Saturday, 11 October 2008

Please let it all go right...

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So today my luck was up and down like a yo-yo...and ended down, down, down.
First off, I started searching for that purse again.  Nothing.  Then I was told we were going to Woodberry, so I had to go and change my clothes in a rush.  Oh, but first I had to "turn on the computer to look at Mum's money, like I'd promised her".  Huh?  She hadn't even asked me!
Of course, it's gone down yet again.  She's lost a total of about £25,000 now, including the interest she would have had.
We got to Woodberry, and saw the new roof lights, which are UGLY.  But that's not the only problem - they hardly let in any light anyway...just as we suspected.  It seems they're much smaller than Picton promised, and set so far into the ceiling that they are useless anyway.
Mum wanted to discuss colours, but David decided he needed to go to the loo, and drove up to the nearest station to use the public services.  By the time he returned Mum herself needed the loo, and had almost fainted because of a bad migraine.  So nothing got discussed again.
We got back at 2pm, and I began purse-searching again.  It didn't last for long though.  Within seconds, I lifted up a box and found it!  My luck had finally taken a turn for the better.
Then David went to the launderette and washed Mum's one and only pair of good trousers, which she needs to be dry and wearable by tomorrow morning.  After she had ironed her trousers, David ironed my Ponycon t-shirt for me.  Of course, he smudged it even more by over-ironing it and pressing the excess colour back into the fabric.  Doesn't he always?
Then he went to the storage depot to move some more Mills & Boon books around, and the internet cafe to order a few more from e-Bay.  Finally, he came back and went in the bathroom for hours, before taking me to Tesco to get dry hair shampoo, toothpaste and socks.
The stress of the weekend to come has made me really ill.  I'm sitting here trembling right now, and my teeth are chattering.  I don't know that I can take two days of socialising!  I just know that I'm going to make a fool of myself!
Anyways, I got myself in such a state that by the time David had spent ages looking at the newspapers, I could hardly think straight.  I got some socks, although they're not the ones I like, but they don't sell my toothpaste at our local Tesco since the refurbishment!  It's not like OralB is a rare brand either, is it?
Anyways, David then went and got himself some anti-perspirant (WTH?  Usually, he just wanders around stinking the place out!  I wonder if it was a mean jibe at me since he refused to drop me anywhere to get myself anything along those lines...or any mascara for that matter.)
Oh, that reminds me, I asked to go shopping again today, my LAST day before the weekend.  David said he would drop me somewhere (but let me down, as I already mentioned).  Mum however started on at me again, "What is it that you want?  Or are you wasting time wandering about aimlessly again?"  Oh, please!  Is a girl allowed no space or privacy these days?
Anyway, back to the Tesco tale.  David spent so long looking at anti-perspirant ("What is invisible ice?  Maybe that one will do it...") that I forgot the dry hair shampoo!
So my idea of looking good for this weekend has been a total disaster.  On top of everything else, I've broken two nails and have a HUGE spot on my right cheek.
I had tons to do tonight.  I wanted to surprise a certain someone with a decent-looking waterpainting tomorrow, but that was when David finally decided to sort out the scanner.  After all these days of Mum begging him, TODAY was when he decided to figure it out!  But of course, I need to be present so that he can shout at me for everything he does wrong.
So I shouldn't have been "poncing about getting ready for this weekend", I should have been helping him with the scanner he's finally decided to look at, after days and days of it sitting in its box in the hall.
I sat down on the bed while he yelled at me for every little thing he couldn't understand, feeling sicker and sicker.  About forty minutes ago, I couldn't take any more, and just got up and stepped over him.  He started yelling at me because I hadn't remembered the shampoo (which I'd just remembered then) and yet more on how I should be willing to help him with the scanner rather than do anything for tomorrow, so I picked up a pile of his history magazines and lobbed them at his feet.
So now he says, "If you want to go to Uxbridge, YOU CAN WALK"!
Now he's not talking to me. So Caroline, if I'm not there at 10am tomorrow, you know what's happened. *Sighs*
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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