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I can't think of a clever title tonight!

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It's just another few days of catch-up blogging nonsense really.  If you can invent your own clever title, I'll add it to the top of this blog for future generations to read for centuries to come!  Heh, if Myspace were to last that long, that is! 
December 5th 2008
Went back to the building society in Ealing Broadway for further arguments, this time regarding house and contents insurance.  We were only really enquiring, as we want to change our policy once we move house.  There was quite an amusing sequence when Mum brought up insuring my MLP collection...and the woman thought we were trying to insure REAL ponies through the scheme!  I'm not sure since when we looked rich enough to have real ponies...or why anybody would think live horses were house contents.
Mum and I left David there after a while and  walked around the shops together. We went in Primark, looking for a coat, but the coats they had there were laughable.  It's winter, hence I'm looking for a warm winter coat...  So can anyone tell me why almost every coat this winter ends just under your ribs?  There was one really nice teal-coloured long coat there...but it had SHORT SLEEVES.  What the heck is the point of a coat with short sleeves in the middle of winter?  Not to offend anyone who might be wearing a short-sleeved coat at this very moment, but I didn't really feel like wearing one to chilly Luxembourg!
I did get some nice warm boots for £10, as photographed below.  Maybe I should have taken the pictures before wearing them for a few weeks and making them so scruffy though!  Oops...

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

Excuse the messy cupboard and dirty vacuum cleaner behind them!  Maybe not the most fashionable boots in the world, but I liked their colour and they're so comfortable and warm!
We walked around just about every other clothes shop in Ealing, but couldn't find a coat.  Then, just as we were about to head back to the car park, I saw a rack of coats in a tiny shop which has just opened in the mall.  Again, maybe not straight off the catwalk fashion, but it's warm, it's comfortable, and I like it!  Does anything else really matter?  Plus it was only a fiver, which was an added bonus.  So, of course, I bought it.  I had to get the largest size, because I couldn't fit into small or medium.  But I don't think even I am that fat...  I guess to make the coat so cheap, they used as little material as possible.  Anyways, here's a photo of the coat in question.  Mum says it looks like a "fat person's coat" in this picture, and I can see what she means.  It actually has more shape than any coat I've ever owned before though, so not sure why it looks like that.  Also, sorry for the bad quality of the picture.  I photographed it on the communal bed, and thought I'd better edit out the nasty, grimy background before I made it public!

I actually thought it was made of suede at first, but fortunately it's all manmade materials, so it's suitable for vegetarians - although not edible, of course!
After we left Ealing Broadway, David finally agreed to take us to Woodberry, where Mum and I had been asking to go ever since returning from Gibraltar.  The first thing we noticed was that the port-a-loo was gone from outside the house, so the bathrooms must have been installed - and the builders must be using them, before we'd even seen them.

Sure enough, not one, but all three lavatories had been used.  And it seems the builders are missing two words from their vocabularies; "clean" and "flush".  Let's leave it at that.  Don't worry, I'm not going to show you photos of our new toilets (which can't really be called new anymore).  I felt sick to see our property in that state.  Not to mention that, despite the fact they aren't working there very often at all, the builders were leaving the newly installed central heating switched on 24 hours a we were paying to heat their public lavatory as such.  In fact, it seems they had been coming in after working on other jobs JUST to use our bathrooms!
Disheartened, we made our way back to the door to leave the house.  And then Mum noticed something lying on the floor.  It was a Christmas card...loose, with an envelope lying a little way away from it.  An envelope addressed to Mum!
She picked it up and opened the card.  She was really touched to see it came from one of her family history e-friends...but my word, look at the state of it!

Basically, it appears someone has not only OPENED OUR MAIL, but wiped black mastic off of one of their tools IN OUR CHRISTMAS CARD!  I was fuming.  Why the heck would someone do that anyway?
Just to make my day complete, the computer decided to have one of its funny turns that evening, where the power keeps cutting out for no reason.  I think maybe there is dust stuck in the fan (I often hear rattling noises coming from there), and it overheats or something.  Either way, it's pretty annoying to be halfway through a blog/letter, and have the computer suddenly cut out on you!
December 6th 2008
Went to Matalan, where they were selling some adorable MLP torches.  They were 3 for 2 with four different designs available.  I bought one of each, meaning I got one free.  I wish now that I had bought six, as it seems a lot of people want them so I could have easily re-homed the others.  I just didn't have the cash to spare at the time to pay for an extra torch to get one free.   They also had these adorable little fakie ponies, but I couldn't afford those either.
Then we went to Kew Archives, where David had told Mum she was to buy him his Christmas presents (Nice Christmassy spirit there, huh?).  The place was shut for stocktaking just that day though.  Oh well, perhaps someone was telling David not to be so greedy.
Mum was getting more and more frustrated with David telling her not to complain to Picton about the filthy toilets and ruined Christmas card, but held her tongue and wrote nice polite messages to him.  Sickton still kept giving US rude answers though, saying WE'RE the ones delaying completion of the works by not giving him colours.  Well, I do apologise, but the current white walls have been scratched to death, and you're nowhere near completing the rest of the job!  So why would we want you to mess up our newly painted walls too?  Painting can be done last thing...
December 7th 2008
I've noted in my offline diary that we went to Woodberry and had a huge argument.  I can't remember what about though.  Most likely it was just because of tempers becoming more and more frayed.
Then to Currys, where I finally convinced David to take me so that we could complain about the pink camera that is NOT as it's described in the leaflet at all.  If you take photos of a normal size (that you can actually upload to the internet) with it, they're so blurry that they're not worth uploading anyway.
However, while we were queueing up, we discovered it had a 28 day return period, and it was 29 days since we bought the blasted thing.  Typical.  So it seems I'm stuck with this broken silver camera for the foreseeable future...including our trip to Luxembourg, of course, which was to begin the next day...we were to catch the coach outside Ealing Broadway station at 5am.  No point going to bed, as I feared we wouldn't wake up in time, so I decided to stay up all night instead.
I think our chilly adventures in Luxembourg and Germany could have just been called "Travels With a Biscuit Bully"!  Intrigued?  Then tune in tomorrow to hear all the details.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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