Monday, 29 September 2008

You can run, but you can't hide!

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Well, Mum must have found out I was snooping at her letters somehow, and is now deleting certain messages she writes to Emma from her deleted box, something I didn't even realise was possible!
Of course, this makes me even more curious about what's being written, and as we all know, curiosity killed the cat.
Fortunately, I'm not a cat.  Remember, Mum prefers using my computer to moving and getting her own, and she doesn't understand how to clear the toolbar history, which means I can still snoop at what she's written on the day she wrote it.
There was a good laugh a few days ago, but I forgot to copy it.  Emma asked Mum why I got such a say in the house decorating-wise, and she didn't.  Er, you aren't going to be living there?  Of course, we all know that Emma's answer to that would be something about Mum "finally dying and leaving the place to her".  Jealous much?
Oh, and I've "GOT to quit this woe is me crap.  Although I'm never going to be happy.  She can just see I'm that kind of person."  Well, Emma, maybe if you had kept to your promise and gone shopping with me, you would have learnt a bit more about me as a person rather than the "rival to the inheritance" that she seems to think I am.  I can be perfectly happy, if only I can get a decent job so that I don't have to have hundreds of kids like yourself.  Sorry, but marrying and breeding is just not my way.  I want a career, not a man.  (Well, unless he's willing to support my madness, of course!)
Now here's Mum's summary on me from today, after she "bashed a few colour cards."  I notice she didn't even mention the smashed wall.
"David looked at me in horror - said he can't afford to get anything re-done.  desiree came over and started to kick me, knocked me flying, said I was preventing HER from getting out of Perivale.....sod her.  She doesnt care what the place looks like anyway, she wants to leave as soon as she can."
She's obviously playing up to Emma as her "favourite daughter".   But please, I didn't kick her or knock her flying, did I?  You just heard the recording.  She hit herself in the knee with a spade and blamed me for kicking her.  I don't think she was exactly knocked flying by the spade...I mean ME...anyway.  Otherwise, she couldn't have been marching around the extension ranting about smashing the place up.
Of course, Emma played up to her:
"Why don't you ever liston to me - know one ever does i told you the colour cards would look different at different times of the day, i asked you why you were letting Desiree have such a say when she probably won't live there that long. i told you the family history room looked dark and i wasn't on about taking the sofa people to court but the people David works/worked for!"
But she has her usual bitter side as you can see.  Mum can't see that though.  She sees a kind person who agrees with her.   I guess if I ever get out and make it to Vancouver, Emma, Nick and the kids will move in with her to stake a claim to the house.
Well, I thought it was funny, at least.    xxx

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