Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Oh gosh, I really DID break something!

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That's what I get for joking about Lily Lightly.
Today we had a meeting with Chris Picton at 8am to discuss possible changes to our bathroom layouts.  I took some more pictures, because we were finally able to get out into the extension.  It's looking pretty good downstairs now - even Mum likes it, which is something I never thought we'd hear.
There was a big debate about moving the bath upstairs and the shower downstairs now that Mum is having to sleep in the loft (she and I want a bath, while David prefers a shower, so obviously now that she's moved upstairs her bath needs to be next door, while David and I have to walk up and down stairs for a wash each morning. )  She started to sulk about how "if her bath wasn't moved upstairs she would sleep on the landing of the 1st floor until I moved out and she could have my bedroom".  But then we realised we couldn't afford to get all the plumbing changed anyway.  So now Mum will not be happy until I move out, so that's really a big mess.
Especially since we now realise the loft bathroom IS actually bigger than the one on the first floor, and Picton was lying when he said it wasn't.  Oh, but he wasn't lying!  It's not bigger, it's wider.  Um...
Anyways, I was tired, having got up early and not having any breakfast before we went out.  But David still decided to choose then to start recycling his "4 for a penny" plastic bottles and tins outside Tesco (it's pretty quiet around the recycling machines for once because the shop is shut for refurbishment until next Monday), and then went to Sainsbury's for general grocery shopping.
I saw a new Ponyville set at Sainsbury's - Pinkie Pie with a party/rollerskate set?  (Not the Rollerskate Birthday cake - one of the £5 sets)  I'm not sure which range she belongs to.  This Core Seven business has got out of hand.  I couldn't afford her anyway.  *Sighs*
Eventually, after David had wasted as much time as he possibly could around the shop, we headed back for the car.  There was a really suspicious character staggering around by our car, with a cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth.  He stopped and started looking me up and down.  I hopped in the car as fast as I possibly could, loaded down with heavy shopping bags, and closed the door behind me.  My bag (as in, my every day shoulder bag - not the shopping) must have still been hanging slightly over the edge of the car seat, and I heard a nasty crunch as I shut the door.  I checked everything that was on that side of my bag, but strangely nothing was broken.  My sunglasses had been knocked out of their case, so I figured it must have been that I'd heard.
It was only later on that I got the camera out to upload the pictures of Woodberry, and snap a picture of the Morning Glory I discovered in a box of ponies I was about to wash, that I discovered where that sickening crunch had come from.
The camera looks fine from the outside, but once you switch it on, you can see huge cracks through the top right of the screen, and the picture is kind of grey and fuzzy with rainbow stripes in one corner.  I would take a picture to illustrate but, of course, I can't.
Right now, the camera is functioning fine.  You can still take photos, as the below pics of Morning Glory show.  However, it's very difficult to see what you're taking a picture of.  I don't know what we're going to do.  There's no way we can afford a new camera.  We got this one in late 2006, and it cost about £150 then.   David's taking it surprisingly well.  He wasn't angry (although he doesn't know that I know how I broke it!).  He just said "Oh, sh*t.", and that was it.  We'll have to somehow get a new one before we go away at the end of October, but how we'll manage it, I just don't know.
Anyways, let me leave you on a lighter note.  Here is Morning Glory, complete with cardboard silver-painted, glitter-covered wings which I must have blu-tacked to the poor little thing when I was nine or ten years old.  I'm surprised they've lasted so long.  I bet Morning Glory wishes they hadn't, considering the humiliation I'm about to put her through by posting her photos here.  I think I'll leave her with those oversized wings for now though.  They do look rather a funny kind of way.

Images deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

And that, my friends, was disaster of the day.  What nice little treat awaits us tomorrow, I wonder?
xxx  Desirée Skylark  xxx

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