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Worst Christmas Eve Ever

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We've had an argument regarding the house, David and I aren't talking to each other, I have NOTHING - not even a card - to give Mum (or David for that matter, but I don't care about him), we have no apple juice or bread in the house, because of David's sulking, and my parents are STILL arguing...Mum occasionally ranting about how she can't be bothered with Christmas, HATES the decorations, and she's glad she doesn't have so much as a card to give me because I "haven't bothered" to get her anything.  Doesn't she understand I WOULD have "bothered" if only we were moved and I could get out alone to buy her something.  Mind you, she says she doesn't want anything anyway - chocolate gives her toothache, and anything inedible is cluttering the place up further.  Now David is going to the internet cafe to buy himself more Mills & Boon books.  AGH!  On top of that, my sister just wrote to my mum and told her that my brother-in-law's best friend was killed in a traffic accident this morning, so I'm not sure if I should be writing something to him or if that would only make the situation worse.  Plus I'm really concerned about a dear internet aquaintance of mine, who appears to be seriously depressed and has quite possibly turned to alcohol and/or drugs on a dangerous level.  But it's not my place to interfere in the lives of people I hardly know and have never even met, is it?  Yeah, so it's been a great day all round really.
Well, I know that nobody will be reading my blog at this time of the year, but I'm going to write about some of the things that have happened since Gibraltar anyway, just because it will give me something to do and hopefully calm my nerves a little.
November 14th 2008
Having arrived back from Gibraltar the night before, we decided to go to Woodberry and see what destruction had taken place while we were away.  Unsurprisingly, not much had happened at all, although that also meant no more damage had been done, which I guess is one upside.  They had fitted the kitchen countertops, which Mum immediately decided she hated, and wanted replaced.  In fact, she started screaming about how Picton had made her pick it out in a rush (because we were "moving soon"), and how unnecessary that had been.  All very true, I must agree...although I don't hate the countertop as much as Mum.  I don't particularly like it either though, so I can see why she's upset when Picton WASN'T  in any hurry to get the house ready for us to move in anyway.
The cheap camera we bought for Gibraltar is USELESS, and takes such enormous photos that they each take about half an hour to upload to the internet on dial-up, which I hadn't discovered at this point, so this photo was taken quite a bit later, but the countertop is the same, so you can see the contrast with the light coloured cupboards anyway.

After Mum had finished screaming, we drove to Uxbridge, where my parents finally gave me an hour to do some shopping on my own.  Well, it was bound to happen, since I'd wanted to go before Gibraltar.  David usually does the things he promises to do, he just takes too long about it!
I told my parents I'd meet them back by the bench near the stairs to the car park between 4.45pm-5.00pm (about an hour later) and set on my way.
I got the vast majority of the things I'd been after, but got phased by the lack of time and was unable to get a good moisturiser.  Also, Claire's Accessories have stopped making my favourite mascara, so I had to buy a different one.  And they can call it waterproof all they like, it's been running everywhere ever since.  Well, except when you want to get it off.  Even though I bought proper make-up remover wipes this time, rather than struggling with hot water like before, it just will not come off!  And it cost more.  Ugh, can anyone recommend me a good mascara for next time I get a shopping trip?!
I dashed into Accessorize and bought myself a sweet little necklace.  It's not as nice as yours, Sarah, but I'm glad you told me to look in Accesorize anyway.  As (rather badly!) modelled by Pinkie Pie...

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

Then finally to HMV, where I managed to snag a Wicked CD at half price!  Well, actually I almost ended up paying more than it should have been in the first place.  The stupid girl behind the counter had only just started working there, and was so busy telling everyone her life story that she didn't notice I gave her a £20 note.  So I had to have a huge argument (something I hate) to get my extra £10 change.
Obviously, this delayed me a little, and I had to go on a ridiculous dash back to the bench where I was supposed to be meeting my parents.  It was 4.50pm by the time I got back - a whole five minutes into my fifteen minute slot!  So what do I find?  Mum is pacing up and down looking very pale, and David is nowhere to be seen.  "Oh, thank God you're back!" she cries, grinning as I approach.  "There are police everywhere - I went to the loo, and it seems like there was some kind of drug dealing going on over there.  Why are you so late back anyway?  David's gone to look for you!"
Er, late?!  I still had ten minutes until the end of my time slot.  We had to wait a long time for David to return, and he looked equally worried - it seems Mum had been winding him up about how he should have got me a mobile phone so that they could have kept in touch with me or something.  Hence, it would have been his fault if I'd been murdered...well, whatever.  We just had time to dash to Woolworths (where I couldn't afford any of the lovely new ponies I saw), before returning to Grottsville.
Heh, I got a long way with that blog, didn't I?!  I will continue with this as soon as I get another chance.  Most likely tomorrow, even if it is Christmas day.  I'm really not looking forward to Christmas without Splodge.  This will be my first Christmas EVER without any pets, and a huge part of my Christmas is spoiling them rotten.  I have nobody to play "Father Pawmas" for tonight.
Have a Merry Christmas, everybody!
*Massive hugs*
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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