Thursday, 6 November 2008

Can't Really Think Of A Witty Title Tonight :(

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So I was finally going to get this blog up to date tonight.  I've been so depressed again lately. Everything is going wrong, and every time I think "I'll write a blog tomorrow when I feel better" things seem to get a bit worse.
So I'm only going to skim over the Piss Sickton palava today.  Basically, we met him last week, as I'm pretty sure I already mentioned, and ever since then things have been getting nasty.
David will not say a word against his dear little fwiendy-wiendy, Chris, and so Mum has been writing to him, trying to get our feelings across.  She's tried being polite, but he just ignores her.  We've been to the house to see a landscape gardener (chosen by Sickton - so I'll bet you can guess how useless she is! ) and a couple of times on our own, and not once have we seen any builders over there.
Actually, I lie.  One time, we saw a plumber and two suspicious men creeping around outside.  But they don't seem to have done anything in the house - presumably, they were just collecting supplies for another job.  Or the plumber was nicking some stuff for his suspicious friends.  Who knows?  David wouldn't knock on Sickton's door - "He might be out, and I can't disturb him without an appointment!".
So anyways, Mum has started being a little more forceful in her letters.  Sickton is still not bothering.  All in all, one radiator has been removed from a wall, and one boiler semi-installed this week.
He has now begun writing us loads of snail mail letters though, so I guess he wants it all in writing in case we take action.  The best bit is he keeps writing fake dates on the top of his letters.  In one envelope, he included two letters dated about a week apart!
He says that despite the fact they broke our fireplace, they won't pay to fix it if it costs as much as it is estimated it will, as their insurance won't cover it.  After all, we could get another SIMILAR model for less money.  WTH?  We looked at the site MONTHS ago, and they don't make retro fireplaces anything like our one, not to mention the main reason Mum wanted this one was because of the nostalgia and memories attached to it.
He also keeps lying to us about the fireplace.  One minute he tells David on the phone that he's sent a sample of the decorative molding at the top of the fireplace...the next minute the post arrives, telling us that he only sent a PHOTOGRAPH of the molding...makes more sense, considering what remains of the fireplace is still on the floor in the front bedroom being used as a table on the few occasions when the builders decide to go in to Woodberry for a coffee break.  There are two rotten chips on our fireplace now, and lots of greasy fast food soaking into the floorboards.
Now today, on top of all of that, we get another letter from him - this one dated THE 1ST OF OCTOBER!!!
He's basically trying to blame us for everything, and has given us a great long list of all the delays that "we've caused".
The main one is the door that he couldn't be bothered to get a price for when we asked him for one weeks ago.  Even though we've now agreed to a door, he hasn't ordered it (surprise, surprise - does that idiot ever do anything?) and yet we're the ones who've caused the delay.
Ooh, so how long until we move now?!
"The contractor has advised that should he be in receipt of all the outstanding information he can have the works complete.
1. Without the enlarged opening but with the amendments to the heating 10th December 2008
2. With the enlarged opening 5th January 2008
It should be noted that these dates do not include for the completion of the external works on the front and rear of the property, nor the laying of floor finishes.
Yours sincerely,
(Unreadable scrawl which apparently says Piss Sickton)"
I read it.  I read it again.  I screamed.
After I screamed, David came and whacked me round the face three times again and spat in my face that he wasn't moving anyway so I could just "shat ap and git on wiv it".  What does he think he's achieved by hitting me again?  I continued to scream about evil Sickton anyway.  I hate that man too much to "shat ap".  Sure, I have a nice cut in my left cheek and a gash in my lower lip now.  Make you happy, David?  When he next came in the room, I swore at him and pushed him over.  Mum now pities poor David, of course.  Mind you, she did stick up for me when he hit me...albeit by saying "You can't hit her round the face with her buck teeth - otherwise she bites her lip."  Thank you for reminding me about my teeth at this time, mother.   He's also scratched up my left hand again...pretty badly this time.  But I refuse to wear any kind of plasters or he'll get a good laugh at me.
Of course we're not moving in January.  That's another lie, isn't it?!  I doubt we'll move before next summer now.  Builders never work over Christmas and New Year...can you really see this lazy lot getting back in before March?
Now I have a sore throat from screaming so much, a stinging face where my tears have reached this cut, and an awful headache.  I can't even think straight now.
In other news, I still want to go shopping in Uxbridge but David never takes me anywhere, let alone to go shopping on my own.
I'm getting more and more sad about not having gone to the London Expo.  I know there's no point crying over spilt milk, but I've just been reading all about how Brad gave a talk, and sang a couple of songs for everyone.  I thought he was just going to be signing DVDs in the corner (which he was doing as well).  It seems he's a really nice guy, and gave everyone a few minutes to ask questions/made little recordings and was doing personalised doodles for them and whatnot. *Sighs*  I just would have liked to have met one of the old Pony Tales VAs even if Ace wasn't exactly my favourite character from the series.  Oh well, someday when I'm living in Vancouver, I'll meet him at one of the local anime conventions.  Yeah, right...  In my dreams, huh?
I'm totally broke as far as ponies are concerned, and yet I went and bought ANOTHER Ponyville pony in Tesco last night; Rollerskate Party Pinkie Pie.  They're reduced to £3.72, so that's my excuse.  But I'm still £164 in debt!  So no more ponies until I can pay it off.  Remind me of that next time I'm depressed and I see the cute little faces on the shop shelf, and can't resist, OK?!  This is the furthest in debt that I've been since the G3s came out, and there are so many I want!  Darn it, I neeeeeeeed Rainbow Dash's Dress Shop...  I think I may actually be tempted to sell some of my double ponies now.  I need the cash!  But only as a last resort, of course.  First the merchandise and 80s toys need to go - anyone want a MLP rucksack or a Keyper?  Please?!?!?!
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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