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Four more boring days of my life...

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I'll catch up eventually, right?
November 23rd 2008
According to my offline diary, there's not much to note at all.  So this is an easy day to blog about!
I didn't leave the house, and seem to have spent most of the day messing about on the internet.  Apparently, I worked on my forum (Yes, my forum IS still around, I just haven't done much with it lately - here's a link for those who don't remember!), adding more of the script for "The Glass Princess" and some more G1 backcard stories.
I moved a ton of "Sold/traded" photos out of my Arena sales gallery too, hoping to make way for some of the new sales photos I'd taken with that awful pink camera.  But I figured out I would actually only get FIVE PHOTOS of this size in an Arena gallery!  How crazy is that?!
November 24th 2008
Another boring day.  David went for yet another job interview (sadly, nothing came of this one either), leaving Mum and I housebound again.  I made some recordings while he was out, but they were so awful that I've deleted them all now.  The only other thing that seems to have happened is that I finished writing my Gibraltar blog...but was unable to publish it due to the huge photos that I was still waiting to upload to my Photobucket account.
I know there was a huge argument that evening, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was all about.  I think I screamed at David when he turned the TV up loud right next to my ear, while I was trying to compose a letter to somebody.  It must have been a "If you want the TV volume turned up as high as it goes, why don't you provide me with a simple bedroom so that I can write letters in peace?" kind of thing.  I'm sure you get the picture.  Mum had been asleep on the sofa, but was disturbed by the commotion.  I know the huge row resulted in her not coming to the communal bed, and vowing that she would never sleep there again.
November 25th 2008
After two days stuck indoors, we enjoyed a fascinating trip to Dollond and Aitchinson in Ealing Broadway.  Mum's latest pair of glasses weren't working properly, so we were going to complain.  I had no coat apart from my 3-year-old fleece jacket I keep seeing every little old lady in the street wearing (hence, I refuse to wear it!), and the weather had turned nasty, so I FROZE walking to the optician in just a t-shirt and hoodie.  And when we get to the optician, what do we find?
"OH NO, OH NO, OH NO!!!" Mum shouts in the middle of the street, in a ridiculously exaggerated tone.  "I've forgotten my glasses!"  Well, it was pretty much impossible to complain about a pair of glasses that had been left in Grottsville...kind of handy since she was "didn't want to have to make a fuss and complain again".  In fact, she kept on and on saying "Wasn't it funny how I forgot my glasses?  It must be because I can't see..." all the way home, and stifling a giggle.  So I'm afraid I can't help but wonder if it was a little more than memory loss that caused her mistake...
It was too late to go back again once we got back to Grottsville, as Mum would "get stomach ache if she didn't have her dinner right now".  Remind me again why I have such a strange family?
David was once again refusing to discuss anything relating to the house move, hence delaying things further.  Rather surprising, considering the sight that had met our eyes when I opened the curtains that morning.
(Yes, that mess is our front garden - no wonder the rats had been having such a ball out there the week before) you see what I see?  Four pillows?!?!?!
When I first saw them from upstairs, I wondered if Mum had thrown them out there in her bad temper the night before (like a big "I won't be needing these now I'm not sleeping in a proper bed" show), but no.  One of the local thugs must have dumped them there.  I wondered if maybe a homeless person might have seen our scruffy house and thought it was a perfect place to set up camp, but nobody has ever returned (to the best of my knowledge, at least!) since David placed them in the bin that afternoon...  Grottsville is crazy, and what you see above is photographic proof.
November 26th 2008
This is the fourth and final boring day to be detailed in this blog, you'll be pleased to hear!  The furthest I got was the local Tesco supermarket.
David drove Mum to the doctor to pick up a repeat prescription.  I desperately tried to teach myself to sing "The Wizard and I" from Wicked while they were out of the way.  But of course I didn't have enough time.  I'm listening to the recording right now though, and the first half of it doesn't sound all that bad...  Now if only I could get some more time to myself, I reckon this is one song I *might* be able to sing half decently.  Does anyone know of a decent karaoke version anywhere online?  Please?
That night I tried to add some information to my MLP list, only to find that the Excel sheet wouldn't open.  I'd deleted my back-up copy from this computer only a week before when the computer appeared to be packing up and I had cleared just about everything off of the hard drive.  So it seems I've lost all my hard work.  It's going to be near impossible to get all my ponies out of their boxes again before we move house. And there's no way to recover a lot of the information like where and when I got each pony anyway, simply because I don't remember as much as I did a year or two ago when I started making that list.  Why couldn't it have happened while I still had a back-up copy?  I'm still so mad about all of that lost information.
Anyways, I shall leave you all in peace now, because it's getting late and that's my daily catch-up quota typed up.
Oh, before I forget, I know this doesn't date from the days covered by this blog, but for those of you in the UK who are interested, the episode of "Psych" that Shane Meier guest-starred in, "If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?" is supposed to be on Hallmark on New Year's Eve at 9am, and repeated at 11am.  I just happened to notice that now that we have digital TV at last, and thought I should mention it for the benefit of certain blog readers...
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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