Saturday, 25 October 2008

An update for those it may concern...

Current mood:  miserable
David returned just after 6pm.  Nobody knows where he went, or why, but Mum pointed out he got all dressed up in his best suit before he went out.
He came in with bags, but they appear to have been hidden upstairs since I can't find them to see where he's been or what he bought.
HE is not talking to ME after all that he did earlier, and is now sulking, sleeping on the landing, preventing either of us from going to the bathroom.  The bucket for flushing the downstairs toilet is still full of the washing that got dyed blue, so I've just had to use a little plastic pot to flush it instead!
Admittedly, I will not speak to him either.  Mum however is attempting to speak to him, and he has told her that the architect wrote to him and said we can't meet up on Tuesday due to a (no doubt imaginary) hospital appointment, which has "just come up".  This proves that David spent part of his time out at the internet cafe.  I'm guessing he went somewhere like Uxbridge, where he's been promising to take me, to make himself feel good or something.
However, why he had to put his best clothes on to go somewhere local like that is beyond me.
My finger is still hurting every time I type if I don't hold t a certain way, and I can't use my right hand to pick things up at all.  The swelling has gone down now though, so I'm hoping it's nothing serious.
Please let this be a lesson to us all to stop fighting and get on with moving house, so that we can ALL have proper lives.  He might not like me to swear at him, but he is a b*****d leaving us in here when he knows that we're housebound without a car.  I'm going crazy unable to leave this place for days on end!
Oh well, as Janyse's song goes, "Until we stop we have not lost", right?  And as another VA said about my father and his desperation to crush my dreams, "You can squish a balloon on one side, but it will always pop up on the other" "Just keep on keeping on, Skylark."  Your words come back to me at times like these.
Elisabeth is on MSN, so I should be setting my full attention on speaking to her rather than writing this blog.  Agh, I can't think of anything to say to her via microphone to see if this thing works!  Um... "Hello" might be a good starting point?  But Mum will think I'm mad if I start talking into a microphone at random!
That's all for now.  Speak to you all soon!   xxx

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