Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The End Of November

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No, you didn't read that incorrectly, nor did I make a typing error.  Here we are, at the end of December...and I've only just got to blogging about what happened a month ago!
November 27th 2008
We returned to Ealing Broadway Dollond and Aitchinson, and this time Mum actually remembered her glasses.  She told them (again) that she couldn't cope with varifocals, and wanted a simple pair of reading glasses.  They complained, of course, and didn't want to replace them, and especially not when she said she wanted different, smaller, frames.  We pointed out that reading glasses are worth LESS than varifocals, and they weren't giving us a refund...so reluctantly they offered us a FREE pair of frames.  Very nice, huh?  Except when you realise they're taking the other, more expensive frames back in exchange.  Yeah, their definition of "free" isn't exactly mine.   Then we went to Greenford Woolworths for a 20% off toys offer, where I picked out a couple of Sweetie Belles as my "surprise" Christmas gifts! 
In the evening, I started trying to re-assemble my Excel MLP list, but as I mentioned yesterday, I can't remember a lot of the information that was on the original document now.  And it's not like there's anyone else that I can ask.  For instance, does anybody know where my Crystal Lake with a hoof ID mark of 2006A came from?  Or on which date I got Dazzle Surprise from Arena member Mykidsfault?  I thought not.
November 28th 2008
Following an e-mail from Emma the night before, we had to go and collect Allan from school.  Basically, Abigale had to go for an emergency procedure to have quite a few teeth removed due to some pretty bad dental abcesses, and Emma was worried she wouldn't be back in time to collect him.  As it happened, she was, but all the kids had been told we would be going over there so we went anyway, so as to not break our promise.  Abigale didn't seem to feel too bad anyway, and was happily playing with a loud car racing track that Allan had got for his birthday (much to Allan's annoyance!)
Emma had, um...*Coughs*  Let's just say that two ponies from a hospital toy box had come home in her bag.  Emma tells me they were headed my way, but Abigale had said she wanted them herself.  My niece actually told me I could take one of them, but I told her she could keep them both.  So Abigale now has her first proper MLPs, Blossom Forth and Starcatcher.
November 29th 2008
One of those boring days, where I didn't even leave the house.  Despite being broke, David took off to the internet cafe for FOUR HOURS to order yet more Mills & Boon books from e-Bay.   I spent a long time trying to sort through my old toys, and cleaning the better condition stuff for Emma's kids.  I hate throwing my old stuff out so I'd rather take it over there, and not see it going in the bin!
While David was at the internet cafe, I tried to make a Christmas recording for the Myspace music account I wanted to create.  When I came downstairs after finishing recording, I was shivering with an awful sore throat.  Mum said I shouldn't have gone upstairs to sing, as I obviously didn't know what I was doing and had made myself ill.  As the night progressed, and I got colder and colder, I realised I was coming down with an awful cold of some kind.
By the morning of...
November 30th 2008
...I was feeling really ill.  I had a terribly sore throat, kept coughing and my head was throbbing so much that I could hardly concentrate.  We'd promised to go and see Emma and the kids again though, so I struggled out (I'm sure my efforts weren't appreciated though, as they all came down with the illness soon after!)  I had run out of space in my offline diary for November, so I don't seem to have written much about that day.
I know my temperature kept going up and down like a yo-yo, and Mum was moaning so much that Emma took my temperature in the end...proving I wasn't actually all that hot anyway!  Then she took Mum's temperature, and HERS was higher than it should have been too...so then she started moaning that SHE must be getting sick.  And that's the reason why I would never have a thermometer in the house by choice. 
So that's about all for November.  Maybe tomorrow, on the very last day of the month, I can finally start writing about this month before it becomes last month, and indeed last year.  Have I confused you yet?  Phew, thank goodness for that!  I thought it was just me!
See you all tomorrow!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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