Saturday, 15 November 2008

Did you hear about the plane crash?

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The 18.15 flight from Gibraltar to Gatwick yesterday?
Nah, didn't think so.  It must have just been in Mum's head then...
Seriously we are now safely back in Grottsville, and nothing happened to the house while we were away.  Pretty remarkable because the drunkards in this road seem even more active than usual.
Anyways, I have SO much to tell you all about our trip.  But Mum's been catching up on her messages today, so I haven't had much chance online.  So the blogging will have to begin tomorrow.
The blasted new camera seems to have taken ridiculously big photos though, and this computer has decided it wants to play a snail in the next big Broadway show...and is permanently practising for the auditions these days.   So I'm not sure how well illustrated the review will be...  I guess only time will tell.
Well, that was a pretty pointless blog.  But at least you all know I'm still alive.  Speak to you all tomorrow, OK?  xxx

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