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Woodberry, Woodberry, and more about Woodberry...

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Four more days of my life...
January 5th 2009
Went to Hobbycraft, but couldn't find the Crayola diary there either.  So I decided to save some money and use an old diary I got for Christmas years and years ago, but never used.  It came with a special pen that wrote in ink that could only be read in ultra-violet light.  But the pen dried up by the following year (when I needed a new diary, having used a different one the year before), so I never used the book, always thinking I'd buy a new pen somewhere.  But now I'm just using it with ordinary gel pens.  Oh well.
I did buy a little snowman ornament in Hobbycraft, reduced to 29p.  He's made in the same style as Mum's Easter chicken collection.  They had other ornaments the same (Santa and a christmas tree are the ones I remember off hand), but I decided not to waste money on more than one.
Then we drove to Woodberry, but Mum and I didn't go in because we saw the silhouette of someone we thought was P*ss Sickton, and knew that if we came face to face with him after the way he'd treated us all over the holidays (I'll get back to that in a minute), we'd start yelling and swearing at him.  David went in and discovered it was actually the carpenter though...who didn't appear to be doing anything anyway.  So maybe he is the phantom junk food-eater, and toilet-user?!
Now back to the Picton business which I forgot to mention before.  You know that fireplace Mum and I wanted to keep but the builders destroyed, having apparently never been told we wanted to keep it?  Well, the copper grate to go with it is missing.  We reckon Picton probably stole it after the fireplace got smashed, probably hoping we'd think it was worthless without the (irreplaceable) old grate, and give up on getting it fixed or asking for any compensation.  We keep asking him about the grate, and he says he "took it away to look after it at the same time as the chandeliers (the ones he was storing in his own house, until we found them in Woodberry's loft being bashed around while work was being carried out.  Then they disappeared, and mysteriously returned after we complained...) but now he can't find it anywhere." (Surprise, surprise! )  He told us he'd let us know if he'd found it before the holidays...but he didn't, completely ignoring our questions about it.  Mum was distraught, and even wrote on Christmas day (part of the reason she was in such a bad mood) to say she was worried about the grate, and ask if he'd found it.  But no answer whatsover.
Anyhow, back to the story at hand...
January 6th 2009
I sold two duplicate MLP videos for £4!  Might not be much, but "every little helps", as the Tesco commercials used to say!
Went to Woodberry, where we saw the shower in its correct room for the first time.  Mum HATES it; she says it ruins the room and David shouldn't need such a big shower.  The only problem I can really see with it is that the dark blue "Mermaid" backing on the wall sticks out beyond the shower unit, and makes choosing a colour for the rest of the walls rather difficult.  After all, you can't really have a dark blue all over the room, and it would probably clash anyway.
I should add the shower hadn't been assembled.  The Italian carpenter, Benny, just kindly held it up for Mum to look at since she was having a hard time visualising it and choosing colours.  I felt a bit sorry for him when she threw a fit and went storming around the house, shouting and swearing until David and I had to follow and leave...
In the evening, we took all the Christmas decorations down.  They've gone into the storage depot until we move house to try to avoid the carpet beetles getting in with them and being transported to Woodberry.  It's awful here - all our stuff is crawling with insects.  The only way we can think of to stop them travelling with us is to re-pack EVERYTHING and take it straight to the depot, and leave it in quarantine for a while if you like.
January 7th 2009
Went to Woodberry to meet P*ss Sickton.  We were with him for about an hour despite him saying he only had 30 minutes before he had to dash off to another meeting.  Strange how he could put off meeting the other (probably fictional) person while he spoke about how much we owed him, isn't it?  It was just the actual work he didn't want to discuss.  He was trying to charge us for all "the alterations that we had made" (for instance, where he put radiators in the wrong place and then had to move them ).
Then, just when he did decide to dash off and meet his other (I reckon non existant) client, "Mad Emma" the bird-hating landscape gardener/Sickton's friend showed up, and told us (once again!) just how ill she felt and that she "hadn't been well since she was 15 or 16", then went BOUNCING into the kitchen and out to the garden.  God, she is seriously odd in so many ways.  Was it a coincidence that she showed up just then?  I think not.  Picton knows we can't afford to get the garden done now, and has probably guessed we don't like Renton's designs anyway, so I reckon he called her in when he knew she'd be able to catch us.
Anyhow, I don't think she's such great friends with Picton after all, as she started telling us all his business right there in front of him, which he quite obviously didn't want us to know.  You know his "wonderful 18-year-old young lady"?  The one who wants to be a vet and couldn't pass her exams, but it's not because she's stupid or couldn't be bothered to study, it's because they didn't mark her properly?  The one who I then saw walking down the stairs in his house wearing the most horrid revealing clothes and thick make-up, and thought "Ugh, she looks like a load of trouble if ever I saw it"?  Well, looks like I was right.  She ran away on Boxing Day and couldn't be found for four days.  Well, good.  I'm glad Sickton had a few days of stress over the holidays.  He certainly ruined ours, so he got just what he deserves.  It's a shame she showed up at all really, as she was busily flouncing up and down the road all the time we were there and making me feel totally sick.  For goodness sake, it's the middle of winter!  Put some clothes on before you freeze to death!
The best bit was when we left the house after talking to Renton, and saw Sickton leaving his house (so much for having talking with another client! ) and this horrible semi-nude figure goes bounding up to him and hugging him and making a huge show for...well, I can only presume for us, since we were the only people in the road.  "Hello, Sweetheart!" He says, and kisses her forehead.  All this straight after she ran away?  Very, very strange indeed.  It was just like a very badly acted play, so I walked out of the theatre and got in the car!
By the time we got back, having had to see Renton as well, it was too late for me to get to my orthodontic appointment again.  Just as well, as I really don't want to add surgery to my stress before we move house.  But at this rate, I'll lose my chance to get the free treatment if I don't go through with it while we're still in Grottsville.
January 8th 2009
Went to Woodberry again to measure up for my pony shelves.  When we got back, we found that Sickton had e-mailed to say he'd found a beautiful Edwardian door, just like the ones that used to be in that street, so Mum was very pleased.  It came from a salvage yard, but we could get it delivered to the house the following Monday.
However, with Sickton being helpful for once in his life, DAVID decided to cause trouble, and replied to him rather rudely asking if he'd even thought about double glazing and how cold it would be in the hall without it.  Er, but we've been talking about an original Edwardian door all along.  Why didn't you voice your concerns before now?!  I just don't get men - why can't they just learn to be polite once in a while?
I had the start of yet another cold, but then that was only to be expected since Mum had been suffering from one for several days, and it's hard not to catch a cold from someone you have to sleep next to in bed.  Echinacea really does work wonders though, and by just taking a couple of tablets each morning, that cold never really developed as I recall.
Anyways, I shall go now.  Otherwise, I'll never get all my messages written, and everyone will think I'm ignoring them again!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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