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Merry Pony Christmas!

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This is really just a brag post aimed at my MLP collector friends, as there isn't that much to say about Christmas 2008 in general.  None of us even bothered to get up until about 11am!
 I missed my guinea pigs more than ever.  I always spoil my pets rotten at Christmas, and the house seemed so empty and quiet without them.
Mum was in a bad mood all day because that stupid architect still hasn't got a move on so that we could move house, and refused to open the few things David and I had managed to get together for her, as it wasn't Christmas here.  In fact, her presents are STILL neatly wrapped in a box on the lounge floor! Now she's telling everyone that we didn't get anything for her.
My parents went WAY overboard buying ponies for me again, despite the fact David is unemployed, and we are too broke to even buy normal things.  Mum claims she got good deals on e-Bay, but I find it hard to believe she had that much luck!  Anyways, I don't wish to sound ungrateful (I'm quite the opposite, considering I am still in debt after the Ponycon and can't even think about buying any ponies myself), so I shall proceed with the photos...
Firstly, the merchandise.

A Retrojunk t-shirt (which fits perfectly!), featuring Blossom and Cotton Candy, G2 Sundance wall decoration (I remember leaving some of these in Hamleys over a decade ago in favour of a Beanie Baby, and have regretted it ever since.  Then I tried to buy one on e-Bay last year...but that one got lost in the post.  So it's good to have one at last!), 1984 Starshine Intercom Phones (apparently, these still work, although I haven't had the courage to try inserting the batteries in case I break them), French G3 book, American G3 "magic drawing" book, "A Shock At The Show Stable" in ??? (I'm ashamed to say none of us have any idea what language!  Mum says she bought it from Sebby though, so I guess I'll have to ask her!), G3 Moondancer Magic washcloth, Pinkie Pie and Sunny Daze ball, round Bow Tie pomander (Now I only need the large Bow Tie pony-shaped pomander to have a complete set!), Viewmaster with all three MLP reels (I had two before, so those will most likely go up for sale in the near future.  It's nice to have a complete set at last!), four DVDs (A Very Minty Christmas in a  French case - I haven't watched it yet, so no idea what languages the actual movie is dubbed in - and three Pony Tales DVDs in Danish and Norwegian.  Well, to be truthful, two single DVDs and one three-pack!  This selection includes all five of Lancer's episodes too, and I must say it was quite odd to hear him with such a deep, adult man's voice when I am so used to the 14-year-old Shane Meier on the English version!), and two Butterick plushie patterns (At this point, I'm actually pleased that I am useless at sewing, otherwise I would be so tempted to rip these open and make a few plushies!  I would be interested to see the actual patterns though, just out of nosiness.  Has anybody ever scanned them?!  I also find it odd that both have Canadian French on the packages...and yet one is clearly stamped as having been sold at John Lewis here in the UK!).  Emma gave me the two MOC G3 items (a bubble blower and rolling paper/colouring set) on Boxing Day.  I'd never even heard of the rolling paper thing before.
Lots of great stuff there, eh?  But wait, there's more!  There was too much to fit into one photo!

Seven German G3 comics (Brand new and complete with super cute free gifts!  Why don't the comics here in the UK have such sweet gifts on the front?), a G1 pillow book (I've seen this advertised in the G1 comics, but it's even more adorable in real life!), two little bags featuring Lickety Split and Backstroke, G1 Moondancer "Action badge" (still works!), the sweetest fakies ever (presuming they are fakies - they look like they date from the 80s, but I've never seen them before now.  I will have to get some close-up pictures), Tiny Bubbles and Baby Lofty ribbons, two MIP erasers and a little pot including four other 80s pony erasers (I don't believe these are authentic MLP, but they're cute anyway!), G1 Glory watch and MOC G2 Sweetberry watch, MIP Lazer Blazer stickers (I didn't even think these were sold in the UK, and yet they are apparently made by an English company?) and two knitting patterns (the one on the right has been torn out of Woman's Weekly, and is probably the one I have inside an ancient copy of the magazine somewhere.  So once I find that magazine and can confirm that, it too will probably be going up for sale if anybody's interested!)
Next come the accessories...

No, Parasol wasn't included!  She just wanted to model my first ever Greek pony wear!  I believe this is the complete "Silver Girl" set?  We also have my first Disney Build-a-Pony stuff, a teacup carriage from the Petite Pony Carousel train, the flags for Dream Castle (now I just need a few felt flags and the pulley mechanism for Spike's basket to have a complete set!), the bag from "Scarlet Sensation"/"From The Designer Collection", and a little compact mirror featuring Cherries Jubilee (who looks like she's experiencing a rather bad hair day!  I fully intend to use this once we move house and I get a proper handbag though! )

There's a funny story to this one.  Mum bought a Rock-a-Bye Bed from Sebby6 at the Ponycon, and then found this mint with box one on e-Bay on a cheap I ended up with two of the beds, plus a few duplicate accessories I've bought over the years.  The doubles will go up for sale though, as there's no space for them here, and I really need a little bit of cash right now! (Shameless plug for my sales gallery! )  Anyways, this one is really PERFECT.  I have no idea where it came from.  The box is a little bashed, but everything inside is beautiful and unused.  Even the sheets that the stickers were removed from are included.  Now I wish I could get all the playsets in this condition!  They'd make a really nice display on a shelf somewhere, if I had the room.
Next, the plushies!

Bright Night (who I have wanted ever since she was in stores, and I somehow missed out, having never seen her.  Her little prayer is so cute - I guess nobody knows whose voice that is?!), a set of four little Nanco plushies from claw-grabbing machines...and the star of the show...DAISY MAY!  I've only ever heard of one of these before, and she sold for a lot of money.  Mum got her on e-Bay for under £1.50!  Good Morning Sunshine came from my grandparents' old neighbours who must have found her at a charity shop somewhere.  She still works perfectly though.
And now, finally, we reach the ponies...
I think we should start with the G3s (I forgot to include the Ponyville Ponies, but I did get four of the double packs from a TRU offer)

(Gosh, don't the Core Seven look odd when they're all lined up like that?!  Almost like they're plotting something... )  So we have the Fashion Fun Dressing Room with Rainbow Dash, Name on leg Sweetie Belle, Name on leg Rainbow Dash, Name on leg Pinkie Pie, Eyeshadow Scootaloo, Eyeshadow Sweetie-Belle and the Sweetie Belle and Rainbow Dash dress-up sets.  I knew I was getting most of these, having picked them out in the sell-off sales at Woolworths during those last few weeks.  I seem to attract Sweetie-Belle...I haven't specifically gone about collecting her, but I don't think I've missed a single edition yet...despite the fact I'm missing tons of Core Seven ponies now!
Oh, and I saved the best 'til last - my G1s! (And a G3 who somehow snuck in there...I think she's one of those snobby ponies who doesn't want to mix in with the Core Seven crowd!)  These girls really deserve a photo each to themselves, but I figured the page would never open if I tried to do for now we just have a group shot.

Working my way clockwise from the back left:
Mexican Minty (Mum managed to get me two Minty Nirvanas for Christmas 2007, so my Mexican girl has lots of friends to play with!), Dutch Sing-a-Long Pony (Yay, another addition to my Pony Tales variant collection!), Dutch Butterfly Pony (her hair colour is so unique!), Italian Twilight (so pink!), Italian Sky Flier (I have wanted her for YEARS - I think she looks so much nicer with the metallic kites instead of the ordinary glittery kites), that sneaky G3 pony, October Calendula (A Birthflower Pony!!!), Mexican Blue Belle (her stars are a little faded, but I love her all the same), Mexican Butterscotch (You can't see her too well in the photo, but her hair is really soft for Mexican hair, and she seems brighter than normal Butterscotch somehow...), November Chrysanthemum (A set completer!!!  I now have all the G1 Mail Order Birthflower Ponies...and she is in near mint condition with original curls!), a GORGEOUS Italian Moondancer (I really can't believe how soft her hair is - I've never seen such a beautiful Italian pony!) and finally...
...wait.  Who is that beautiful pony standing next to her?  She kind of looks like her cousin or something.  They are in the same pose, they appear to have the same symbol.  But surely that isn't Moondancer.  There's something very wrong about her.  The poor girl almost looks sun damaged.  You know how these white ponies go yellow in the sun?  But even then, she looks a little dark.  I took a closer look at our 2008 Christmas angel...

Oh.  My.  God.
I know Mum thought I was a total lunatic.  She just kind of looked at me as I freed the pony from her Christmas ribbon, and started literally jumping around the room with joy.
"I know it isn't a particularly special one for the top of the tree." She said in her sulky "it isn't Christmas in this house!" voice over the top of the magazine she was reading.  "I couldn't find anything very good this year." (LIAR! )  I thought she was kidding me, but no.  Honestly, she had no idea that Yellow Moondancer was particularly rare.  She just knew "it was on my wish list, and she'd heard me talking about it".  She got her on e-Bay, but has forgotten what she paid.  She knows it wasn't any more (and probably less) than the others, or she would remember, of course!  So it sounds like she probably did get a good deal on this girl.
Does anybody know what she's actually worth these days?  She has a little frizz at the very tip of her tail, but her symbols are clear and bright, and she is otherwise very good condition.  Not that I'm thinking of selling her, of course!  I was just curious.
Anyways, I think that just about completes my Christmas pony brag blog.  Now I must go and check I wasn't dreaming, and Moondancer really is in her box upstairs!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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