Monday, 26 January 2009

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!

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"Bad Rubbish" being the year 2008 which was supposed to be so good to us.  Well, it wasn't.  So I was only too happy to see the back of it, and welcome in 2009...which surely will be a better year?!
December 29th 2008
We went to Hounslow to look around more sales.  I managed to get a half price guinea pig calendar.  Even if I can't have guinea pigs, I refuse to give up my guinea pig calendar!
We didn't get anything else there.  Mum fell in love with some dog-patterned hot water bottle covers but we couldn't really afford anything.  I said I'd get one for her as a late Christmas gift, but she reminded me that Christmas hadn't happened for her, so I wasn't allowed to get her anything.
I hated seeing Woolworths in such a state.  People were just so rude, turning the place over and stealing whatever was left, despite the fact most things were only 10p or so.  They'd dug all kinds of really old toys out of the stock rooms, but there were no ponies there.  Just as well, because I imagine they would have been destroyed.  There was a Care Bear Cousin Loyal Heart Dog beanie there...but he's had his head ripped off.  WTH?  The people rummaging around in that shop were just awful.
You can see the crowds in this photo, but you couldn't imagine the un-civilised way everybody was acting.

And that was to be my very last memory of Woolworths.  What a sad, sad place this country has become.
In the evening, I photographed all of my 2003 ponies - the first of my G3s.  Almost there now!  Maybe soon I'll actually know exactly how many different MLPs I have in my collection...  I'm guessing it's about 1200-1250, but I could be way off.
December 30th 2008
We drove to Chiswick to take a look in the shop Mum had heard sold her favourite bird wallpaper.  We'd decided to order that paper from the actual company that makes it though, so we were really only going to look and see if they made another design that Mum liked for the loft landing wall.
But the shop was shut over the holidays - great.  How many shops actually shut for three weeks in a row?!  And it had taken us ages to actually find the shop, meaning we'd frozen half to death.  I have never understood why the rich and famous love Chiswick so much.  It's ALWAYS cold there, even in the summer, I swear.  Not to mention the shops there are total rubbish as a general rule.  I couldn't even get any Weetaflakes in the supermarket there.
But it was probably for the better that the shop was shut.  When we returned to Grottsville we found that Sickton had e-mailed us, telling us that if we dared to have anything like furniture or wallpaper delivered to our own house (the house we should have been living in for three months at that point!), he would "charge us for inconveniencing his builders".  Um, what builders?  They weren't doing any work, just visiting to use the toilets (and, by the way, they still didn't know the meaning of the word "flush", it would appear ) occasionally.
I opened one of the little gifts my parents had put on the tree for me to cheer myself up, despite swearing I'd save them all for Twelth night this year.  It was Sundance's felt bridle!  Mum bought it for 20p at the Convention apparently.  Now I just need to get Baby Sundance's bridle to complete my original Sundance sets.
December 31st 2008
Didn't leave the house.  I got up at goodness only knows what time to make sure I could get my parents "on the Grottsville conveyer belt" (in other words, Mum out of the communal bed and into the bathroom, and David off of the sofa and on to the communal bed to wait for the bathroom!), so that I could record the episode of "Psych" I had been waiting for on Hallmark.  Louisa watched them filming part of that episode, where the two stars are walking along by the seafront, and looking closely I reckon I did indeed see you.  On the grass with all those sunbathers, right?  Or maybe I was just imagining things.
I really recorded it for Shane's guest appearance though, and I definitely saw him, even if he was only on screen for about four minutes total, and only had three lines, I think.  Oh well, better than nothing anyway - always worth getting out of bed early even if only for three lines!  So tell me, when is "Intelligence" coming back now that I have access to Hallmark? 
Mind you, I didn't even get a chance to watch that one episode of Psych for days after recording it, due to having so little space of my own around here.  So who knows how long it would take to watch a whole TV series like "Intelligence"?  I would like to get a VHS recording of the first season now though, now that my disc drive has packed up and rendered my $60 DVD totally useless.
I don't think there's really much else to say about 2008.  I saw in the New Year by watching the fireworks on TV.  At least I could see them this year now that the television has been fixed, so that's got to be one improvement at least!
Anyways, I shall leave you now, as Mum is getting annoyed that I'm not letting her go to bed.  Agh, if only we could move house, and all of us could go to bed when we wanted to do so.
See you all tomorrow with the first installment of "2009: The Blog Catch-Up!"  (Sounds like something out of Star Wars, doesn't it?!  Oh well, I must add a disclaimer here and let you know that nothing of excitement to sci-fi fans has happened during the last few weeks.  Hence, if you return, it must be based on wanting to know the story of Desirée Skylark and not Darth Vader, otherwise you will be severely disappointed, and no refunds or compensation will be given! )
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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