Friday, 24 October 2008


Current mood:  distressed

Mum is busily gloating about how she's telling eveyone she didn't go to Blackpool because "I attacked her".  Er, I screamed again, going mad from being locked up non-stop.  Is that attacking her?
David meanwhile is telling Wig Woman (Sickton's supposed "wife") that we ARE away.  He just rang her from our kitchen and made out he was ringing her from Blackpool.  Mum went out there shouting loudly about the truthful reason she didn't go away for the weekend, which was so that we could see Picton before Tuesday.  Of course, since we are "away", now the appointment has been set for Tuesday anyway, and Mum and I are not supposed to leave the house (and defintiely not go anywhere near Woodberry) before we "get back".  David however is "going out right now" after another tantrum.
First he got hold of Mum's arm when she went out in the kitchen (they weren't "standing as a united front, telling lies") and twisted it until she was left screaming out in pain.  I stood up for her, and called David a b*****d while he was still on the phone to Wig Woman, which infuriated him further, of course.
"You like to make people look small, dontcha?!" He yelled, as soon as he got off the phone.  Heck, what does HE do all the time?  Then he got ready to storm up the stairs to my bed with his latest package of filthy books, which he just received through the post.  He still has a pile downstairs though, and as Mum sobbed, rubbing her arm, I threw one of the boxes at his ugly figure retreating up the stairs.  "Take that one away to my bed too!" I shouted, angrily.
Of course, I'd broken the unwritten law, and touched his holy Mills & Boon books, so he came dashing down the stairs, and swatted me round the back of the head - hard.  Then pushed me backwards into a pile of junk in the living room.  He got hold of my hair and was just shaking me crazily, yelling "if you lift a finger at me or my books again, I will KILL YA!"  After he considered he'd successfully scared me (Yeah, right - I was actually laughing, since I figured that's the best way to handle violent men), he slapped me round the face, and got hold of my hand, bending my fingers right back.  Now my little finger is throbbing with pain, and is all red and inflamed.  I hope it gets better, because I'm not allowed to leave the house in case the wonderful Picton sees me, remember?  So I can't get it checked out, even if i wasn't in the most remote area of London with no way of getting to a hospital if I needed one.
I just wish I had a car so that I could drive my Mum and myself far away from here.  People ask me why I don't try and clear up - now you know the answer.  My father is sick in more ways than one.
David is off now.  "Have a nice day." He just smiled sarcastically around the door on his way out.  I hate him.
I just don't know what I can do...

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