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"Oh Rats, they're back!" and other stories from the past few weeks

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Well, Christmas was a lot better than I had expected.  None of us had cards for each other, I had no gifts for my parents, Mum refused to open the things David had wrapped up for her, and also missed out on the gravy due to David's greediness, but apart from that things went well.  I even got a few ponies, which I wasn't expecting at all.  Then yesterday we went to see Emma, Nick and the kids, so that was really our "Christmas party"/family time/whatever you like to call it, and they also gave me some lovely gifts...but this blog isn't the one about Christmas, so they'll be plenty of time to talk about the last couple of days in the future.  Right now, I must work on catching up with what's happened since way back in mid-November.
November 15th 2008
While I was getting my breakfast, I looked out of the back door and saw several large rats running around the patio again.  Knowing how intelligent those pesky rodents can be, we reckon they probably figured out the house was empty while we were in Gibraltar, and thought they could move in!  They really seem to have been on the verge of doing so, and got the shock of their lives when they saw me watching them from the kitchen.  One ran away down our side alley, and the others were very close behind.
Having been to Gibraltar for a few days, the laundry was heavier than usual, plus David had a backache, so I had to help him carry it to the launderette.  Walking down the path, I suddenly saw something leap out of a pile of leaves towards me...
I screamed loudly as the rat ran right at me, and over my foot to shelter underneath the car.  David dropped his handle of the laundry bag, and I was left dragging it behind me...right through the pile of leaves where all these rats were crazily running around my feet.  I ran right down to the side road we have to cross to get to the launderette (which is some way down our road, by the way), before I stopped.  I turned around and saw David still creeping along like a snail, with an angry look on his face.  "What the H*ll is wrong with ya now?" he asked, obviously embarrassed by my screaming act.  "Didn't you even see the bl**dy rats?" I yelled at him in anger.  "RATS?  WHERE?  WHERE?" David whined, kind of hopping about from one foot to the other.
Fortunately, we didn't see any more of our long-tailed four-legged friends that day.  I must say I really didn't enjoy the walk down the road to collect the laundry though!
November 16th 2008
Mum saw another rat in the front garden, running along our wall.  David still didn't put any kind of poison down though, or call pest control.  In fact, he hasn't even done so now.
We went to Hounslow, where I saw the new "Snacks" and "On Stage" Ponyville sets in Woolworths but couldn't afford them, of course.  I'm still in "pony debt" following the Ponycon.  We went to Asda on the way back and bought some frozen Cheesy Pancakes for dinner on the way back, which is a treat for us, since we don't have a freezer.  Actually, I lie there.  We DO have a freezer now, don't we?  But it's at Woodberry, being bashed to pieces by those rotten builders.  So we can't use it, despite the fact we were supposed to move back at the end of September.
According to my offline diary, I also photographed my Year Nine ponies on November 16th - still using the awful pink camera, I believe.  It took me AGES to upload them to my Facebook albums, and I still have to upload them to Myspace and Photobucket.  Stupid big pictures.  It really doesn't seem like there's any way to re-size them either.
November 17th 2008
Didn't leave the house.  Drusilla's parcel arrived though!  Not sure if I mentioned it on here before, but Drusilla contacted me a few months back, interested in some of my duplicate merchandise, and we set up a trade.  So I got a load of old MLP merchandise out of the house, and got some really nice stuff for my collection in return.  The things I got were also smaller, more valuable items which took up a lot less space than the stuff I sent out, which is good considering I'm trying to clear up the house!
I didn't take photos of the stuff, and it's all been packed in different rooms now, but included in the parcel were three ponies (Pretty Puff - perfect condition, except she was missing her cape...but I found her cape at a car boot sale YEARS ago, so now they're reunited, Baby Sundance - my old one was missing an eye, but this girl is beautiful, and Lofty - in very baity condition!  Well, she's a favourite of mine, and Drusilla threw her in so that she could join my Lofty army!), a G1 frametray puzzle, three G2 jigsaws, a G2 car air freshener, two G3 Lite Brite re-fill packs, a bag of accessories, and a GORGEOUS bright white Glory plushie!
Actually, I do have a photo of Glory on this computer...but it was taken before I cleaned her up.  Well, she didn't need "cleaning" as such.  Just a good hair brush and her eyes had to be partially re-painted, but that's normal for G1 plushies.  She herself is a much brighter white than this photo shows - her fur is all fluffy and like new too.  I think she's probably been washed at some stage during her life, but you'd never know it.  I only wish I could clean plushies so well without damaging them!

I'll have to take another photo of her sometime.  She's really gorgeous now.
David went for a job interview, so I spent the time singing upstairs in the communal bedroom.  Sadly, David didn't get the job, nor any job since.  I will continue with that story once I get up to the present day though.
I sold three duplicate G1 MLP books for £4.80, which paid off a little of my Pony Debt...still a lot to go though.  Anyone want to buy something from my sales album?  Oops, I haven't posted the revised version yet, have I?  Er, look out for the new sales album coming sometime in the near future!  The only problem is that half of my sales stuff has gone into the storage depot before Christmas, so I need to get David to bring it back before I can photograph it!  Agh, I'm getting all addled again now!
November 18th 2008
Ah, the latest date that David had estimated we would move house.  We didn't, of course.  Instead, we had to visit the house in its unfinished state to see the evil Chris Sickton and his recommended landscape gardener (aka his friend), "Mad Emma" (he can't be much of a friend, if he calls her that behind her back, can he?!) or Emma Renton.  I'm sorry to say she's as useless as Sickton.  She asked us what we wanted, and when Mum said she wanted a wildlife garden to attract birds, Renton answered, "What do you want birds for?  You do realise that they poo everywhere?!"  WTH?  She started telling us what patio SHE wanted in OUR garden, showed us that it was the best type of paving stone by splashing water all over it (I'm not quite sure what she thought she was proving, but I know she splashed my feet more than the paving stone! ), then began instructing us on what kind of fence WE want.  Mum told her she wanted chainlink along the bottom like Uncle Ron had, so that she could still see the trains, and Emma Renton looked at her like she was mad, and asked her what a chainlink fence was.  Um, you're standing looking at Ron's old one...  "Why do you want to see the trains.  You're not a little girl anymore!"  By this point I felt like telling the witch to mind her own business, but I bit my tongue.  Mum pointed out that she likes the birds that fly up from the trees alongside the railway, but we all know what Renton thinks of birds.  "Well, if that's really what you want, I suppose I'll have to find out about chainlink fencing."  How can someone who has supposedly been designing gardens for over a decade have never heard of such a common kind of fencing?!
Maybe we're just being pernickety (Sickton would certainly say so!) but we like green gardens filled with flowers.  I like seeing red admirals flittering about the buddleia, and watching blue tits drinking from the bird bath.  It seems Emma Renton doesn't like these things.  She just likes paving, paving and more paving!  This is her website for those who are interested: Emma Renton's Website  Look at the gallery - is that sad or what?  It just seems that most of those gardens are either made totally of wood and stone, or consist of nothing but flowerbeds filled with weeds.
While we were at Woodberry, I noticed that Sickton had actually done something - he'd moved the radiator in the extension!  We'd told him we wanted to sit by the patio doors, meaning the radiator had to move up a little so that our sofa would fit between it and the doors.  One teensy problem; he'd moved it TOWARDS the door rather than away from it.  I almost screamed.  I reckon he's messing the house up on purpose now, but have no idea why.
That evening, I photographed all of my sales stuff again...on the pink camera.  Then discovered that I couldn't upload any of the photos, of course.  So I ended up taking them all over again, using the old broken camera.  *Sigh*  Why does life have to be so difficult?!
It's almost 1am now, so I'm going to have to go to bed.  I will continue with this blog tomorrow...I'm sure something of more interest to all of you has happened between then and now.  Or maybe not.  Perhaps I'm just lying to get you to continue reading my blogs.  Who knows?  Either way, I've made you curious now, haven't I?  Ha!  See you back here tomorrow, eh?
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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