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Well, you'd better not sit down to read this blog then, as it only covers another four boring days of my recent life.
January 17th 2009
David's bad back prevented us leaving the house once again.  According to my offline diary, nothing happened whatsoever, and I spent another boring day cataloguing ponies and trying to clear the house, getting more and more depressed that we haven't moved house.
I was watching our regular wood pigeon eating an old bread roll someone had dumped in our front garden...when suddenly his friend appeared.  A ratty friend, that is.  The rat had either taken some poison or was very elderly, as it kind of moved slowly over to the bread roll.  Then it mustered all its strength and RAN at the pigeon to scare it off, before crawling into the bag that the bread roll had been packed in.  It was crawling around so slowly that I really thought it was going to die in the bag, but then it moved, clambered up on a wall, took a sip out of a coke can that someone else had dumped in our garden...then once again RAN towards the window, even frightening me (I actually wonder if it had seen me and wanted to scare me off of its territory like the wood pigeon?!)...then it crawled into the corner of our garden - and disappeared.
Now the only place I can imagine it went was THROUGH THE FRONT WALL.  Meaning there are probably rats crawling around just the other side of the lounge wall behind me, between our house and next door.  And that just makes me shiver.  How long until they actually come IN the house, if they're not here already?  We have to move house!  And I don't understand why I'm the only one who really seems to be in a rush to do so.
January 18th 2009
David was finally able to struggle out, so where did we go?  Hoover Tesco.  Exciting, eh?  ALL of the ponies that had been there before had sold apart from one Name on Leg Rainbow Dash.  Yep, my dear little Scootaloo had been sold.  Oh well...  At least it proves that MLPs are still selling well (at least in our area), whatever Hasbro may think.
Then to Woodberry to discuss colours, but we didn't get anywhere because while David had been on the floor with his bad back, Emma Renton's gardening team had assembled the back fence...and put it the wrong way round!

This means that there are two ugly metal strips showing down the central fencepost (as you can clearly see in the photo) AND the chainlink fence is resting on top of the wall at the base, rather than being attached behind the wall (meaning it would be far easier for burglars to get in).
So Mum threw a fit and nothing got done again...
January 19th 2009
Back to Woodberry but Mum got in another bad mood about the ruined garden.  I must admit that the garden IS a mess now that Sickton and Renton have seen that all the top soil be removed, leaving just puddle-covered clay.  And now we don't have any money to fix the garden, that's how it shall stay.  At least if they had left the soil we might have been able to do something.  Now we can't even walk out there, due to all the massive puddles everywhere.
There were no builders at Woodberry whatsoever, despite Sickton saying there were five days work to do at the house, and the work would be done by Friday (This was Monday).  You do the maths.
Then to Ealing Broadway to pick up an Argos catalogue.  My favourite bed is still for sale, thank goodness, and they've started making adult furniture to go with it, which proves the point that it isn't specifically a kids' bed, as my irritating father thought.  Ha, told you so!
Also, because it's no longer being sold as a kids' bed, they're selling it without all the silly pink or blue drawers.

I like the idea of having space beneath to store some of my junk, but I think folding duvets neatly isn't going to be so easy as that picture makes it look.
I see there are only three MLP items in this catalogues - two Ponyville Playsets, and some new So Soft Newborns.  I'm a bit disappointed, but then I guess Hasbro has more or less killed the actual pony range.
Later, we rang Picton to ask why there were still no builders working at Woodberry.  The answer?  "Oh, they're waiting for a kitchen on another job."  What, ALL of them?  Considering NOBODY was around when our kitchen was delivered, and our kitchen STILL hasn't been fully installed?  "Don't worry - they'll be back at work tomorrow."  David was his typical whimpy self on the phone, of course, but Mum and I were fuming when we were told about all of this.
So did they come back to work the next day?
January 20th 2009
We returned to Woodberry, and were greeted by Benny, our Italian carpenter.  He was the ONLY worker in the house.  Our new front door had arrived, and it looks lovely.  At least it will do once it's been rubbed down and painted.  Any ideas for front door colours, since we now know the hall is going to be painted in two-tone pink as my brother-in-law suggested?
Mum got a stomach ache (I think it was brought on by all the stress caused by our lazy architect etc.) so we had to leave pretty quickly.
That night we went to a talk by Save Ealing's Centre at Ealing Town Hall, but it seems we are fighting a losing battle, and most of the awful plans will go through, despite endless letters of complaint to the mayor and the fact we have been supported by English Heritage and other heritage organisations.  I'm sick of it all, I truly am.  By the time I get to live in Ealing, they'll be nothing left of it.  It's just going to look like any other high-rise, overcrowded, miserable part of London.
Oh well, that's my jolly blog for the day.  Feeling less bored now?  Sorry, I did warn you that this blog wasn't going to be of much use for easing your boredom symptoms, didn't I?!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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