Thursday, 29 January 2009

More Random Writings

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I will catch up with this blog, I will catch up with this blog, I will...
Even if I bore you all to sleep in the process!
January 9th 2009
Went to Woodberry to look at yet more colours, but didn't get very far because Mum wasn't in a very good mood.
Then to Hoover Tesco on the way back to buy frozen chips and cheesy pancakes for dinner.  Made a nice change as most days Mum and I have been trying to save money by eating one can of tomato soup between us.
In the evening, Sickton e-mailed with a bill for fixing the fireplace (the one his builders broke whilst not being supervised).  Why should WE pay for the fireplace THEY damaged?  But we didn't want to delay things further (HA!  Delay things further?  The builders weren't even at the house as usual! >.<), so we decided not to respond until we'd got the other work in progress.  Surely, Sickton can't seriously think we'll pay for the damage they caused?!  We haven't got enough money to do so, even if it was our responsibility...
January 10th 2009
Didn't leave the house, because David found out he had lost his car keys.  Well, the car he hires, that is.  Meaning that if we couldn't find them, we would be charged for their replacement, of course.  And we couldn't find them, despite searching all day.
Oh, and we got a nice letter in the post, telling David he'd missed the deadline for getting his tax forms sent in, meaning we had a £1000 charge!   How are we ever going to pay that?
Mum was obviously addled by all the stress of the fireplace bill, lost car keys, tax charge, and not being able to find any colours etc.  I knew she'd put the dinner on at some point, but she didn't tell me what time it was ready so I couldn't give her my usual reminder.  All of a sudden, I smelled this awful burning smell.
But by the time I got out in the kitchen it was too late.  The potatoes had boiled dry, and become stuck to the bottom of the saucepan, which in turn had become fused to the potatoes and...   As a result, the saucepan had to be thrown away, and we had no dinner.
The AA wouldn't come to the house, despite David still paying to be a member.  (There was some rather dodgy small print).  So we had to pay £15 to get another firm out, to tow the car all the way to the hire company's Heathrow depot because the local branch was shut (It was Sunday) and then there was a further £75 charge for the keys.
Wonderful day, huh?
January 11th 2009
Went to Woodberry - again!  Agh, have we been anywhere but Woodberry and Homebase this year?  Once again, it just turned into further arguments and silliness between my parents.  According to my offline diary, we went to Asda on our way back, although I can't remember why, or what we bought.
"Dancing On Ice" returned to ITV1, and for the first time ever, we had a good enough TV for me to actually see it!  Sadly, this year there's nobody in it who I particularly like anyway, so...  Just about sums up my luck!
David got in a bad mood that I dared to want to watch it though, because Agatha Christie's Poirot was on the other side.  Ugh, I wish we still had the TV where we could record one side and watch the other.  Dancing On Ice is one of the only programmes I watch every year, and Poirot is only endless repeats anyway.  In fact, David has them all on VHS tape somewhere, so I'm not sure why he had to complain quite so much as he did.
January 12th 2009
Back to Woodberry again, in order to catch a parcel.  Sickton might think we shouldn't have any furniture delivered four months after we should be living there anyway, but we weren't going to miss out on all the January sales, so Mum bought some bookshelves from her favourite catalogue.
David started being horrible to both of us in the evening.  I know he's stressed too, but that's no excuse for snapping at us about how we might not be able to move now due to bankruptcy.  My whole life depends on getting out of here.  An argument ensued, during which David announced he thought I was still being home educated until he lost his job last August.  WTH?  Considering he never bought me any school books, and we have such awfully slow dial-up that I can't even access a lot of websites on here, not to mention I don't have a printer anyway.  And since Mum walked out of school before her 14th birthday, what does he think she was teaching me?  Just shows how much interest he shows in his daughter though, doesn't it?  It feels weird that you, the readers of my blog, know more about me than my own parents.
I washed and photographed a load of duplicate Keypers I've had for years and years, hoping to bring in a little bit of money.  I feel bad selling them, but I'm not going to let those little eyes give me that pleading look anymore.  They're not real creatures, just plastic toys.  Right?  RIGHT?!  Ugh, I don't think I'd ever be able to sell a MLP though.  I just cannot bear to part with them, even if I buy them specifically for that purpose.
Well, I will leave it there for now.  At the rate I'm writing, I should have caught up with my blog by February 4th, I think!  I still have loads of e-mails to write to people though.  And I just got a little message in the corner of the screen to say Bonnie had written.  But I already owed her a letter!  Sorry, Bonnie!  I just don't know where the time goes these days. 
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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