Friday, 12 September 2008

What's up with Myspace?

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So I didn't like it when my blog seemed to be constantly set to public when I wanted it set to private.  But now I have the exact opposite problem - I've got a few non-Myspace users reading this blog on a daily basis, and have just been informed my blog has gone private.   I tried to change it, but found that I still have my account set so that "everyone" is able to view my profile.  I wrote to Myspace customer services and they answered last night with some rubbish message about privacy settings.  If I'm under sixteen, apparently my profile is automatically private.  Um, but I'm seventeen...  Needless to say I've been rather disheartened by the whole Myspace thing, and haven't felt like blogging for a couple of days.  Still, I guess there's no reason that my Myspace friends should do without my fascinating blogs as well!
So what's happened the last couple of days?  I'm going to keep this as short as possible, because it's late and I really want to get some sleep tonight.
Yesterday we went to look in various shops for stuff for the new house and my niece's birthday present (she's three tomorrow), and ended up in a sofa store we didn't even know existed.  The second we walked in I kne we'd made a big mistake.  A salesman approached us, calling out, "Do you want something to drink - tea?  Coffee?"  We politely declined, and I shot my parents a look   "We've got to get out of here!"  But they ignored me and went upstairs to look at the non-leather sofas.  David started trying out the sofas, even though we had no interest in most of them.  Then I noticed the salesman following us up the stairs.  "He's following us!" I whispered.  "Come on!"  But nobody budged.
A long conversation between ourselves and the salesman ensued.  He was determined we would go home with something, like it or not.  Eventually, he left us alone again.  "Now's our chance!" I said.  "Get out!"  David slumped back in an ugly green armchair.
Mum and I started to walk back to the stairs, hoping against hope that David would follow.  He didn't.
So I started making pointless conversation.  "The only one I half like is that one.  It's a nice shape..."  I pointed at a particular sofa in the corner.  "Which one?" Mum asked, squinting through her glasses.  I said it didn't matter, but she demanded I take her back to see it.  Remarkably, David got up and followed at this point.  He sat back in another chair, and started trying out the reclining feature.  "Ooh, I do like this!" He said.  "You can get that on all of them, you know."  A familiar voice chimed in.  The determined salesman was back, and started chattering on about the beautiful sofa "we had picked out".  Er...  David was so busy playing with his recliner toy that he was quite happy to have an excuse to sit there, talking to the salesman.  Mum and I kept shooting David pleading looks, but all he did was WINK back at us.  WTH?  Wink, wink, wink...  Please leave this shop, David!
Two hours later...
We finally left the shop, complete with the documents to prove we had officially ordered a sofa...just because I had said I half-liked the shape of it.  So now, of course, it's my fault.  Not David's fault for ordering the thing, but my fault for walking over to it when Mum asked me to.
Two things we definitely didn't want - light colours that show the dirt, and any kind of patterns.  Now look what we've got.

WHY did David have to buy a sofa in the very first shop we looked in anyway?!
Today we went to Uxbridge, and found the toy we wanted to get for my niece is officially £2 more expensive than it was in TRU the other day in every single shop.  We had no idea that the lower price was cheap at the time though.   Still, we got it for her in The Entertainer, so at least that was one job done.
We discovered the the clothes store we couldn't find last time we went to the shopping centre is still there - it was just in a different parade of shops.  So I was able to get two more pairs of leggings, this time in navy blue which should look a little less silly with my shoes.  I hope these will last me until we move house now.  I also got the most gorgeous blue hoodie with horses on it, and it fits beautifully.  I feel awful spending a lot on clothes (it cost £16.99 from TKMaxx) but when I actually do find something I like that fits well, it would be a shame to leave it behind.  And I'll probably get a couple of years use out of it too, so hopefully the cost will even out a bit if you look at it like that.
They had a MIB 1987 Nosy Bear in the toy department of TKMaxx!  I couldn't afford to bring him home with me, but it shows it really is worth searching in that shop.  I swear I'll find a pony someday...
Speaking of ponies, three of the eyeshadow ponies (Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie and Toola Roola) are now in Woolworths.  I didn't buy them, as I'm broke and trying to save up for the Ponycon.  In fact, I'm a little bit worried to see them, as I really wanted the beach accessory Star Song and Cheerilee, but it seems they've gone out of the shops now.  I hope I'll still be able to find those two somewhere, but it seems to be getting less likely now, and we really don't have time for pony hunting with all these house jobs to be done.
"Needful Things" is on BBC1 again on Monday night!  Why is it that they don't show a movie for years, and then they show it three or four times in the space of a few months?  I have a copy of it already, so if anyone wants me to tape it, just let me know.
I'm in another predicament now.  I've been asked by someone I hold in very high regard to send a photo in for a Youtube music video she's putting together.  It's supposed to be a picture that shows me achieving something.  Believe me, it would be an honour to be part of the video, but I don't have a suitable photo to send her...  I don't know what to write back now.  I really hope she doesn't think I'm being stand-offish.  Help me think of a picture, please!!!
Hmm, I think that's about it.  So I'll dash off and write a couple of notes to people, and get to bed.  Mum is annoyed that I'm not helping her to look at a catalogue of different wallpapers, but this light is so awful that everything looks yellow anyway!
Best wishes,
Desiree  xxx

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