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Yes?  Then I shall continue with the story where I left off last night!
November 19th 2008
Knowing that we would blow up if we had to talk to Emma Renton again, Mum and I refused to go and see her the next day.  So David went alone to collect the "garden design" that she had promised to draw up for us.  Amazingly, considering Renton is one of Sickton's friends, she had kept her promise.  In a useless kind of way, of course.  Um, was THIS really what we had paid her to design?!  Mum took one look at it and ripped it into pieces, stuffing them down the back of the sofa.  Fortunately, since it was such a tiny drawing anyway, we were able to recover the few pieces after Mum had calmed down a little, and I stuck them back together for this photo.  Baby Bridesmaid was not included in the design, and is only in the photo for size comparison!

Er...quite.  So I take it that's a path with flowerbeds either side?  But what the heck is that scribble at the bottom of the garden?!  Weird...
That night we went to Asda, and bought Allan's main Christmas gift - a large remote-controlled dumper truck.  Rather strange considering it wasn't even his birthday until November 25th!  We like to do things long in advance, you see.  Not that we usually succeed!
November 20th 2008
We went to Watford, and observed the first signs of Woolworths getting into trouble.  Practically everything was reduced, so we bought Abigale's main Christmas gift - a Disney Princess doll with horse - and some MLPs; Name on leg Pinkie Pie, Eyeshadow Scootaloo and the Fashion Fun Rainbow Dash Playset.  All at half price, I think.  Even so, I couldn't afford them, so they got saved for my Christmas gifts...
We went in Lush and bought Emma's Christmas presents too.  I got myself my first Lush bath bomb (or bath ballistic, as they call them) too - Youki-Hi.  It smells of jasmine, which is one of my favourite scents along with rose.  For those who have never heard of Lush (as I know a few of you hadn't until I started going on about it!), they're products are all handmade with natural ingredients and, most importantly, they don't agree with testing on animals.  This is a link to the page for Youki-Hi, so you can see the product in question, and maybe browse through the site. Lush Website There are stores worldwide, by the way.  The stuff is expensive, but smells delicious!  Now I just want to move house so that I can use my Youki-Hi and enjoy a luxurious celebratory bath!
That night we went to Mum's family history meeting, where she pleased the chairman by asking him for a copy of the poem he had recited a couple of months ago.  Apparently he writes poetry in his spare time, and has had a book of his poems published, which he tried to sell to us.  While Mum tried to escape, I felt like just disappearing into a hole in the ground...  Why does she always get us into such awkward situations anyway?
November 21st 2008
Not much to note for that day, according to my offline diary.  Oh, apart from the fact that Mum gave me the free gift she'd received with her purchase at Lush - a Chocolate Santa bath ballistic (as shown here).  THEN she went and told Emma that I had TAKEN IT FOR MYSELF!!!  What the heck?  So Emma got all upset that I'd stolen the free gift that had come with the purchase we had made for HER.  And in actual fact, the Chocolate Santa is about the only Lush product I hate - it smells like dead flowers or something.  Emma is welcome to it, as far as I'm concerned!  Oh, but since then she's been to Lush herself, and says she hates the smell of it as well.  So now I'm stuck with it knocking around the house.  No way am I using that one, even if we had a bath that wasn't filled with junk.  I don't want to stink of dead flowers, thank you very much!
November 22nd 2008
We went to the Chelsea Animal Fayre (basically, a bazaar where all the different animal charities have a table selling various stuff to raise money - you might remember me mentioning it last year?)  Mum bought me a pretty little second hand heart necklace for £1 - once again, modelled by Caroline's Pinkie Pie.  PP likes modelling necklaces, you know?!

We got a few little bits for other people for Christmas (including some old discontinued Lush stuff, by coincidence!) and a couple of home-made cakes for ourselves.  Then we went to pick up Allan and took him to Ealing Broadway library for Doctor Who day.
Sadly, I don't have any photos on this computer at the moment, but there was a real Dalek (as used in the latest TV series) there.  Allan was scared to death when he first saw it, but finally got the courage to go up to it when another kid told him "It's all right - there's a man inside!"  He then started chanting "Na, na, na, na, na!  Come and get me, Dalek!" as 7-year-olds do, only to have the thing spin around towards us!  Much to our surprise, it actually moved across it's boundary and chased us halfway across the library!   After Allan got over this shock, he queued up and spoke to it.  The look on his face when it turned to him and said, "Hello again, Allan!  I think you would make a good Dalek!" was priceless.
After Allan had coloured in a Dalek, and won a funny little finger puppet alien, we walked around the shops for a while.  We had a bit of trouble with Allan when he decided he wanted some toy handcuffs. (Well, I say they were toys - they had age 6+ on them, but also a lot of warnings about how they had real locks on them and we feared lost keys etc.!)  We thought Emma wouldn't approve, so Allan sulked and stamped his foot until we gave in and got them anyway.  And when we got back to her house, she wasn't cross with us anyway.  Oh well...
I must get to bed now.  Still, at least I'm four days closer to catching up with this blog!  If I keep on like this, I might get up to date by Christmas 2009.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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