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The Start Of December

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This is my first blog of 2009, and yet it covers the first few days of the last month of last year...if that makes sense.  There's so much happening in the present day that I want to be able to get off my chest, and since I don't even have an offline diary this year, I'm not even going to have a record of what's been going on when I get to that stage.  So I'd better catch up before I forget, if you see what I mean.  Oh, I give up trying to explain!  Let's just continue with the boring story.
December 1st 2008
Another rather boring day.  Feeling even sicker than the day before, with a sore throat, swollen glands, headache, earache plus general bad cold symptoms, and with our trip to Luxembourg coming closer by the day, Mum announced that I wasn't to leave the house.  Especially considering I didn't even have a proper coat, and the weather had turned pretty nasty.
So I spent the day trying to clear the lounge up a bit in preperation for the Christmas decorations, but I kept going hot and cold and having to sit down.  I catalogued some ponies, and finished recording my MLP music cassette tapes.  The new G3 MLP theme tune is growing on me a bit now.  For those who have not heard it, they basically modernised the traditional MLP theme tune and then added a line about each of the Core Seven ponies.  Lyrics are as follows:
My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
Every day is a dream come true.
My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
How I love to play with you.
No way of knowing where we'll be going,
Our adventures never end!
My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
I'm so glad you're my friend!
We'll plan a party with Pinkie Pie,
A bunch of balloons lift her up to the sky.
Scootaloo will show us games to play,
And Toola Roola will be painting away.
Rainbow Dash always dresses in style,
Sweetie Belle's magic brings a great big smile.
I hope we'll hear a story from Cheerilee,
And a beautiful Star Song melody...
My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
I'm so glad you're my friend!
I cannot figure out who the singer is for the life of me, and it's really bothering me now.  Can anybody who has heard the song help me out here?  I'm presuming it's the voice of one of the Core Seven ponies, as she kind of sounds familiar.  Maybe Tabitha St.Germain?  Although at the same time it just doesn't sound quite right...  A kind US collector on the Arena helped me to get a copy of the Core Seven DVD, "Meet The Ponies" after I posted a wanted ad on there, because I was so desperate to see the credits.  Then I discovered there were no credits!  I made a recording from the DVD, so if anybody would be kind enough to listen and give me their thoughts on who that singer is, I would be most grateful!  The recording can be found here.  I know it isn't of the best quality, but half my recording equipment has gone wrong in the last month (more of that later) so it's the best I can currently do.
December 2nd 2008
Again, I couldn't leave the house, so I just did more clearing up, washed and catalogued some ponies...  Didn't I tell you this was going to be a boring blog?!
I decided that since I'm VERY short of money right now, and the house is such a tip, I'd try to sell some stuff on the Arena.  If I was stuck indoors anyway, I had plenty of time to deal with e-mails, pack stuff up for weighing etc.  And sure enough, almost immediately I got a message from RainbowWindy.  I've bought from RainbowWindy a couple of times in the past, and she's always been a great seller to me (keeps in good communication, ships so fast that the stuff seems to arrive before you even knew it was posted, despite coming from Canada, and all that stuff), so I was determined to do my best for her in return.  So I get out the stuff she was interested in - Megan's UK outfit, Baby Sunset's bottle, and a Scrub-a-Dub-Tub.  Immediately, I meet opposition from my parents.  "You're not selling that bath, are you?!" Mum asked me.  "Yes, I was going to.  I've been offered $5 for it.  Why?" I reply.  "I thought your other one only had three feet."  Gosh, she's got a good memory considering this isn't even her collection!  Sure enough, my other Scrub-a-Dub-Tub is missing one of the Seahorse feet.  However, I'm always seeing those coming up for sale in accessory lots, so I can easily get another, and my other bath has the shower attachment...not to mention the fact that I remember getting that bath with a few of my old ponies, so I wanted to keep that one for sentimental reasons.  I told Mum all of this and she seemed to calm down.  She shrugged, and told me she thought I was being stupid, but that was all.
Then David came in the room.  Mum's first words to him; "Do you know what she's selling now?"  "What?" David said, one eye on the TV.  Pretty soon, they were both yelling at me, and telling me I shouldn't be selling the bath.  "I spent good money on that.  You shouldn't sell things that people have given to you!"  I pointed out to him that I had bought the bath for myself from a car boot sale in Canvey Island.  It cost the grand total of 20p, and was bought back in 2002, when all of my pocket money came from Grandma.  Maybe I shouldn't have been selling something that I bought with her money, but I'm sure she'd have understood, and been glad I was making a bit of money on what was, after all, a plastic bath tub I already have in my collection.   David told me that he wasn't going to help me to sell it by getting it weighed at the post office when he went to post the Christmas cards the next morning.  So I was left apologising and making excuses to RainbowWindy for several days until he calmed down enough to weigh the thing for me.  How I wish we were in the other house by now, and I could walk to a post office myself.
December 3rd 2008
I still wasn't allowed to leave the house, for fear I'd make myself too sick to go to Luxembourg, despite the fact I felt much better by this point.
The phone went wrong, so we didn't even have any internet access all day either...I almost went mad, being totally isolated, and unable to talk to anybody, even online.  I tried to keep myself busy, clearing up (without much success) and photographing and cataloguing my entire adult G2 MLP collection.  I was starting to re-assemble a list of my ponies on Excel by this point, but every time I so much as look at it, I feel like I'm rubbing salt in the wounds, realising just how much information got lost on the other file.
December 4th 2008
I was finally allowed out of the house again!   Boringly, just to Northolt post office to look at the envelope they were holding for us because the sender hadn't paid the postage.  We couldn't figure out who it was from, and it didn't look very interesting, so we didn't bother to pay for it and just left it there.
Then to a building society in Ealing Broadway to talk about what to do with some of Mum's money and all of my money.  It was the first time I'd really been allowed to know how much money I had or where it all was, and to have a concious decision in where it went.  I didn't want it locked up for a long time, in case I have to use it to get an education once we move...I really can't see my parents being able to afford college fees and whatnot. But to get it into a high interest fixed rate account where it wouldn't be locked up for years we needed my National Insurance number.  I've spoken to a few people overseas about this situation, and found most of you have never heard of National Insurance Cards, so here's the Wikipedia link for anyone who's curious.  Anyways, the only way to get my number was to have the card, which we didn't have with us.  So the woman said we could ring her up once we got home and give her the number over the phone.  Basically, we were worried that if we waited even until the next day all of the interest rates would drop...
I was stunned to find out how few savings I actually have anyway.  Most of the money that I do have came from two sources ~ when I was about nine years old, I decided to save most of the pocket money Grandma gave me to "Save the rides".  You know those coin operated children's rides I go around photographing?  I really thought I could save up enough money to open a museum for them someday!  Well, I've always been ambitious!   Anyways, all that money is still there.  Plus a little tiny bit Mum decided to put away for me over the past few years.  She calls it my "wedding money", so presumably it's my "sit around forever money", as I have NO INTENTION of EVER getting married if I can possibly help it, as you all know.  After all, what's the point of marrying some horrid man in this country if my only goal in life is to emigrate anyway?  If I had a load of kids and tied myself down in this dump, how could I ever even hope to get to Canada?
However, I'm not really sure of my choices...
When we got back to Grottsville, David went looking for my National Insurance card.  He takes all the paperwork to do with Mum and I and puts it in a box upstairs - usually.  If he's not too busy staring at the TV or reading Mills & Boon books, that is.  Anyways, my National Insurance card ISN'T THERE.  You can only EVER get ONE replacement card in your LIFETIME, so I really don't want to have to apply for it yet.  But without that card (and number) I won't be able to get a job or anything.  So God knows where I'm going to end up now.  I'm making myself feel sick just thinking about this whole situation again.
Anyways, sorry to end on such a downbeat note, but it's late and I want to get up relatively early in the morning.
See you all tomorrow for the next installment!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark xxx

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