Monday, 10 November 2008

A Blog From Gibraltar

Current mood:  happy

Just a quick blog to let everyone know we have arrived safely in Gibraltar (despite Mum screaming on the plane all the way about how we were going to crash and be killed!)
It's very nice at the hotel, although a little posh for my standards!  We have all the satellite channels on the TV, including Hallmark...and guess what?  Intelligence isn't currently showing.  Blast...I thought I might at least get to see one episode of the second season.
Anyways, there's a Scottish couple waiting impatiently to use the internet, so I guess I ought to dash off now.
A quick note to Caroline and Bonnie: Sorry I didn't get to write to either of you before I left.  We will be returning on Thursday evening though, so I shall write to you either then or on Friday.
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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