Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I'm downloading WHAT?!

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It's 12.30am, so this can only be a very quick blog, but I wanted to let you all know what's been going on and why I haven't been around all that much lately, despite promising to write to so many people.
Well, the computer has been INCREDIBLY SLOW.   I mean, slow like you can't imagine.  Dial-up is slow, but this was ridiculous.  It was taking us up to TWO HOURS to send an e-mail.  I have been trying to get rid of all the photos and audio clips I've saved that I don't really need, even though I couldn't believe a few small files could make the computer slow down like this.  So that explains why I haven't been in touch.  All is back to normal now though, so I may as well let you know the full story, with a few funny little highlights of the last few days along the way.
So I left off on Thursday, when Mum and I went to Ealing Broadway and bought some underwear, didn't I?  Well, maybe I should start with a follow-up story from Friday.
Mum, having insisted on coming to the shop and embarrassing me, told me that she would pay for the underwear we were getting, since she was getting some for herself at the same time.  I thanked her, and not much else was said on the matter.  However, I did ask that she didn't tell David anything about it.  All right, so you all think I'm stupid and prudish now, don't you?  But I still think it's my right to ask her not to talk to my weird father about MY underwear.
Well, the second we met up with him, I saw her hanging back chattering.  The next day I found out why.  She won a troll for her collection on e-Bay for £6.  "Now I don't have to pay you for this troll, do I?  Because you said you'd pay for this."  She holds up my bra.  Er, so not only do you break a promise to me, but you LIE about how much it cost too?!  The total cost (including her half) was £6.  Oh, "but he wouldn't pay for her clothes"NO EXCUSE.  A promise is a promise, no matter how stupid.  And you don't understand why I don't want to go shopping with you for personal things?
An argument ensued after David had left the room.  I said I wanted to go shopping on my own if she couldn't be trusted to keep a secret about something I'd specifically asked her to.  She got seriously upset.  I can't even remember what I was going on about now, but I said something about how I was dreading going to see Emma on Sunday (two days ago), something I would normally enjoy, because I knew I was going to start sweating and stinking the place down, chasing after the kids.  "Oh, so that's what you want to go shopping for - deodrant!" Mum burst out laughing.  "Well, why can't I come with you?"  I was pretty upset by this point and screached something stupid at her about how she'd go "sharing the brand name with everybody she knows".  Of course, this only made her laugh even harder.  It was a petty argument, but it upset me somewhat.  How can you go and buy a simple can of anti-perspirant with her around...let alone the mascara I need so desperately?  Make-up is stupid, remember?  And I'm sure it's pointless to use anti-perspirant, let alone perfume...although I always smell a distinct perfume-y smell in the air before Mum sees anyone outside of this household.
David had snuck out to Woodberry in the morning (without us) to see if the painters were there, painting all of our walls white.  But they weren't.  However, David returned the next day (again, without us!) and did catch the man - yes, there's only one painter, despite Picton charging us for two.  He has been instructed to paint "all woodwork and ceilings gloss white".  Well, surprise, surprise!  We don't want gloss white everywhere.  So he has been instructed to stop.  He is continuing to paint the walls in the extension white to seal the plaster though.  The walls that we're probably knocking down anyway, that is.  Do I detect Picton trying to get his own way again? >.<
After David returned, we went to Currys to buy a printer/scanner which was really cheap in the sale.  Mum wants to scan all of her family photos before our trip to Blackpool so that her treasures are safe.  I'm sure that makes it just fine to leave the ponies in the house surrounded by drunks when we SHOULD be moving house.
David has not bothered to look at the scanner since then though, and we have no idea where to start setting it up.  (I've never even used a scanner).  *Sighs*  I'd love to get all my ride photos uploaded for the website I never get a chance to work on too sometime.
We also went to MBS (the bathroom shop) and finally ordered our basin.  David still hasn't ordered the fridge/freezer he's chosen on the internet though, and says there's "no hurry"!
On Sunday, we visited Emma's house for Abigale's birthday.  Well, Abigale's birthday was actually on saturday, but understandably they went out, so we went over there the next day.  I think she liked her presents although her attitude of "I'm not your friend anymore" when I've done absolutely nothing wrong worries me.  Mum spent most of the day building a Lego garage with Allan, while I had to run up and down stairs.  Just as I feared, I was sweating like a pig by the end of it, and I'm sure they must have noticed the smell in that clean house, but I wasn't going to waste what little anti-perspirant I have left with the Ponycon this weekend.
Yesterday we went to MFI to order the fridge/freezer (but they didn't have it in stock!  AGH!) and a radio/CD player which Mum wants for the kitchen.  While we were there, she took a look at the countertops we've bought, and decided she didn't like them.  It's too late to send it back and get it changed now though, and we can't spend more money.  This one cost £1300!  Personally, I can see nothing wrong with it, but Mum says it clashes with her precious dog tiles.  We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.
Mum's friend, Jill, sent me another pony - a beautiful little Sunlight.  I'm trying to think of a creative way to thank her now.  I've done e-cards, simple e-mails with lots of flowery words, sent her little gifts like packets of seeds (she's an avid gardener) - what the heck can I do now?  I feel so awkward that she's spent so much money on me.
Today, nothing much happened at all.  I just worked on my t-shirt for the Ponycon, and packed up a load of ponies.  Well, I also packed my bags up for Ponycon (sales items etc.) I just need to get my cash sorted out.  I'm pretty much broke though, so I don't see much point in going this year.  I'm a big spender when it comes to pony conventions.  I have £40, I think.  And most of the ponies I haven't got now cost about twice that!   Oh well, I've got about £33 worth of stuff to sell, so maybe I can get myself a special new addition for the herd...  Failing that, I may have to borrow some money out of the savings pot for proper shopping.  I may as well, since I'm obviously not going to be able to get any necessities until we move.  Ugh.
Ah, of course, one thing did happen today.  The thing that I started off writing about.  This computer was SO slow that we honestly couldn't do anything with it, so I just had to go through everything until I found the cause.
THEN I realised I'd downloaded Limewire sometime ago.  So it would appear that on top of that, I must have been looking up "Intelligence" (you know, the CBC show I couldn't get because we weren't moved in time to get Hallmark) and somehow clicked to download the second season.   Yes, honestly.  I didn't know!  So here I am, doing some kind of illegal download!  BUT I had already deleted the Limewire program by the time I figured this out.  So I had to download Limewire again (probably did some good though, since it was an updated version) in order to cancel the "Intelligence" files.  Then I find that since last Thursday, it's actually been downloading the entire time, and has now downloaded 5% of the series. o_0  That is amazing for the standards of this machine.  So now I'm torn what to do.  On the one hand, I'm not one for doing anything illegal, even if it's just downloading a TV show.  On the other hand, now it's done 5%, I'm seriously tempted.  Opinions, please?  It's probably going to take another couple of months to download on this slow machine anyway.  However, rather strangely, since I downloaded the updated version of Limewire, the computer is back to its normal (slow but manageable) self.  Maybe I'll just leave it there and see what happens...
Anyways, I really must dash.  Otherwise, I shan't get any sleep tonight.  Mum's got to go and pick up her latest pair of glasses tomorrow, so maybe I'll see if I can get a shopping trip then.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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