Wednesday, 24 September 2008

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Well, there's honestly not that much to say about today.  David took Mum to the optician this morning, and they depressed her further, telling her that she must have had exceptional vision, and glasses will never come up to her standards.
I desperately wanted to record Mulan's "Reflection", both on my music cassette tape, and a WAV file of myself singing it.  I think the lyrics to that song are truly beautiful, and it's about in my range too.  The video eventually loaded - just as my parents pulled up in the front  garden.  Stupid dial-up!
I thought we would go elsewhere in the afternoon, which was why I hadn't been bothered about not going out this morning, but I was mistaken.  David took off to "work" again, so I didn't leave the house.  I spent most of the day talking to Grace on MSN and recording a new MLP song tape, with all the new G1 commercials that have been put up online lately.
David was supposed to be seeing the bosses about his backpay today, but guess what?  They didn't show up.   So do you know what he's doing?  No, not ringing them up, demanding his money.  No, not taking them to court.  (He doesn't have a contract or any proof of what they owe him anyway, remember?)  He's going back to work for them again tomorrow.  Is he totally stupid or what?!
Well, I guess that's it.  I'm thoroughly miserable about not moving for at least another eight weeks, and Mum is telling me there's something "seriously wrong with me" for getting depressed.  After all, I'm "setting too much store on moving house anyway".  I don't really care what other people think.  Life here is just not normal. 
For instance, I woke up in the middle of the night, and had to urgently go to the toilet two nights ago, but getting there was a nightmare.  First I have to crawl across the bed, clamber over Mum's feet while she kicks me out of the way, stagger out on to the landing - and find the bathroom door closed.  David's in there, turning pages, reading Mills & Boon.  So I dash down the stairs, half asleep, rush through the kitchen, sidle past the two black sacks of recycling, to the "frog bog" (our downstairs washroom).  The light packed up in there many years ago, so I sit down and close the door, plunging myself into darkness.  I grab the torch from the top of the boiler, and try to switch it on.  After no less than seven attempts it works, and I get a very pale orange light.  Then the toilet flushing begins.  Three times I have to sidle past the before-mentioned recycling bags with buckets of hot water...then an ironing board falls on top of me, and I splashed a load of water on the floor, which I then had to crawl around the floor and mop up.  Finally, I returned to bed, getting kicked by Mum once again on the way.  I was no more comfortable, and felt I needed to go again.  That is just not feasable for a girl at that time of the month, is it?
At least when we've moved, they'll be no more of that.  It's got to be better than this dump, hasn't it?!
Right, I'm going to shut up now.  Tomorrow we have to meet up with P*ss Sickton again.  In fact, we have to drive him to another bathroom shop at 8.45am.  So I've got to get some sleep, before the next lot of stress.  I think I might add a countdown for eight weeks to house moving to my profile, even though I know Sickton will be lying again, and it won't be just eight weeks. At least it'll help me get through what I hope will be the majority of the time.
Desirée Skylark  xxx
PS.  Speaking of Mulan's "Reflection", is it on Myspace anywhere.  I'm looking for the Lea Salonga version (can't STAND Christina Aguilera!), but I can't get any of the Lea Salonga pages to open on here, and it's certainly not listed under Mulan.  Thank you!

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