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The Ponycon Godmother

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All right, so the godmother and Ponycon topics are two completely different things, but the title sounded good, didn't it?
Well, as you may have guessed by my new profile photo, I did make it to Ponycon after all.  However, it was not a certain thing at all.  I set the alarm for 5.30, and got washed and all dressed up (well, dressed up in my badly dressed kind of way, that is!) by about 7am.  Then Mum went in the bathroom, while I went downstairs, opened the curtains, got the breakfast and so on.  David refused to get off the sofa, and my heart sank.  He was still sulking.  I went upstairs, and sat on the end of the bed to file my nails, just in case we could still get a taxi or use public transport to get there.
There was some kind of misunderstanding between my parents that David was going to get dry hair shampoo (apparently, he hadn't said that - in fact, it turned out Mum had thought I'd said that David had said it the night before.  I give up!), so I didn't do my hair.  Eventually, I had to give in and use talcum powder though, which meant my hair looked like a big grey puffball.
Mum and I didn't know what was going on, and I was too scared of David's reaction to call him.  Eventually, at almost 9.30 Mum yelled at him.  And he came downstairs almost immediately, ranting at US that we hadn't told him the time before.  Well, I thought if I wanted to go to Uxbridge, I had to walk?
Of course, by the time Mum had changed her clothes and combed her hair (Again!), it was 9.40ish.  I went to quickly use the bathroom, and came down to find them engaged in a long conversation.  I shouted at them, and grabbed my bags, but it was still about 9.48 when we left, I think.  Of course, we didn't reach Brunel until about ten past ten, and even then couldn't find our way to the place.  David looked at a map and tried to figure out the way to the Hamilton Centre.  As Mum and I sat in the car, I saw Sparkler's Mimic smartcar drive by.  I jumped out of our car and ran after it madly, hoping I'd be able to follow her to the right place.  But it seemed she was just as lost as we were, unable to find anywhere to park.  Eventually, David admitted he couldn't figure out where we were going, and asked a passing student, who kindly helped us.  David walked us up to the building where we believed the Convention was taking place, and left us with no phone and no change even if we could find a call box.  We were ordered to leave at 4pm, no matter if we wanted to leave before then or stay to the end.
Mum and I dashed into the building, and it said the MLP Convention was upstairs.  So that's where we ran...all the way down a corridor to the men's toilets!  When we got back downstairs, two women at a reception desk looked us up and down very suspiciously.  She must have seen my pony t-shirt, necklace, hair tie, rucksack, handbag and keychain, and kind of guessed where we were going.  She spoke to me in broken English, "The My Little Pony Convention down that way.  By shops - look for double doors.  You will not miss it."  I thanked her and dashed on.
Finally, we found our way.  I looked a real mess by then, all red in the face, with my puffball hair having blown everywhere - so much for trying to dress up.
I saw that Caroline wasn't there, and feared I'd missed her.  I think I had missed a lot of bargains - some of the tables were half empty.  Oh well, never mind.  It was definitely better this year than last.  I immediately started pony shopping, but I won't try to document exactly where and when each item came from.  Loads and loads of merchandise, and a total of eleven new ponies...plus three doubles, two of whom are upgrades.  Minty came from the Arena's "free box"...with a new tail she'll look pretty good actually.
Anyways, here are a couple of photos:

Images deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

As you can see, I rather overspent again.  I spent all of my pony money, and ended up digging into my savings.  As far as I can figure out, it'll take me about 40 weeks to pay back the money, so I don't think I'll be buying ponies anytime soon, unless I win the lottery!
I was more than a little embarrassed as people kept coming up to me and saying "Hi Desiree!" or "Hello Lancer!" etc. and I, having gone into my usual Ponycon daze, couldn't figure out who anybody was.  So if I just kind of stared at you blankly for a moment, I do apologise.  I guess my brain was working hard for its normal standards.
The most embarrassing moment was when Snow rushed up and hugged me.  I figured out she had a Spanish accent, but it took a few moments for my brain to register.  I was just recovering from that embarrassment when I saw somebody waving from the stage.  Well, all right, maybe I need my eyes tested, because I could have sworn that it was Snow - just wearing different clothes.  My inital reaction was "How did she change so quickly?", and I didn't even head over that way at first.  But once I got over there, I discovered that the "other Snow" was actually Caroline!  It seems she and Moogii arrived late themselves...and I had lost track of time and not gone back to the entrance to meet them.
We had a great time, walking around the stalls, talking ponies and buying far too much!  Moogii took our photo up by the giant Magic Marigold on the stage, but I fear those photos probably didn't look too good.  I kept closing my eyes at the vital moment, and Caroline kept poking her tongue out...  And I didn't get my broken camera out until quite a bit later.  So, er..  Yeah, there's probably no nice pictures of us together.
Caroline surprised me twice over, first by pulling the very pony I have been hunting for everywhere out of her bag, and then with a certain DVD I have waited almost two years for.  I offered to pay but she said it was "complimentary".  You silly, silly thing!  *Shakes fist*  I will pay you back somehow, I promise.

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

STARSONG!!!  And "The World's Biggest Tea Party".  I've watched it several times already.  It's great to finally get to hear Janyse and Tabitha's performances in the show.  I love "I Know Just How You Feel".  They sang that song with such emotion.  Beautiful, truly beautiful.
All I got for her in the meantime was a Starglow from Sebby.  I feel pretty awkward about that too.  Sebby has been really kind to me, first bringing me back the silver brooch and Blossom signed by Bonnie Zacherle when she went to the MLP Fair in Rhode Island, and then on saturday she gave me the cutest little Canada eraser.  And I have done absolutely nought, zilch, nothing for her in return...and there I am buying a pony from her for someone else! >.<  Sebby, please let me know what you would like pony-wise.  You need a pony treat in return for all your kindness too!  *Hugs*
Oh my, and then on top of all of that embarrassment, I ended up putting a fingerprint on the "Fingerprints" charity pony (Caroline paid for me to do that too!), and signing Laura's Cheerilee.  Oh dear, that's not exactly the pony "me", is it?  I did try to sign Cheerilee in an un-noticeable place (right by her foot), but still.  I still didn't get to speak to Laura all that much, but at least we met, so that's the first step.  Maybe next year we'll actually get to chat!
All this time, Mum sat next door at the "Man Creche" with all the other bored partners and parents of the pony people in attendance.  Apparently, she had a good chat to Moogii and Wingedelf's mum in particular, and also spoke to a reporter for the Independent about how much we disliked the "Destroy a Fakie" idea.  Now they've mentioned the contest in the article featured in the paper yesterday, and some of the people who took part in it with their "twisted sense of humour".  No prizes for guessing who might have suggested that term to them.
Caroline and I were looking at some cheap ponies in a bin by one of the stalls (They were three for two, as well as only being a couple of pounds each) when they started the "Pony Roadshow".  I had taken a couple of ponies I wanted to show to LadyGuinevere and figured now was as good a time as ever.  So I left Caroline and said I'd return in a couple of minutes.  Of course, you can guess what happened.  As soon as I sat down, I had tons of people sitting down all around me, all the people I had promised to speak to.  On the one hand this was useful - I was able to get rid of most of the stuff I'd taken to sell.  On the other hand, it meant I couldn't get back to Caroline as I had promised, and I think Mum got a bit of a shock when she returned to Moogii without me, and said something along the lines of, "She walked off." (or so Mum says).  I hope you didn't really think I'd just walked off and tried to escape, Caroline.  I just wanted to get those Flutter Ponies looked at, and kind of got stuck there.
Anyways, we didn't really get anywhere with the Flutter Pony situation.  LadyG thought maybe they were factory rejects, or at least Peach Blossom was.  Baggins thought maybe Morning Glory had just been re-tailed, but I don't see how she can have been with her head being sealed and her still having a washer around her tail at the point when I got her.

Then when it came to my little Piggy Pony, Kris identified her as a variant of Perla.  They reckon even in her awful condition, she's probably worth £200-300, so I guess that £2 bag of fakies was pretty good, with her AND a prototype Baby Explorer inside.   Not that I'd ever sell her.  I love her far too much for that.  It's still interesting to know though, I think.
Hmm, is that it for my tales of Ponycon.  I sold my G2 castle to Chrissytree for £6, which surprised me as that's about what I paid for it in Lille, so it's kind of like I got that funny little Sky Skimmer figurine for free.  My doll's bedding set and badges went to LadyGuinevere for £7, and Peewee took the alarm clock and mug for another £7 (Trade value anyway - I got Truly and Italian Sky Dancer in return).  I didn't find Lilcurly until she had spent almost all her money though, so I ended up bringing her books back with me!  Oh well.  She still took the "Birthday Girl/Party Time" outfit.
I wish I had taken part in the "Weakest Link" now.  I didn't think we'd be staying that long though.  Well, maybe next time.
There were so many people I didn't get to speak to again this year.  Again, maybe next year I'll be able to dash around and meet up with everyone!
Right now, I'm just pleased to have met Caroline.  I was great to meet someone who has been so kind to me through Myspace over the past couple of years.  Especially since I never thought I would meet up with her, with the Atlantic stuck in the way.  I too hope that we can meet up again somewhere before you go back to Texas.
We were back in Grottsville by 4.15.  It was strange for the Convention to be so nearby.  I felt so happy for having been and spoken to some people outside of this house for once.
Ah, then yesterday - Gabriella's christening.
Again, we had to get up early in order to pick Auntie Madeline up and take her to the church.  Of course, even though I stayed in the car, John came out of the house, and started waving at me madly.  "How are you, Des?" and so on.  Ugh, I am NOT DES!!!  I had to put up with "Des"-ing from Madeline for the next few hours though.
For once, we were at the church on time (Madeline and David had to go to the loo though, so we almost didn't get in near the front again!), and it's official - I am Gabriella's godmother.  Of course, Mum was being mean to me, saying "I can't wait to see you mess up your lines, reading them out in public."  I am pleased to say I read everything out perfectly.  Right, so I can read things with more expression than the lot of you in church.  How about on stage?  But you don't know what I'm talking about, mother, do you?
Mum lost her glasses under the pew, so there were the three of us, kneeling on the ground, supposed to be saying our prayers, and instead digging about for a pair of glasses.  Mum then got the giggles.  This was only made worse by the infamous Father Paul's droning sermon, where he said, "Three weeks running during Holy Communion, parts of the Lord have been dropped on the floor.  I categorically will not have the Lord dropped on the floor!" or words to that effect anyways.  I admit it did sound funny the way he said it, but Mum didn't have to laugh quite so loudly.  She got me giggling too.
After the service, we went back to Emma's house.  There was absolutely delicious food on the table, but I wasn't allowed to have any.  Instead, I was dancing to "Hi5" up in the kids' bedroom.  Suddenly, there was a huge crash.  Unable to open the safety gate at the bedroom door, Kizzy had taken a run at it and knocked the whole thing down!  Of course, she fell down on top of it, and hurt herself, so I felt really guilty for not looking after everyone properly.
Madeline started quizzing me on my education.  "So what are you doing now, Des?  Do you have exams coming up?  What are you studying?  What are you hoping to do with your life now?"  SHUT UP ALREADY!  No, don't worry.  I didn't say that.  I stammered something and kind of nodded when she said did I have exams coming up.  Since she couldn't hear my muttered nonsense properly, she actually got DOWN ON THE FLOOR and leaned in towards me so as to hear.  Oh God, get a life.  No, I'm not currently getting an education.  I'm hoping to get it all back on track when I move.  And no, I'm not sitting behind a computer all day, every day, however clever YOU think I am.  Somehow I'll make it as a VA.  Where there's a will there's always a way.  Remember, it's as far as you can imagine...but as near as you can wish.
Luckily, Abigale sat down in front of me and thrust a pink fakie pony and black dog beanie in my face, so then Madeline forgot what she had been asking me and started eating again.  I had Tip Toes in my bag, and Abigale and I played with her and the little pink fakie for quite some time.  I'm starting to train her - she holds the ponies quite gently now when she brushes their hair.  Perhaps by the time I have a bedroom full of ponies for her to visit, they'll be half safe!
David took Madeline back home at about 2pm.  We didn't go with him because I didn't want to see John.  Apparently, he's pretty sick though, and that was why Madeline was so desperate to get back to him.  David went on to stay with them for THREE HOURS!  Yes, he really is that rude.  He goes to a christening, and doesn't even stay at the house after he's eaten all the lovely food while I was playing with the kids.
The birthday-christening cake was really scrumptious.  I don't think I've ever had such a tasty slice of cake actually.
Emma got out her jewellery and was showing it to me, asking what I liked (or didn't).  I got really embarrassed - I hate showing an opinion on other people's stuff.  She offered to give me a pretty little necklace too, but I declined.  Again, I don't like people offering their stuff up to me.  I feel like I'm taking advantage of them.  Mum now tells me this all followed on from a conversation she'd been having with my sister while I was upstairs, and apparently she really wanted to give me something.  So now I fear I upset her.  Agh, this is why I hate being sociable.  I always do the wrong thing!
I got to have a couple of cuddles with my goddaughter which was really nice.  I only wish I'd remembered to take the camera, as there were some lovely photo opportunities.  Mum was holding Gabriella when she was sick all over a new dress she'd got as a christening present!  I don't think anybody was too pleased with her...  Oops.
We left before they got pizza in the evening, because we were feeling pretty sick from two days of not eating proper meals and didn't have the money to buy pizza anyway.  Again, I feel Emma thought we were being rude though, like we didn't want to eat with them having stayed there all day making a pain of ourselves.  Oh dear...
Nothing has happened today at all, so that's about it for this blog.  Whoah, it's 1am?!  I guess I won't be writing my messages until tomorrow now then.  Sorry for making everybody wait so long.  It was a very tiring weekend for me, and I have an awful aching arm now.  I reckon I strained it getting off of Magic Marigold - she was very tall, and I couldn't find the floor!  And then the kids kept wanting me to lift heavy things (aka THEMSELVES!) across their bedroom.  Ouch.
Speak to you all soon.
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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