Sunday, 19 October 2008

Gah, everything is going wrong!

Current mood:  anxious
I'm sick of being in this prison of a house.  David spends all his days in the bathroom, so I never get out.  I just want to move away from here, and go to the new place.  This area is getting more and more dangerous too.  I had an awful nightmare the night before last about a drunk man in our garden setting the house on fire (probably caused by David's kitchen stupidity the day before), but then we really did have trouble with the drunks last night.
Our neighbours were partying all day, playing ridiculously loud music.  This annoyed me no end as my parents went out and left me here alone (more on that in a moment), while I tried to make recordings...near impossible with the constant "Thud, thud, thud" background noise.
By the evening, they were really drunk, staggering around and shouting at each other, so loudly that we could hear them clearly through the walls.  Too bad we don't understand Polish, or else I could repeat the arguments here.  Suddenly, the voices got louder...obviously they were out in their garden.  I went upstairs and looked out of the window, to see around 40 people ranting at each other.  One of the young women who lives next door was yelling at her boyfriend who couldn't get his car to start (she was wearing a very low-cut top, and was rubbing her arms, obviously pretty cold!), while the others just argued amongst themselves.
Another drunk was staggering about across the road.  He honestly couldn't stand up straight.  He managed to get over to the cafe across the road, and urinated in the flower pot outside their door (If I could have a penny for every time we've seen someone spend a penny there, I'd be rich by now!), then waddled over to the fence by the road, and started shouting abuse at the neighbours (all in slurred Polish, so I don't know what he was saying).  They all shut up and rushed inside, and fortunately the girl and her boyfriend got the car started, signalling the end of that bit of drama.
But that was not the end of the night for Grottsville drama, oh no.  About an hour later (11pm-ish?) we heard more shouting and banging about.  Again, I dashed upstairs to see a gang of eight or nine men kicking a man they had knocked down on the ground.  We watched helplessly from the communal bedroom window, as he was robbed and the gang ran off with his jacket, shirt and wallet, and then their victim limped off.  Nobody called the police, us included.  We're all too scared to get involved.
On top of all that stress, we have so much more going on.
My parents went out yesterday, as I already mentioned.  They went to the optician to pick up Mum's latest pair of glasses.  They were supposed to be coming back to collect me, and then we were all going to Woodberry.  But that's not how it happened.  They were gone quite a long time...and then Mum returned on her own, telling me that she'd had to come back on the bus, following an argument with David.
What had happened this time, you ask?  Well, apparently Mum got her glasses, she couldn't use them (she really can't use varifocals, but they won't give her plain reading glasses), and David got angry with her and started sticking up for the optician, saying she would "grow into the glasses over the next few months"...  Er, but her prescription has been changing every few months.  Idiot.  So Mum thrust the glasses at David and told him to "shove them up his a**".  This all took place right in the middle of Ealing Broadway.  Lovely.
Obviously, we didn't go to Woodberry.  We did go to Park Royal Asda in the evening, but that was as far as I got.
I need blank cassette tapes for my recordings.  And you know what?  Suddenly, all the shops around here have stopped selling them.  I finally found a tape that created high definition recordings with less background noise in the form of Sony HF.  Now we can't even find ordinary TDK cassettes.  Yes, I know CDs are in fashion, but some of us have to record the old fashioned way.  Please?
Today David had no intention of taking us out anywhere.  Instead, he spent THREE HOURS at the local internet cafe, ordering Mills & Boon on e-Bay!
He did finally go to the launderette though...and here comes the next disaster.  I put a new pair of blue leggings in the bag (the pair I'm wearing in my current profile photo, in fact).  I've had this style before, and absolutely no problems.  But...well, the dye in this pair doesn't seem to have held too well.   ALL of my white underwear is bright blue now, my pink pajama trousers turned purple...  But, worst of all, my favourite of my "indoor t-shirts" (the baggy ones I will not wear outside of the house now), a pink one with a unicorn on the front, has huge blue streaks all over it.  I've soaked it in all kinds of stain removal stuff today, but nothing seems to be working.  Can't very well bleach pink fabric, can I?!
Maybe if we had moved house, and had our own washing machine, we could afford to wash new clothes seperately.  Which brings me back to the subject of Woodberry.  What is going on?
David seems to have washed his hands of it, and isn't doing a thing.  So Mum has taken to e-mailing Sickton two or three times a day.  And now he has made a confession.  There is no man in France coming back to fix the precious fireplace.  There isn't even a college waiting to take it on as a project.  He has nobody to fix it, and was obviously hoping we'd just give up and buy a new one.  Now he says that we can move in without the fireplace on the wall.  And where's it going to go "in the meantime"?  In the skip with everything else we wanted to keep?
Oh, and just as the icing on the cake.  There's a new MLP commercial on TV.  I don't know if anyone saw it, but it was advertising Rainbow Dash's Dress Shop, and was shown on ITV at about 11.15 this morning.  But I can't get a good recording of it, because of the awful reception our TV has at the moment.  Another reason we should be out of this dump by now.
*Sighs*  "Oh well, never mind...", as my Grandma would have said.
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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