at that point that I wouldn't even attempt washing my collection Lily when her turn came.
Sadly, I set her down by the radiator in the living room and went to wash Star Flight and Heart Bright.  I must have been by the kitchen sink a good four or five minutes, before I returned with the two flying ponies in my hands, ready to put them down next to Lily.  Something caught my eye as I approached the row of freshly washed ponies.  Something twinkling...  It was Lily Lightly!  And she just kept twinkling and twinkling, obviously a delayed reaction to me keep pressing the button to activate the lights!
I've learnt my lesson and will NEVER try to wash a Lily Lightly again.  I'm just so pleased she's working again now.  I couldn't stand to think I'd messed up another pony.
Another pony, you ask?  Oh yes, there is one bad news story.  My special Pinkie Pie (the one Emma brought back from America for me in 2003, and who I took to Iceland to photograph for a certain someone) has tail rust.   I usually leave all the ponies whose heads can't be removed easily, bottom down on the radiator for a good 24 hours, so that any water can drip out through their tail holes, but I washed Pinkie right before we went to Lincolnshire, and set her down on the floor before we left.  Now she and Glitterbelle (who I washed at the same time) both have it.   I don't know what I can do about them now, since I can't get their heads off as I already mentioned.  If anybody has some tips, I would be pleased to hear them.
I think that's about it for today.  I really must get to bed.  We're supposed to be meeting the architect at 8am tomorrow, and David is threatening to go without us.  I dread to think what would be arranged if those two men got together and discussed the house at this stage!
Speak to you all soon,
Desirée  xxx

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