Sunday, 2 November 2008

Well, I'm Still Alive

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So I realised I hadn't written a blog for over a week, and the last blog mentioned my idiotic father saying he would kill me, so...  I'm sure you're all fascinated to know I'm still breathing.
This week has been another difficult one for me, so that's why I've been keeping away from Myspace.  I'd have been writing more miserable blogs if I'd logged in earlier.  Hopefully, I can keep the tone of this blog a little more cheerful, but I don't really have much happy material to work with.
Saturday October 25th 2008
David was still sulking, so Mum and I didn't leave the house.  There was another new MLP commercial on ITV - Ponyville Sweet Sundae Amusement Park.  Of course, I couldn't get a very good recording.  But I tried anyway.
My half of a trade with SparkyGemini finally arrived.  I got rid of five boxes of MLP merchandise I didn't want for $25 plus these beauties...

Images deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

She also very kindly included an extra pony, because it's taken her a while to send my package out...

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

I haven't seen any of the "Name on Leg" Core Seven Ponies here in England yet, so it's really nice to welcome this version of Starsong into my herd.  It seems that Starsong will be "my" Core Seven pony, if I can't afford them all...first with Caroline's beach accessory version and now the name on leg girl.
The only other thing I've noted in my offline diary is that I didn't go to the London Expo.  Tempted as I was to go and meet Brad Swaile and get his autograph, it seemed like an awful lot of money, and I knew it would be absolutely awful with Mum making fun of me.  She ALWAYS makes some kind of rude joke whenever we've just queued up for an front of them.  I remember her telling Mary Beth (author of Bean Bag World, when I collected Beanie Babies) that she "must feel like a princess, with all these silly fools queueing up to get her signature".  No way was I risking that again.   I'm sure they'll be another opportunity in the future...someday.
Sunday October 26th 2008
We went to Woodberry, according to my diary, although I can't remember for the life of me what we did there, then to Homebase, where we had a 25% off voucher just for that day...another reason we hadn't gone to Blackpool.
We had a huge argument about which light switch plates and electric sockets to buy...and ended up coming back with none.  We did get the doorknobs sorted out, at least.  Not before another long argument though, and a decision to have THREE DIFFERENT TYPES, one on each floor.  Oh dear.  I just hope it's not too noticeable!
That night we tried the Kit Kat McFlurry, which was delicious.  I feared the wafer would go nasty and soft in the ice cream (especially as Mum refused to go out, and wanted us to bring it back to this dump for her), but it didn't.  It's a bit cold for ice cream, but hey, I'm not complaining!
Monday October 27th 2008
Didn't leave the house again.  I'd had to give in and start talking to David again by this point, but he still refused to take us out.  He was ill with a cough, you know?  Mum got convinced he had a collapsed lung.  I reckon he had the aftermath of a cold.  He just kept sleeping on the landing, while Mum told me it was MY fault that he was ill.  Firstly for leaving the windows open in the communal bedroom (He'd got pneumonia on top of the collapsed lung!), and secondly...I must have written something terrible about him on my blog following him beating me round the head, and had "cursed him".
I recorded "Magic In The Water" (no, I'm not obsessed -  not at all! ) on Channel Four, but of course can hardly see the thing in quadruple vision.  I mean, I can make out people, but you can't see them in detail.  I just want to move house and get out of this dump.
Tuesday October 28th 2008
Went to Woodberry again, this time to see evil Sickton.  David sided with him over EVERYTHING, and made us two look like fools.
Just a few highlights...
The radiator in Mum's bedroom IS central to the wall, just not to the windows.  Um, but the windows are central to the wall themselves!  Mum pulled out a tape measure and showed Sickton that the radiator was thirteen inches further right than it should be, and he just shrugged her off.  David AGREED with him, even after seeing the measurement.
"Are you really sure you don't want lights in the garden?  They're nice for barbecues!"  We don't have barbecues, and lights cost more money.  Oh but "it's 'er who doesn't want them", David chipped in, nodding towards Mum.
Sickton had still not sent the tile from the fireplace to the restoration company.  He's in no hurry whatsoever, is he?  He'd "send it in the next few days".  What's wrong with us wanting to get on with this procedure?  David agreed. "It won't make much difference in the long term." He grinned.
And finally, Sickton wanted to show us a back door.  On the way out, he lets us know that we have to wait for cement to dry before they can put the path down...all right, obvious for most of you.  We just hadn't considered it, I guess.  But it's going to take a while.  "How long?" Mum asked three or four times, while Sickton kept walking.  In the end, the answer came back.  "David knows the answer to that one, don't you, David?  How long does cement take to cure?"  "Oh yes!"  David said enthusiastically.  "About two months, I suppose...maybe a bit more."   So if David knew all of this, why wasn't he pressing for the path before?!
The door was ridiculous.  Ugly as well as making the whole hall so dark that they had to have artificial light on all day.  No way.  David agreed to it, and Sickton said he'd order it despite both of us saying how much we disliked it.  After a nice long row with David, he agreed to go and cancel the order, thank goodness.  But why the idiot had to keep putting us both down, I do not know.
He needed the loo but we said we wanted to go he took us to Brent Cross, where he "likes the public lavatories".   I bought a really cute MLP sticker scene in John Lewis.  They had ponies too, but I couldn't afford any of them.
It started to snow, so I had to give in and start wearing my dirty dog fleece jacket again.  You know, the one David says everyone is "justified to laugh at me" when I wear it.  Great.  If we could just move house, maybe I could go coat-shopping.
It's late, so I'm going to go to bed now.  I'll get this blog up to date tomorrow, I promise.  Although it's pretty much more of the same.  Speak to you all soon!  xxx

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