Saturday, 6 September 2008

Off to Lille!

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And so, in the next episode of my exciting life, I'm going to France again tomorrow, for the Lille Braderie (aka Europe's largest flea market ). I really hope I'll find a nice French or Italian pony, although I know it's unlikely.
Anyways, I must get to bed early tonight, but there are a couple of things about today that I simply must share.
We all went to MFI (after David made it clear I wasn't wanted - "Oh, SHE'S coming, is she?!") to collect the kitchen plans so that we could hand them over to Chris Picton this afternoon...only to find they had not updated the plans and were still showing the cupboards without the fake drawers on top!
My parents had a huge row about Woodberry's bathrooms in the car park outside MFI, which lasted so long that I actually fell asleep!  Then we drove to Tesco and bought some stuff for tomorrow's packed lunches.
We returned to Grottsville via the storage depot, where David had to sign away the other storage room (the one he moved his books out of yesterday), and then had McFlurry Whispa ice creams - which are really delicious, for those who are interested in McFlurry flavours.
Then we had to come back to this house while David went in the bathroom.  He didn't let us go in there or change our clothes back to our scruffy house clothes, as we were "going out again" (to Woodberry to look at the bathrooms following the before-mentioned argument).
He came downstairs precisely 90 minutes later, and announced that he didn't want to go to Woodberry.  Er, so why did you make us sit here wearing our best clothes like a couple of lunatics?!
"I don't mind..." David said.  "I just don't know what you want to do."  Mum said she still wanted to go, of course, David's answer to which is too rude to print here.  So much for "I don't mind..."!
We found that Chris Sickton has already marked up the bathrooms, even though he only sent us the letter that we requested with all the different options on it today!  It seems those builders have really slowed down - they've only plastered one wall, and painted a small section of the stair railings since last time we went there.  And now David (who's dealing with the money side of things) says we're still making payments for another SIX WEEKS!  Um...but supposedly they're "a month ahead of schedule", and the finish date is meant to be September 29th, so officially we moved in a week ago!  Picton has done nothing but lie to us all the way along.
David has now decided the stairs could have been moved, and Mum could have had the bedroom she wanted - something we figured out weeks ago.  So now he wants to complain and get them moved (at our expense, no doubt), which will take even longer, as it would mean undoing everything the lazy builders HAVE done.  David was in such a bad mood with me for saying he should have complained before if he was going to that he kicked over a big tub of white paint, and didn't even notice that it was running all over the floor (and his feet) until we pointed it out to him.  He then blamed us for making a fuss and started trying to wipe up the massive puddle with two dirty tissues he produced from his pocket.
We couldn't see Picton today.  Guess why?  He's totally messed up his latest project (a public school, no less!), and they're having to re-do the whole reception area now that the kids are back after the summer holidays.   We're doomed, aren't we?
Now I really must go and sort out the sandwiches for tomorrow.  Mum's getting annoyed that she's having to do everything on her own.  We should be back early on Sunday morning, so I'll see you all then, I guess.
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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