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Christmas was coming...

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Oh, what's the point of singing Christmas tunes?  The holidays are long gone anyway!  However, I must write a seasonal blog in order to catch up to the present day...
December 21st 2008
Went to Woodberry, where we found that (yet again) nothing had been done, although the builders had obviously been in there as the toilets had been further soiled and an old rag had been thrown in the bath.  We looked at a few colours, and then went to Uxbridge.
David spent hours walking around a book shop, despite having no money to buy anything, so I almost didn't get in TKMaxx.  When I did get in there (just as they gave the closing announcements) I found a new MLP sticker set for £1.50.  I know I shouldn't be spending money, but it was so cute, and it wasn't a lot of money.  However, I didn't really get a chance to look at it before I took it up to the checkout.  When we got back to Grottsville, I discovered some nasty child vandals had stolen half the stuff from the set anyway, so we'd have to return it.
Ooh, I know what I forgot to mention before.  When I was really ill with that cold/flu thing, David's old boss (from a really old job - not that nasty lot who haven't paid him yet.  We are still in contact with him, and I write to him occasionally) sent me a get well present in the form of a really pretty orchid.  Mum decided she would re-home it for Christmas (nice of her to choose what to do with my get well gift!), but the poor thing almost died here with no central heating.  So after a while Mum decided it didn't look good enough to give to anyone, so I could finally get the pretty paper off of it and bring it into the lounge with the electric heating fan thingemmy.  Its pot is far too small though, and I still haven't been able to get out to get some houseplant soil for it, or the money.  So it's dying now anyway.  It's such a shame; it was so beautiful when it arrived.
December 22nd 2008
My parents went to see Uncle John and Auntie Madeline to exchange Christmas gifts, while I stayed in Grottsville.  No way was I going there to endure another re-enactment of the Spanish Inquisition!  Mum got annoyed anyway, when her  nasty rich cousin showed up, bragging about her new dog (a dachshund - my favourite breed!  Glad I wasn't there!)  and the fact her daughter (who is about six months older than me) has bought herself a house to let.  Ugh, I can't stand that family!  I'd just like to LIVE in a house where I have a bed, let alone to be able to afford a house just to let for some extra cash on top of my riches.
I spent the time while they were out singing, but didn't really make any good recordings.  I'd almost got a decent recording of "I Hate Men" from Kiss Me Kate (my signature tune, don't you know?!) when the doorbell rang and in walked my parents, carrying boxes of wonderful gifts...like silly Christmas hats for all three of us.  Perfect gifts really - I mean, can't you just see David walking around dressed like an elf?
In the evening, I went to the internet cafe for an hour so as to have the opportunity to watch the G1 MLP commercials that were on the Teletoon website at the time.  I wish we had broadband, so that I could have made an audio recording while they were online.  Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk.
December 23rd 2008
Didn't leave the house, but at least a few jobs got done.  First off, the bad tempered bloke finally returned to fix the heating...and this time it was a success!  Amazing - I had started to think that company were totally useless.
While the house was "clean" (in other words, David had hoovered a bit of the floor in the hall and kitchen, and cleaned the fridge door) and the lounge had been cleared a bit for Christmas, we convinced him to call in a man to finally take away our old cable TV box and save a bit of money.  Mum and I were too embarrassed to face either of our visitors though, and hid upstairs in the communal bedroom the whole time!
When we came downstairs, we found David playing with a new remote control.  Instead of saving any money, our resident TV addict had got the cable box replaced with a new digital box!  So it only took about ten minutes to fix the TV so that we got all the channels and a picture that's as clear as a bell.
I got more annoyed as I started to think of all the things I'd missed over the past decade without a proper TV.  Just in pony terms, all the MLP commercials I've tried to record in triple vision...not to mention the MLP television series that were being shown on Tiny Pop (a channel we now have) until not too long ago.
Most annoyingly, we now have HALLMARK...but the Intelligence re-runs literally ended two weeks before we got the digital box!  I am going crazy, hoping they'll repeat the show again, but have not seen any sign of it in the Radio Times as of yet.
Hallmark were showing re-runs of Psych though, so I wrote "If You're So Smart Then Why Are You Dead?" into my TV schedule for New Year's Eve.  After all, I've got to see everything that Shane Meier ever starred in, remember?
It's been great just to be able to see (or rather, hear) a few of the animated shows I've heard so much about too.  I seem to run into my favourite voice artistes every time I turn the TV on now.  Just that first night, I saw the end of an episode of Krypto the Superdog...and immediately heard a cat speaking in Janyse Jaud's voice.  Then I switched the channel round to see some old Christmas film from the early 90s, "To Grandmother's House We Go". (Anyone heard of it before?  The ever-annoying Mary Kate and Ashley were in it as little kids. )  More importantly, Venus Terzo played "Stacey" in it, so I actually got to see her doing something other than voice overs for once.  Something that will be of interest to Caroline, I'm sure.  You should look out for the film, if you haven't already seen it.  It was only a small part, but pretty good all the same...
December 24th 2008
Went to Woodberry.
'Twas the day before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Nothing was stirring,
Not even a mouse.
But the builders had been around once again,
Not to do any work, but to make themselves a pain...
The toilets were messed up, the flush was unused,
Our property had once again been abused!
Yeah, you get the picture.
Mum was too angry to look at colours again, so we went straight to Uxbridge...where we found David had left the MLP sticker set in Grottsville, so we couldn't return it.  Apparently, when I asked him, "Have you got the thing to return?" and he had nodded at me in the front garden, he thought I was talking about the keys.  I'm not sure where he thought we were taking the keys to be returned, but it was still my fault for not picking up the bag, despite having seen him wandering around the hall with it!
Mum was still moaning about the state of Woodberry, and how we had to waste yet another Christmas in Grottsville, when suddenly David snapped.  "So the work hasn't been done.  So what?  Why can't you just shut up about the bl**dy house for five minutes?"  So what?  I think it's dreadful that work that should have been completed four months ago is still not being done.
An argument ensued, and he ended up taking us back to the car, telling us he had only come to Uxbridge to "collect something for Mum" although I have no idea what it was.  She told him she didn't want Christmas presents anyway, as we weren't having Christmas here in Grottsville.  So he sulked, and left us in the car, telling us that if we dared to follow, he would drive off without us.   So we had to wait in the cold car, while he messed about doing goodness knows what around Uxbridge.
The Christmas cards finally got strung up that night, meaning all the decorations were finally in place.  Once again, it was last minute, but at least I had finally prepared this miserable little room for Christmas day!

Tune in tomorrow to read all about another exciting Grottsville Christmas!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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