Friday, 10 October 2008

I'm going crazy in here!

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Stress, stress, stress...
Yesterday, we had to go and see Chris Picton again - at dinner time, which was the time David arranged.  Mum and I were starving (there wasn't any bread in the house, due to my father never wanting to go shopping, so we couldn't even grab a sandwich on the way out), and Mum almost refused to go.  At the very last minute, she changed her mind and went to change her clothes, saying that she was in a bad mood so "there would be four-letter words this time".  Oooh, I'm scared!
Admittedly, there was a four-letter word.  But it didn't come from Mum, it came from DAVID, who could not stop swearing the entire time.  By the end of it, Mum and I were so embarrassed we were standing in another room.  He just kept on and on swearing in his general conversation.  Oh well.
Anyways, he spent so long talking to Picton about silly things like designing book shelves for all his Mills & Boon ("fiction and non-fiction paperbacks", don't you know?!) that we didn't even get on to discussing the window Mum now wants to put in between her family history room and the extension-living room.  We did sort out the doors though (hopefully) - it seems we're changing the french windows to sliding doors, and keeping the back door as it is.  Let's just hope Mum doesn't change her mind again!
I finally finished off my Ponycon t-shirt, and I think this one is the worst yet.  Since most of the Con people aren't even on here, or at least won't be reading my blog before Saturday, I may as well let you know a little about it.
It features the usual "Pony Tales" rainbow logo (yellow, pink, green, blue, purple), with my name (Lancer) beneath in "pony-esque" font.  The main picture features five ponies in heart frames - Lancer in the centre with a full body shot, then Truly, Lofty, Pinkie Pie and Minty poking their heads through hearts around the edges.  Finally, I added matching hearts either side of my name.
The rainbow slopes for a start off, plus there's no such thing as a purple fabric crayon, it would seem.  So I had to mix pink and blue, which does not look pretty!  Of course, it's also very difficult to pick out fine details in crayon, so the pony heads look rather "smudged".  And finally I added my name on, and it's sloping even more than the rainbow!  So now the heart on the left side is actually touching the rainbow, and the "e" of Lancer looks all crushed.  *Sighs*
And NOW I've gone and lost my MLP purse, which I wanted to use at the Convention.  This house is a tip, and both of my parents keep literally throwing things on the floor where I have to sit.  It's too dark to see what I'm doing, and I can't get past all David's junk to any of the boxes where the purse might be.  So now I've been told by Mum to "use her old purse".  Oh, you mean the one that's actually in worse condition than my regular one?!
She has a stomach ache, so I shouldn't be moaning.  Apparently my voice is "ugly and common".  Oh, and you know nothing of my dreams, eh?  Give up the lies already, and stop battering me just because I've GOT a dream which is something you never seem to have had.
I didn't leave the house today, despite being promised a shopping trip on my own.  David took off and went to the internet cafe to order yet more Mills & Boon though.
Oh, and he went to see his ex-bosses about his backpay yesterday.  They owe him a grand total of £35,000.  They've offered him £20,000.  His response?  "Well, it's better than nothing, so I accepted." 
I'm just so stressed.  If I can't find that purse, I'm going to end up removing one from the front of one of the MLP comics I kept mint for my collection.  Not that it's mint anymore.  I just discovered a load of my stuff in the library is all bashed up from where a load of David's books fell on top of it all.
Tomorrow was to be my relaxing "beauty day", where I did as much as I could to make myself look half human for the weekend.  But now I'm going to be supervising my stupid father while he irons my t-shirt (it requires someone who can lift the ironing board over another load of junk.  This house is ridiculous!)  Not that I've been able to get my promised shopping trip anyway.  All I want is to go and buy some simple anti-perspirant and mascara.  Is that too much to ask, for goodness sake?!
I can't even have a bath this year (Yes, it's a year since I was able to have a proper bath and not wash at the sink! ), so I'll be treating myself to soaking my feet in a bucket of warm water tomorrow evening.  Also, pluck my eyebrows.  I've been leaving it for days which I usually can't stand to do, hoping for a clean finish, as such.  Facing all those people at the Convention, and then all Nick's family at the christening (plus Uncle John and Auntie Madeline, who are always critical about EVERYTHING!) is going to be a nightmare. John's not actually attending the christening due to ill-health, but I'm sure he'll make time while we pick Madeline up to ask me all the usual questions, to which I will not be rude enough to reply with the following answers, although that would feel so good!
"Why do you collect plastic ponies?"
"Um...because I like them?  Pretty much as you like those weird antique nude figurines. o_0"
"Why don't you have a boyfriend (and about ten ex-boyfriends!)?"
"Sorry, I don't need a boyfriend to make me happy.  In fact, men make me feel physically sick...  Not really surprising when I have male relations like yourself!"
"When are you getting your teeth straightened?"
"I'm not sure what's going on about that myself.  I really don't want that surgery, but people like you keeping on hardly boost my self-esteem!"
"What's happening about your education?  Did you fill in that form I sent you about becoming a rocket scientist?  You're very clever, you know, Des!"
"I really hope I can get a proper education started next year.  But no, I didn't fill in that form. (just an example, everyone.  That actual form doesn't really exist! In my heart, I will always be a performer.  Nobody can change that.  I need people around me!  I'd rather work for next to nothing in a shop than sit at a computer in a solitary office all day.  *Sighs*  Oh, and it's DesIREE, NOT DES!"
"Sorry, but let me just remind you there are two rules here.  This is a kissing house, and you are to be referred to as DES.""Thank you, Johnny.  Care to enforce any more rules?  We're giving your wife a lift to a christening, so maybe we should leave now, otherwise we'll be late."
"That's right, Des.  You can answer my questions when you bring Mad back.  See you all later!  *Endless kissing sounds*"
I am not looking forward to it at all.  But the least I can do is struggle to make myself look half decent.  I think I shall wear my grey Rainbow Brite t-shirt on Sunday.  At least I don't look so fat in that!  Maybe there's still hope for shopping tomorrow...if Mum will just stop saying, "What is it you want to buy?  Then I can come with you!" 
Now I really must go and figure out where to put the money I'm taking to the Ponycon.  At this rate, it will be loose in my silly little overly pink and sugary MLP handbag!
Best wishes,
Desiree   xxx

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