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Carousel, Aches of all kinds, and a new pony!

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I've just been through another boring day stuck indoors, so I may as well do a bit more catching up with this blog...
January 13th 2009
Pretty much like today, I didn't leave the house.  So much for my new year's resolution to leave the house every day.  That was my third day stuck indoors.
In the morning, David had been to see Emma Renton (Mad Emma, the landscape gardener), and had agreed to all kinds of things that Mum and I didn't want.  How typical.   He didn't want to, but we convinced him to ring Sickton too...he still refused to ask for a timescale though.  And Sickton started asking what kind of FLOORING we were having of all things!  What's that got to do with him?  WE have to sort out the flooring AFTER he's completed the building work and LEFT. >.<
I had a dreadful headache (which I still have right now actually) I'm sick of all these constant headaches, toothaches, stomach aches and various other aches and pains...I'm sure they're caused by stress, so I just wish we could move house and I could get my life on track. 
January 14th 2009
David spent the day at a "Christmas Party" with his ex-colleagues from an old job.  Yes, I know it's a stupid time to have a Christmas Party, but they think it's a good idea, as people will be less busy by mid-January.  No doubt he bought them all drinks too, while we're so broke that we're surviving on bread and butter and half a tin of tomato soup every day.  After all, we "shouldn't let anybody know about our problems, and must act as normal in public".
In the evening, we went to the Savoy Theatre to see "Carousel".  Now I know what you're all going to say as regards our lack of money vs. buying theatre tickets, but these were bought via a special offer a long while before we knew quite how broke we were going to end up.
It was absolutely BRILLIANT - even Mum says she enjoyed it, which is compliment indeed.   In fact, the only performer who wasn't all that good was Lesley Garrett, a singer both Mum and I adore, and one of the main reasons I wanted to see the show.  However, I don't think she's particularly good at singing that kind of music.
David bought a programme which highly annoyed Mum and I (He's still living like we're rich or something!)...and especially since he bought the more expensive programme which is a con anyway, because it's filled with pretty pictures, and has nothing about the actual cast, crew or show.  In the intermission, David got up and actually had the nerve to ask if he could change the book for the cheaper one, but didn't get anywhere, of course!
I recorded the whole thing on my digital camera again.  (Shh! Don't tell on me!)  It's a lot clearer than my previous recordings - my new coat is much better for hiding the flashing "record" light in my pocket than that old fleece jacket - although still nowhere near perfect, of course.  Anyways, if anyone wants something from the show, request away and I'll send you a WAV or MP3 file.
The show was a temporary escape from reality, but Chris Sickton was ignoring our e-mail again, so I was stressed out and it wasn't long before my head went back to Woodberry...
January 15th 2009
I came downstairs to find Mum sitting in the dark, curtains still closed (she can't open them herself), and David lying flat on his back on the floor.  "Oh God, what now?!" I asked.  It soon transpired that my father had hurt his back whilst trying to go to bed (aka the sofa).  Mum has told a rather funny story to everyone she knows that "David hurt his back lifting a packing crate out of the way, so that she could hoover beneath it".  Now most of you already know this place hasn't seen a vacuum cleaner (well, apart from that half hearted cleaning job David did just before Christmas last year) since December 2000.  Not to mention I'm the only one who has been attempting to do any kind of clearing up or packing for the move, and I have next to no boxes.  THEIR stuff is still loose all over the floor that I desperately tried to clear before Christmas.  So what was the real story?  Read on.
Kind of hard to describe, but you know how David sleeps sitting upright on the one and only clear seat on the sofa, between piles of Mum's junk?  Well, her magazines/catalogues, have spread to the floor now too, and there was a pile of them about a foot in front of the sofa.  So David stepped into the space, and tried to twist to propel himself onto the sofa (this is our nightly routine, you understand!), but this time he twisted his back.  So now he could hardly move.
And what has become of the heap of catalogues, you ask?  Did they get sorted through, or cleared up?  No, of course not!  Well, I can't really say that.  "Mum's Space" has been cleared up...and they have been moved out into "my space" on the floor, giving me even less room to move while I sit here with the computer all day getting worse and worse backache and eye strain.  They're literally two feet in front of me now.  And if you don't believe me, I can take a photo to prove it.  Believe me now?  Good.  I don't think you really wanted to see our messy floor!
Anyways, with David unable to move, due to a combination of us not having moved house, and Mum's junk being in the way, I was unable to get out of the house AGAIN!  So I spent the day washing/cataloguing/photographing ponies, and trying to track down more stuff to sell.  I had to make over £30 before I could spend any more on ponies whatsoever.  Mind you, I'm starting to wonder why I collect these things.  Upon picking up my Tangerine Twinkle for her washing/cataloguing/photographing session, I discovered some kind of fungus had formed in her hooves.  She and Dance Slippers were standing on top of an old till receipt (don't ask why we still had it, we just did!  This is our house in Grottsville, remember?).  The tille receipt had turned a weird black colour on one side, and whatever it was seemed to have spread into the ponies' feet.  Dance Slippers was wearing her ballet slippers, so she's okay, but her slippers have yellowed badly.   And again, that's all because we aren't moved, because we should have moved back when I BOUGHT those ponies (back in 2007), or at least soon after, and then they would have been on shelves, instead of a rotten till receipt.  I'm so upset right now, as Tangerine Twinkle was one of my favourite G3s, and I reckon she's just going to rot away now.  The fungus is growing INSIDE the plastic, so there's no way I could clean it off with the best cleaners in the world.  I'm almost tempted to amputate her back hooves just to save her.  (Joking!  You all know I wouldn't do that!)  Poor girl - does anyone have any sensible suggestions for saving her?
January 16th 2009
Despite his bad back, David struggled to drive us to Hoover Tesco to buy some necessary shopping.  He stayed in the car, of course.  And that's when we discovered just how blind (and deaf!) Mum is now.
First off, I practically had to drag her around the entire shop, because she couldn't see where she was going.  And then when we got to the checkout, the bloke asked her if she had a clubcard (Actually, he was obviously confused too, as what he said was, "Do you have a NECTAR card, Madam?" A SAINSBURY'S clubcard, that is, not the TESCO one! )  Anyways, Mum's answer?  "More money?  Here!"  And there she was desperately trying to hand him another £5 note.  He just stood there and stared at her, and I just looked on in shock and horror for what seemed like an eternity.  Then I pushed her money back and whispered at her, "He's asking for a CLUBCARD, not MONEY!"  "Oh, a clubcard!  No, sorry, I don't have one of those!" She said, putting the cash back in her purse.  Finally, the correct answer!  Phew!  Obviously as embarrassed as both of us, the cashier said to me as I left, "That's a really nice coat you're wearing..." Looking for something nice to say, I guess.  But I'm not good at talking to men (or anyone, but especially men) at the best of times; a combination of hating my teeth, and the fact that I just generally don't get on with the male human population.   So I kind of looked at him, for what seemed like an eternity (again!), and then stammered a horridly awkward "Thank you!" in my typical squeaky, Canadian accent which I always go into whenever I'm embarrassed.  (I guess I really should quit the voice acting for a while, eh?!)  He looked at me like I was even madder than my mother, and I went on my way as quickly as possible.
I wish I didn't have to go back there again, but that's our main supermarket!
Oh, and I just have to show you a photo of part of our, um, "shopping"...

I know I shouldn't have really bought her, but I'd been feeling so down, and I DID have quite a few sales lined up on the Arena, so I figured I could pay off for her.  Scootaloo was there too, but I left her there.  I really couldn't afford more than one pony, and having missed a few editions of Cheerilee from other sets, I thought it was best to buy her.
The one good thing about not being able to afford every pony like I used to do is that I really appreciate the ones I do add to my herd.  Isn't she pretty?
Right, I'm off to bed.  I hope my catch up blogging hasn't bored you too much?  Great, then you'll be back tomorrow for the story of the next four days!!!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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