Saturday, 20 September 2008

A quick round-up of our most recent troubles

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I'm not sure where I left off with my blog before all this Myspace trouble, so I'm not even going to attempt to cover everything that's happened since then.
But let me talk through the main stress-causing event from the past few days. 
Did I mention that the architect had added in an extra window by the side of the back door in order to please Mum when she thought it was too dark in the extension?  Remember how much she loved the extension and the whole downstairs after he did that?  Well, earlier this week the doors and windows finally arrived and were assembled.  We walked in to the house to think about wall colours, and got a nasty shock.  The windows and doors have ridiculously thick white frames, to the point that the whole extension and kitchen is dark.
It appears that all of us had a different idea of what doors we were having, and of course Chris Picton never showed us any photographs before he ordered them.  I thought we were having french windows that open outwards (as we now have, which Mum hates because she can't have any flower pots on the patio without the doors knocking them down), but it turns out that Mum thought she was having sliding doors (thinner frames, but only able to open up one side), and David thought we were having folding doors (even more thick frames and still with the "flower pot bashing" problem).
This is how it now looks, by the way:

Mum HATES it, and spent an hour telling us so.  She can't see the garden from all angles, you see?  How she thought she was going to see the garden from all angles when the back wall isn't straight across, I don't really know.  David and I were more concerned by those thick frames obscuring the view from the patio doors on the right.
No colours got discussed - after all, "there's no rush now.  I'm not moving until something's done about those doors!"  So yet another delay.
I kept quite calm.  But Mum obviously didn't.  The next day she awoke in a bad mood and kept screaching about how "nothing could be done, so we'll have to let the house now.  We're not moving."   I know it's stupid, but it doesn't matter how many times I hear that nonsense, I fall for it.  We had a huge row in the car on the way to the sofa shop (my parents finally saw sense and cancelled that awful patterned sofa!), and Mum said we were to cancel everything now that we weren't moving.
Come the 17th, I went completely mad.  I honestly don't know what was wrong with me, but the stress of the house and the fact my next orthodontist appointment is creeping up again just got to me, I think.  I didn't leave the house either, and with all the stress, I think I needed air.  It was about 10pm, just after Mum's "Who Do You Think You Are?" TV show ended, when I broke down in tears, and started randomly screaming.  It scared me, because I had no control whatsoever.  It was a total emotional breakdown, the likes of which I've never known.  My parents had an argument for an hour or so then David went to the bathroom, and I started pacing up and down, faster and faster, going totally mad, chanting about how much I hated Picton and all his stupid errors etc.
At last, David came out of the bathroom and I could go to the communal bed at about 1am.  No sooner had I come out of the bathroom and made the bed than Mum followed.
"Why are you still awake?!" she said, angrily.  This annoyed me.  How does she expect me to have got to sleep in a matter of about 90 seconds?  Then she threw her pillows into the middle of the double bed.  I try very hard to actually lie off of the mattress, on top of all my plush ponies by the side of it, so this annoyed me even more, and I started crying again.  Yes, I know.  It sounds awful and stupid.  But I really was an emotional wreck that day.  I quite honestly felt like smashing the bedroom window and throwing myself out of it.  Instead, I turned to her and asked her to move her pillows further across.
"My nose is already pressed against the cot." she said, which was a pure exaggeration.  The cot is by the side of the bed (David never gave up on having more kids!), and Mum was right in the middle of the bed.  I sat up and tucked the blanket in underneath her, as she'd just thrown it on top of me.  "Oh, so that's why you stayed awake, is it?  So that you could shove me out of bed?!  Well, I'm not staying here!"
Um, excuse me?  Nobody shoved her out of bed.  I tucked a blanket underneath her.  I actually sleep rolled up in my blanket so that I've got my own little "bed within a bed", if you get what I mean.  But anyway, she took off and went and slept on the lounge floor, telling David that I'd "attacked her".  WTH?
Yesterday morning she didn't even call me to get up.  Actually, I was awake anyway, but David was crashing about on the landing so I wouldn't get up.  When he eventually went downstairs (at 11am!) I dashed in the bathroom, and got called by a very bad-temped Mum who told me that they were going out without me!  At least she had the decency to tell me where they were going - Ealing Broadway, in order to go back to the optician, and go in the Town Hall to talk to the council about how much more glass they were permitted to have in the extension.
I spent the time making recordings, so I was happy enough.  They returned at about 3.30pm, looking very glum.  Mum has to have yet another eye test - nobody can understand what's wrong with her.  And as for the council, Picton has actually given us MORE glass than we are permitted to have, so if the council look into it, we will probably end up losing the window by the side of the back door too.
We went to look at the extension again last night, and Mum seems to be calming down a little now.  When we opened the doors, she realised it's just the frames she doesn't like, so maybe if we can get those changed things will be all right.  She admits herself that we can't afford to sell or let the place really, so we will still be moving.  The process will just be delayed.
Not that the work was on schedule anyway.  The kitchen units were delivered to the house today, but our kitchen is currently filled with all kinds of building junk that isn't even anything to do with the work they're doing for us!  Basically, they're using our house as a giant storage depot!
We're seeing Picton on Monday, so we'll see what happens then.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!
Now that I can get into Myspace again, I will keep this blog updated.  There's plenty going on in the next few days, so you can expect lots of boring entries from me in the near future.  You don't have to read them, you know?  So what is it that makes you all keep coming back for more?  Strange people.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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