Monday, 22 September 2008

So when ARE we moving house?!

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Yesterday, we went to the Berkshire Show, which was brilliant.  We all got tired out and sunburnt (yes, sunburn in an English September! ), but it was well worth it.  Great arena events including showjumping, two displays from the Household Cavalry and their Musical Ride (I hopefully got some films of them which I can upload to Youtube once we move house and get broadband), dog agility etc.
Also, hundreds of tradestands!  Mum and I managed to get some nice fleece pullovers with horses on the front.  Mum's is dark green, and mine is purple.  They're really sweet!  The reason we really went there though was to pick up the tiles for the new kitchen and one of the bathrooms.  They depict horses and dogs - you can see the designs here.
The man from the stall kindly helped us carry them back to the car, although he put them in the wrong side, meaning I had to sit on Mum's side, and she had to sit in the front, which we both hated (she gets scared in the front of cars, and the seatbelt cuts into my neck on the left side of that car for some reason).  There was a very interesting programme on the radio about voices in radio plays though, so I was quite pleased to not be trying to keep up a conversation with Mum at the same time as intently listening to that!
I'm not really sure why we have already got the tiles though.  They've had to be put in storage now.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Well, we couldn't take them around to Woodberry, could we?  Those stupid builders would smash them to pieces.  But don't they start assembling the kitchen tomorrow anyway?  Well, yes.  But it would appear that was yet another lie.
We went to Woodberry today, via another bathroom shop - we still can't find a nice corner basin for the toilet under the stairs though.
I am in despair over that house now.  It gets WORSE AND WORSE in there every time we visit.  They'd hardly done any work at all since we were last there.  And everything they have done is dreadful.  They've put some skirting boards in the hall now, which are full of knots and not even properly touching the wall!  They just aren't being careful with anything in that house - the new doors and walls are scuffed and scratched and dented in a way you just can't imagine.  The kitchen units remain UNOPENED in the extension.  So much for Chris Sickton having checked MFI hadn't left anything out!  As for the kitchen itself?  There's actually MORE JUNK in there than before.  And most of it isn't even to do with our work.  They're just storing more and more of their rubbish in our house.  And the end date for the work is supposed to be NEXT MONDAY.  (So much for them being a month ahead of schedule )  I'm truly sick of it.
And then I made the most sickening observation of the lot.  My parents were up in the loft looking at colours for their bedrooms (Yeah, like we're really on to choosing colours!), and I was standing in the master bedroom on the floor below.  They still haven't put the white paint undercoat on the wall where they removed the chimney breast...and our precious fireplace is still in the middle of the room getting more and more bashed up.  But I noticed the wall was turning ORANGE.   ..r inspection, I noticed the orange marks were actually fungus spores.  Yes, it appears the stupid builders haven't blocked and sealed the chimney properly, and now we have mould growing all over the wall, and the expensive retro ceiling we've just paid to have installed.  Well, Sickton had better pay for the damage is all I can say.  But more importantly, how long is this going to take to treat, and how incompetent are these builders?  They really only seem to go in that house to smoke and drink.  There are beer cans and dog ends everywhere, and all kinds of rubbish falling through the holes in the floorboards.  They seem to be making a mini-landfill under our house.  Well, I guess that'll attract and feed armies of mice and rats and make us feel right at home.
Right now, we have another kind of vermin in the house spreading diseases though.  And he'll be living with us.  Yes, I'm talking about David.  He suddenly needed to pee whilst we were discussing colours in the loft, so he set off to the bathroom in a rush to add to a pot of stagnant white spirit, which he then emptied in the "excavation".  I can only imagine he means the extension, where we will in future be eating all our meals.  Very appetising, eh?
Speaking of vermin, Mum saw another rat in the garden today.  Not surprising as David hasn't put any poison out there since I saw the last one.
Hmm, I think that's it.  The stress is definitely getting to all of us though.  Everyone's going mad.  David tried to turn the sound up on the TV earlier this week with...wait for it...THE CAR KEY!!!  And then when we went to Hampton Court, Mum decided she wanted a handbag, which cost £59!  Mum does not do expensive handbags...and now she won't use it because it's "too expensive to use".  So what are you going to do with it?  Sit and look at it?!
We're meeting up with Chris Sickton and his "wife" (the one he isn't really married to! ) at 1pm tomorrow to discuss colours - yep, he's talking about colours too.  How can he even talk about colours when there are huge holes in the walls and floors, and mould growing on our expensive ceilings?
I hope I can keep calm.  Right now, I feel like shouting and swearing at him, and I know that won't get me anywhere.  Oh, and another thing - his builders have dug up all of our neighbour's plants while putting in a new wall.  So I bet we'll have to pay to replace those too!  Agh, I'm so mad right now!
Yours in angry-ness,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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