Thursday, 6 November 2008

And I Thought It Was Just Bonfire Night

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Just remembered I didn't even mention the elections in my blog a minute ago - that's how caught up in my own life I am!  But that isn't really what I'm talking about even now.  After all, nobody wants to hear someone in England talking about the US elections, right?
Well, apart from Bonfire Night and the happenings in America, apparently today is "National Doughnut Day".  So where's my Krispy Kreme Chocolate-Coated Doughnut with Sprinkles?  I've been cheated!
So apart from my wealth of useless knowledge, this blog is really just an announcement that I shall be x-posting my blogs to LJ and Facebook from now on.  That way all my friends who don't use Myspace for various reasons will be able to read about my dull life should they choose to.  Oh, and I'll make that quite clear - I don't expect anyone to read these, so if you don't want to, DON'T!  Don't read them and then complain that you just wasted five minutes of your life doing so.
So what news do I have, apart from all the Sickton palava, mentioned in my last blog here on Myspace?
Well, I've been trying to photograph my pony collection before they get packed up for the non-existant house move, and they are now being uploaded here and on Facebook.  LJ users can see them on Photobucket (username Ponyrescuehome).
And I've been messing around with my microphone, trying to figure out the best way to record without too many pops.  I'd be very grateful it if any of you would take a few minutes to listen to these two MLP recordings and see what you think.  Thank you.
I Know Just How You Feel
(I thought this one was pretty good for my standards, but there are a lot of pops and puffs etc.  This was my first proper recording with the mic though, so that's my excuse!)
What Are We Gonna Do Today?
(This one is a lot better as far as background noise, right?  It's just the singing and voices that are rubbish this time!  I swear that I'll make a recording that sounds decent in every way...someday!)
Ooh, and I have a question for all you computer experts.  I just popped a DVD into the disk drive, and although I'm hearing all the right whirring noises, I don't get the message in the centre of the screen to ask if I want to play it etc.  And when I go to select it under "All Programs", the disk drive isn't even showing up...  I'm not sure if that makes sense or not, but hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.  It just seems weird.  I know it's not a faulty DVD because I have played it several times before. :-/
Speak to you all soon,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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