Friday, 5 September 2008

If I Believe... Maybe my voice will improve a little?!

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Nothing much has happened today.  This morning, David went to the storage depot and spent three hours re-arranging his Mills & Boon collection.  He's managed to condense them into one room now though, so at least we're saving a little bit of money that way.
Then my parents went to Kew Archives this afternoon.  There was a big kafuffle about whether I was going with them or not, because they decided to go to PC World to look at scanners on the way back, and I've wanted to look at microphones for a long time.  This plan was sprung on me at the last moment, and they couldn't be bothered to wait five minutes while I went and combed my hair etc. to make myself look at least half presentable, so they went without me.  However, they didn't go to PC World in the end, so now I'm in trouble for "not wanting to sort house moving things out"!
I spent the time while they were out making some random recordings.  I was a bit stressed out, and my voice sounds all tense because of that.  But I made one recording which I thought was a little better than my usual attempts. (Well, it could hardly be worse!)  Anyways, here's the link, if anybody wants a laugh.  My voice cracks up a bit towards the end, but I had been singing for about an hour at that point, and worn myself out.  Well, that's my excuse at least!
"If I Believe" by Janyse Jaud
(If anyone wants me to take this down for copyright reasons, just let me know.  I just figured that you couldn't hear much of the original song past my awful droning anyway! )
I think that's everything that happened today.  I told you it had been a very uneventful day.  I'm worrying what's happened to the Collector Pose Italian Bow Tie that I bought from Wish-I-Might.  She was shipped almost two weeks ago, and there's no sign of her...
Now I really must go and get my hundreds of websites updated...MLP merchandise, coin operated rides, Facebook, Myspace, Pony Rescue Home forum....why did I start so many different sites anyway?!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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