Saturday, 28 February 2009

I guess rats like the taste of wires?

Seriously, that's most likely not the problem, but who knows in this dump?  Basically, the phone keeps cutting out (which means the computer does too, of course), and nobody seems to have any idea why.  So that's the reason I didn't post a blog last night.
There wasn't really anything to say anyway.  David went to oversee the glaziers who were fitting new glass in the front door at Woodberry.  While he was there, he rang Mum to tell her that the house was "a hive of activity"!  When Mum asked him what he meant, he told her that Benny, the Italian carpenter, was there, fitting shelves in the boiler cupboard that still has huge holes in the back of it...perfect for mice to get into our kitchen.  Oh, and the electricians were there - doing absolutely nothing, it would appear, since they still haven't changed the switches in the hall anyways.  So they were the hive of activity then?  "And the glaziers!" David said proudly.  Er, but you called them in yourself, independent of the useless builders.  He then started talking for the audience, and asked Mum loudly, "Any chance of colours by the end of the day?" like it's exclusively her holding things up.  He was the one who wouldn't look at colours months ago!  And now Mum is in no state to look at anything, he expects her to snap her fingers and have it all ready on a plate.
What do I mean by that, you ask?  Oh, Mum is seriously depressed and says that she wishes she had the courage to kill herself because there's no future ahead of her now.  And that isn't like Mum at all.   She says she wants to get estate agents into Woodberry to see what she can let the house for, and get out of all the stress.  But that would mean that we'll never leave this dump, and I'll never get an education or get away.  I feel really sorry for her, but in some cases I do think she's trying to be difficult (now that it's too late for my 18th birthday trip to California, "there's nothing in moving house for her, so she's washed her hands of it").  Like, the room she always said would be blue, she's now decided she wants in green - after it's already been painted, meaning we'll have to pay again to get it changed.
Anyways, she just keeps trying to go to sleep, and doesn't want to leave the house.  Which apparently means I don't want to either, since David is quite happy to leave me here on the lounge floor three days running, without even so much as an offer of taking me out, even though he knows I can't get out alone.
The garden is filled with rats again (like four or five at any one time).  They're running around the front garden too now, so we're surrounded.  The local cats are doing the best, but David really needs to put some poison out.  He does nothing but sit on the ex-communal bed ripping pages out of stamp and history magazines to keep, on the false pretence of "clearing up the house".
Tonight I asked to go to the internet cafe, so that I could have an hour of broadband internet access, and try to listen to some of the podcasts on Trevor Devall's website (Basically, interviews with voice actors).  But even on the machines at the cafe, they refused to play beyond precisely six minutes and twenty three seconds.  And apparently each show is over an hour long!  I had no idea, and thought they were just going to be ten minutes interviews or something.  I'm desperate to hear them, but fear I never will now.  Will someone do me a massive favour by taking a look at Trevor Devall's site for me, and seeing if you can load the podcasts?  I'm wondering if I just got a rubbish machine at the cafe, or if they're not working on any computer.
Then we drove to Woodberry, to look at the "fixed" countertop.  Oh, please!  Why did David even give them the chance to fix it.  Now we'll have even more trouble getting it replaced, but surely even they must agree our brand new £1300 countertop can't be left looking like THIS!

Oh, and as a final insult they'd left yet another coffee cup next to the scratch with splashes of coffee everywhere.
The door looks nice though, at least in my opinion.  I think it should be nice and light in the hall too.  Maybe we shouldn't have got those bottom panels glazed, as I fear they'll be a security threat.  But Mum wanted maximum light.

I'm recording (and half-watching; my nerves are too up in the air to concentrate totally on the TV) "The Quest" on ITV4.  I've waited four years for this movie to come back on a channel we get on our TV.  Things have got a lot easier since we got satellite again though.  After all these years struggling to find anything, I think I've taped most of the stuff I've wanted to see because of various actors over the past couple of months!   Looks like a good movie actually, which surprises me, considering some of the reviews I've heard.  I'll have to watch it in more detail tomorrow.  Shane was literally on for maybe ten minutes at the start, but then I already knew that was the case.  Still, good enough for me to find a decent movie starring my favourite actor, even if it was only a small role.
Hmm, I think that's all?  My hair feels all icky - so now I'll have to buy yet more dry hair shampoo to last me out until we move and I can wash my hair properly in a real bath or shower!  I'm sure you really wanted to know that...
Ooh, and I was able to update my profile at the internet cafe too.  Still some changes to be made, but now I'm back to slow dial-up, they'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Still, what do you think?  I love my new background.  Just in time for Spring!  I only hope this Spring will turn out not to be as bleak as it's threatening to be...
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nothing to say about today.

Current mood:  stressed

So why am I bothering to write a blog?  Really just because I said I would keep this updated on a day-to-day basis, and typing calms my nerves a little.
Mum's saying she's letting the house now...then in the next breath she's moaning that we'll probably be moving in May or June, *just* too late to possibly get to California.
Never mind though, Emma is claiming (again) that I don't even want to go to America as Canada is my place, and America is hers.  Er, my dream is to be a voice actress living and working in Canada.  To be honest, if I were to choose somewhere to visit for tourism reasons I'd want to go to California (and various other places in the US - New York and the deep south spring to mind) just as much as Vancouver.
And I think that's really all that's happened.  David went to the internet cafe twice (no idea why), promising to take me the second, but he didn't.  And I'm so desperate to have a broadband connection for just a short while so that I can watch an interview with one of my favourite VA's that I found online. >.<
Mum's already gone to "bed" on the floor, so I guess I will be following shortly.  And so with that, I'll leave you all in peace.  xxx

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

And it just gets worse...

Current mood:  sick

Mum was in a fowl mood this morning, but still David insisted she must go to Woodberry to "look at the green for his office".  Now remember, his office is in what should have been her bedroom had the loft stairs not forced the wall over too far.  So that room is a sensitive subject for her.
Anyways, she gets there, and announces she doesn't like the green.  She also doesn't like te new colour on the ceiling in the hobby room and can't see any difference between it and the original, and hates her bedroom colours because they look too light.
David agrees to have the green anyways, and Mum goes mad.  Of course, there were other things that helped to tip her over the edge.
"A couple of days" have passed since David gave the builders even longer to fix the kitchen countertop, and they haven't even touched it, let alone fixed it.  He's too much of a wimp to say anything though.
They have now cleaned the Coke stain from David's wall, and it STILL looks a mess.  We can still clearly see the sticky streak running down to the skirting board.  He says it doesn't matter, but for goodness sake!  WHY should we live with a great big brown sticky stain in a brand new house?!
Oh, and David now announces that all the floorboards have still got to come up downstairs in order to run cables into Mum's family history room (which she's now saying she doesn't want as a family history room anyway!) for a computer and telephone.  Mum and I had not been told that those cables weren't already in place.
I asked David how he proposed that I would be preparing my food in ten days time with no countertop, and no floor in the kitchen.  "You'll 'ave to come 'ome to get ya food, won't ya?" He said, casually.  I blew up at that point.  "A house where I have as much independence as a prisoner, no bed and no chair, is NOT a home.  And how are you going to afford the petrol to drive me backwards and forwards three times a day?"  He just shrugged.  He obviously doesn't believe me when I say I'm moving into Woodberry.
And then just as the icing on the cake, Craig, the useless painter who keeps taking endless days off, splashing dirty water and paint all over the (painted) bathroom, and isn't doing a particularly good job of painting the walls anyway, threatens to leave again, as he has work elsewhere.  If we want him to stay, we need to provide him with colours for the rooms which are quite clearly NOT ready for decorating, like the kitchen and extension where so much work still needs to be done.
Oh, and when Mum and I were on the verge of screaming, Craig added, "Well, Jacqui, I suppose you'll be moving in in the next couple of weeks."  Besides the fact that his common English accent makes me feel thoroughly sick, that is a plain lie.  The house won't be ready for moving to in the next couple of weeks!  Mum pointed out that's what they'd been saying since last September.  "I didn't say it, love.  Maybe Rob and Chris did." (like that makes any difference). "Picton's a bl**dy liar." Mum answered, and continued to quietly rant about him as she made her way downstairs.  I saw trouble brewing and went for a walk down to the three local charity shops - one was shut, and there was some kind of emergency in another, with an old man who'd gone in there, sat on one of the sofas for sale and was refusing to move.  A paramedic arrived just as I did and began asking the man questions.  It seemed the bloke had walked there from a local nursing home, and tired himself out...  So everyone was told to leave the shop.   Life is weird.  Anyways, no pony finds for me obviously.
When I got back, Mum was pacing up and down on the opposite side of the road.  Obviously, there had been a huge swearing match while I was away.  And it just continued, with her ranting at the top of her voice, asking David why he'd made her come if her opinion wasn't wanted.  All the time, everyone was staring at us, and I was begging David, "Open the car door, PLEASE!" but he refused, and so I was left in the middle of it.  He's hardly talking to either of us now (Yes, it seems I did wrong too, despite the fact I was two streets away at the time!), and has sulkily slept the evening away in the bathroom doorway.
Nothing else to say really.  My voice is just about back now, but my head is pounding, and I still feel dizzy.  And I have stomach ache from comfort eating.  I've consumed three hot cross buns and around twenty chocolate wafer biscuits today.  I must just try to focus on my dreams.  They're all so near and yet so far; I can't see me ever making it as a voice actress in Canada now.  But I hope we will move house and I'll at least be able to do something with my life.  Mum's still saying she's in no hurry to move though, now that my 18th birthday plans have flown out the window, so God only knows when we will get out of here.
I'm sorry to end on such a dreary note, I really am.  I just wish I could write about something cheerful for once, and surprise you all.  Perhaps I'll have to stop writing about reality and write a fictional story instead!  Even a murder mystery would surely seem like a fairytale compared to this.
Speak to you all soon!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The stress is killing me!

Current mood:  stressed

Quite literally.  I have an awful headache and my eyes keep clouding over.  I keep going dizzy, and almost fainted twice today.  I have awful stomach ache and feel like I'm going to throw up (but keep comfort eating regardless).  And now my voice has totally cracked up.  I mean, really.  Nobody can even make out what I'm saying, and I can't force my words out.  Mum is busily telling me "I shouldn't let it happen if my voice is so important to me".  Well, how can you not let stress happen?  My Grandma was like this too.  Whenever she got stressed, she lost her voice.  I've never had it like this before though.
And I'm sick of sleeping on the floor.  Every bone in my body aches - now I wish I hadn't complained about the communal bed so much.
To those who claimed they didn't believe me, I have evidence.  Be warned though, the pictures below are full of mess and make even me feel sick.
Mum in her "bed"

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!
My "bed" just before I crawled in last night

Sorry, but this is no way to live.  I have so much respect for all the poor people sleeping rough on the streets throughout the world.  Everybody deserves something so simple as a bed.
I'm sick of waking up all night coughing and choking on the dust and carpet beetle droppings.  I wish I could just leave this house forever and never return.  There's not one thing I'd miss about my current life.  If someone offered me a chance to leave this country, I would so take it right now.  Almost ANYTHING has got to be better than this. 
So today it was back to Woodberry we went for yet more arguments.  It was worse than I feared.  There was NO mastic on the countertops, nothing had changed since we last went there at all.  David just believes everything they say.
Mum hates the colour of the ceiling in the hobby room, so it looks like that needs to be changed.
Mum doesn't want the type of locks they've instructed us to get for the bathroom doors, so more trouble there.
The Coke is still on David's bedroom wall, but he isn't bothered.  In fact he asked us if we wanted him to clean it off himself.  WTH?  I didn't think that was the point!
Oh, and nobody was working there again.  Craig had taken another day off to go and see his sick son in hospital again, leaving the central heating on it's highest setting.  Did I mention he left all the lights on too on Friday night?  Luckily, David found them that way on Saturday morning and switched them off, but for goodness sake!
Now that it's almost certain we can't go to California, Mum says she's "washing her hands of the house" and she's in "no hurry to get the work completed".  Thank you very much.  Well, I'm still in a hurry to move.  In fact, I still intend on moving on March 7th.  Just trying to figure out how to do so.
Oh, I've finally got the photos uploaded, so I guess I should show you the infamous "mastic scratch".

How the heck can we be expected to live with that?  And look at the mess they've made trying to rub it down at the front anyways!
Also, just because my blogs have been quite depressing lately, here's a change in mood in the form of a rather funny photo of David showing us how some wallpaper will look on the shower room wall.  It looks more as though he's trying to protect it from some unseen monster!

Nothing else has really happened today.  Someone wants to buy a second of the three MLP kitchen playsets I had up for sale on the Arena.  But I can't find a box the right size for it. >.<
I also tried to find the second part of that Walker episode I recorded - "Sons Of Thunder" - on Youtube, but no such luck.  However, while messing about on the search system over there with Shane on my mind, I did come across this old Road To Avonlea episode, which certain friends of mine may enjoy seeing (again, depending if/how many time you already saw it ) ~ the first part can be found *here*.  Just click through the top "Related Video" links if you want to see the rest of the epiosde.  Or the whole thing can be found on the third page of my Shane Meier Playlist on there.  You were all fascinated to know that, I'm sure.  I thought the whole Downtown Brooklyn accent was so cute.  I can't believe he was only about my age when that was filmed.
And finally, a very big happy birthday wish for Sarah!  Sorry I was unable to send you an actual birthday gift - I feel so awkward, especially considering the beautiful necklace you sent me last year.  I promise I'll make it up to you when I am able though.  You're one of my very best friends and I don't know what I would do without you, to be quite honest.  *Massive hugs*  I hope you have a great year ahead of you.
Well, I'm going now.  Time to bed down on the floor again.  And now I have toothache too!  Agh!  I reckon I'll have fallen apart by this time tomorrow, but if my arm hasn't dropped off by then, I'll see you all back here then.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Give them ANOTHER couple of days?!

Current mood:  restless

I'm sorry, but I'm getting really mad at my father now.  He agreed to meet the builder early this morning, KNOWING Mum and I wouldn't be able to come (Now that he sleeps in the bathroom, he rules when we can get up), and completely messed up the meeting.

He has given them another vague "couple of days" to try to fix the countertop before we can even start the long process of replacing it.  Apparently, what Mum and I saw before was not a rough attempt at fixing it, but more mastic that had been dropped on top of the scratch...  Um...

A. I have photos from the side of the countertop (which I still need to upload so can't post - sorry!) which show how the countertop now actually slopes where they've begun rubbing it down, so it's certainly not something dropped on top of the scratch...

B.  What the heck are they doing with mastic in the kitchen of a house where they're not even using the stuff?  And what a fantastic coincidence that it would be dropped right there on top of that scratch!

Somehow I feel that mastic has been added since Mum and I were over there, probably to cover up the bad work they did rubbing it down, probably to give them more time to think how to get out of paying to replace it, and David gave into them, of course!  I feel like screaming right now.

There were various other things said about wrong light switch plates etc., and David gave into them all the way along, but I won't go into details here because I'm feeling too ill.

David drove Mum to the dentist this afternoon for a check-up.  Her new dentist won't do anything for her.  She doesn't believe in fillings (they make bigger holes in the long run), can't do root canal treatment (that's for specialists, don't you know?!) and doesn't think anything should be done at all unless you're in absolute agony, and then it's time for extraction.  Her words, not mine.  What kind of dentist says that sort of thing?

I spent the time making some voice recordings from various videos on Youtube, and tried to sing Janyse's "That's What I Love About You".  Not to sound big-headed, but I do think there's improvment there.  If only I could get some proper lessons!  I'm going to try and make a better recording of myself singing the song, and then anyone who wants to hear it can just let me know and I'll e-mail it to them.  I don't want to put it up here in case of offending anyone, or causing copyright infringement etc.

Tonight we all went back to Brent Cross TRU, but David forgot to bring the "Spend £30 and get £5 off" voucher.  I'm about to do my first ever pony trade - with Cotton_Candy.  She's getting me some Dolly Mix Ponies, and I'm going to get her a pony from TRU in return.  BUT I discovered the ponies are still on a BOGOF offer so I'm going to surprise her with a second pony too.   (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this blog, so fingers crossed she won't see what I just wrote!)  Since I have to spend £30, I'm going to get myself the La-Ti-Da Salon, which I can just afford with the "pony percentage" of the money I've got from selling stuff lately, but that still leave another £5.  Hence, I'm happy to pick up two ponies for you, if you want something specific?  First person to comment/message me takes priority.

They have Name on Leg Ponies mainly, plus Eyeshadow Cheerilee and Sweetie-Belle, a couple of the Birthstone Ponies, and Dress-Up Royal Bouquet and Tropical Surprise.  Just let me know, otherwise I'll get some random ponies and put them up for sale in the new "Adoption Centre" of my Sales Album.  Yep, I've decided I'm going to have to harden my heart and start selling duplicate ponies that come my way.  Don't worry, all my old ponies will be staying, so if you've sent ponies to the Rescue Home, they're perfectly safe and happy.  I love them too much to send them away now!  I just can't keep accepting more and more duplicates now that we're moving to a smaller house.

For those who are curious to see my Sales Album, you'll find it *here* .  (Yep, yet another shameless plug!  Please help me out with moving to Woodberry and getting myself a bed while David hangs about in Grottsville forever! )

I just wish we COULD move to that smaller house.  Sleeping on the floor is really getting to me now, but I will not give in.  My legs ache so badly though, I could hardly make it around TRU today.  I don't know what's going to happen.

Oh, and David has just announced that my pony shelves are now coming by next Monday.  It was Thursday before!  And until they come, they can't be assembled, and until they're assembled, they can't be painted, and until they're painted, I can't get a carpet, and until I get a carpet, I can't get a bed...  AGH!  What an awful mess.

Well, I need to get some messages written to people, and it's almost 1am.  So I have to go now.  Huge hugs to anybody who has continued to read my depressing blogs the last few days.  I love you all! <3

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark   xxx

Monday, 23 February 2009

Smashed tree, ruined worktop, and Coke on the wall ~ ah, life couldn't be better!

Current mood:  exhausted

So I could hardly sleep last night for all the trouble outside again - a gang of drunkards were singing loudly right outside our house.  I swear they were in our front garden at one point, but obviously I wasn't going to open the curtains and look.  I heard crunching and scrunching, clanging and banging, smashing and crashing, but was too scared to look and see what they were doing.
But today when I opened the curtains, I discovered the little tree across the street from us had been broken down, snapped off halfway down the trunk along with all the supports the local council put round it last time someone did this to another tree down the road.  I was sad, as I can remember that tree being planted about eleven years's one of the only pretty things in this road - and now it's gone, destroyed in minutes, and all in the name of "fun" for some retarded bloke.
Best of all, nobody has even come to clear up the remaining pieces of the trunk, so I guess the next gang of thugs will be throwing those around the street tonight...
We went to Woodberry just after midday to look at more colours.  The shower room has been painted now, and I LOVE IT!  I wish it was the bathroom next to my room now.  It's two-tone blue, and will have white and blue (waterproof) wallpaper on two walls.  Craig (the painter) has also started work on the hobby room, and I think I'm going to like that one as well.  It will be blue with one grey wallpapered feature wall., grey skirting boards, and a pale blue-grey ceiling.  Mum's not keen on the shower room, but hopefully it will grow on her.  We also think we have colours for David's office, Mum's family history room and we're starting on the stairs.  But Homebase was shut by the time we got there, so we couldn't get any paint sample pots.
BUT, more importantly, the builders have obviously had a go at rubbing down the kitchen countertop, and it's awful!  It kind of feels like gravel now, and you can see a big grey scuff mark.  They obviously stopped before they went along the length of the whole scratch, realising they were only making matters worse.  I hope they don't expect us to live with that.
I also noticed they've put the wrong light switch covers in the hall.  I know it sounds weird but we have "Regency" ones on the first floor and "Bronze" elsewhere.  Well, they've put the Regency ones downstairs in the hall...except they've actually used "Georgian" ones in some places, which differ from Regency because they have black switches rather than gold.  Well, you're probably as confused as me by now, but since it's their job to get these things right, I don't think it's acceptable to have to pay to correct their mistakes time and again.
Oh, and there's a huge stain down David's bedroom wall - a Coke stain!  Someone has obviously gone in his (painted) room and opened a ring-pull can which has sprayed up and trickled down the wall.  I need to move in there and make sure they don't do anything else like that.  They're basically ruining all our newly-decorated rooms, and telling us we have to pay £300 if we want them to clean up after themselves.   Why can't they just keep fizzy drinks in the un-decorated rooms?  There's no work still to be done in David's room now (well, apart from fitting shelves which aren't even coming until next week), so who was in there drinking Coke anyways?!
I've been bitten to death by carpet beetles last night, and my arm is aching from lying on the hard floor.  But I have no choice until we move, so I've got to bed down again.  Mum has already done so, and is snoring loudly at the other end of the room.
I owe loads of letters to people, but I'm feeling too tired to write coherently to anybody.  I promise I'll write to you all tomorrow though.  *Hugs*
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Well, I'm Still Here.

Current mood:  cold

Yes, sorry to disappoint you all.  But I'm still in Grottsville.  I do intend on moving to Woodberry next month though - probably around the 7th - so I will most likely be going offline for some time.
For those who want to know what happened last night, Mum and I had a few arguments with David, and I sat up until almost 6.30am, then decided to try and sleep on the hard floor down here.  I slept restlessly for about two hours, and woke up covered in even more carpet beetle bites than usual.  Oh, well...  I guess this is how it'll be until we move house now, because I will NOT sleep on the drool-covered communal bed again.  Mum is supporting me and also sleeping on the floor.  David sulked and slept in the bathroom with the door shut so that we had to use buckets to flush the loo downstairs again.  I would imagine he'll start using the mattress soon though, so you can see who'll win again.
Nothing has happened today at all.  I didn't leave the house, and just basically sat around for most of the day, dwelling on my life passing me by and my lack of independence and just trying to figure a way out of here.  I washed a grand total of four ponies (!), and tried to load videos on Youtube - I think I've got like 90 minutes' TV out of three days of loading vids on dial-up!
I FINALLY got to the end of watching that one episode of Walker Texas Ranger...and discovered it was a two-part show.  Call me an idiot if you wish, but IMDb lists it as being only one part.  Either way, Bravo only showed the first part.  WTH?  I'm hooked on this show now, and can't even watch the end of the one episode I was watching.  Why can't they just show the series in sequence?!
I'm pretty sure we will not be going away to California for my 18th birthday now.  I've looked forward and looked forward to it, but there's no way we can leave this house if our possessions are still here, even if David wasn't out of work.  And we'll lose our deposit anyway.  I'm sick of this life. >.<
On a cheerier note, I found the tape recorder we brought back from my grandparents' house over three years ago, and actually managed to get it working!  It's identical to the one I used for years that has now totally packed up (my mum bought two of them; one for herself and one for her parents), and works pretty well considering it dates from the early 80s!  Anyways, hopefully I can get working on some more voice projects to practise myself a bit before we move house and I can become a proper member of the VAA forums.
Well, I guess that's all for now.  It's about time for me to go to floor...sorry, I mean "bed"!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Saturday, 21 February 2009

I'm Leaving

Current mood:  determined

No, that isn't just another of my silly meaningless titles.  I am leaving this house for good...well, I think I am.  I'm really not sure anymore, but I'll see how I feel in the morning.  Now I don't even have a place to sleep here, I don't see what can be so much worse at Woodberry.
I guess I'd better start at the very beginning, despite not feeling like writing a blog today - perhaps the spirits of Myspace are trying to tell me something about not writing a daily blog, by giving me something important to write about?!
Well, today (or should I say yesterday since it's now the early hours) we went to Westfields, which is supposedly the largest shopping centre in all of Europe.  To be quite frank, I didn't think a lot of the place, but then I guess not having enough money to buy anything from posh shops may contribute to that feeling.
We really went for Laura Ashley, to get a few wallpaper samples.  It was £2 an hour just to park the car, so we didn't hang around long.  I walked in and out of The Entertainer (which was only a tiny branch anyway), and then we headed back to the car through a maze of corridors full of posh shops.  Mum spent most of her time in the public services with an upset stomach, while David and I waited outside for her.
There was a huge branch of Accessorize there with a big jewellery section, but I thought it was rather pointless going in there with no money in my purse!
On the way back, I spotted a Nisa supermarket I'd not noticed before, and asked to stop so that I could look for the Dolly Mix ponies everybody has been talking about on the Arena.  They're one set of ponies I feel I could afford to buy as I know there are enough people who would be willing to buy any doubles I got for a little extra to probably cover my own set if I bought enough packets.  But, alas, there were none there.
David went to see a wallpaperer at Woodberry to discuss prices, while I practised VA'ing upstairs.  Mum came flying up to the bathroom with her upset stomach without warning me (right when I was doing MLP impersonations too), then annoyed me by laughing about my awful Rarity voice which she had apparently heard on her way up.
Nothing else really happened for the general blogging day...  I eventually turned the computer off and went upstairs to the communal bed, where I believed David was scanning Mum's old photographs as he'd promised to do (hence, why I was going to bed later than usual - I got told off for calling him away from doing her job before).  There I find him with the scanner and photographs pushed to one side, a rude newspaper opened on page three in front of him (Well, we know how he'd spent his evening then, don't we?), and him fast asleep.
Fine.  I was a little upset, as he'd promised he wouldn't sleep on the bed Mum and I have to share just for these last few nights while I have to sleep there before I said I'd move to Woodberry regardless of what state it was in, but I accepted that.  Said I'd open the window for five minutes before I went to bed to try and air the room a little; tried to keep myself calm.
I waited about an hour while he clears the bed, getting more and more tired...  Then finally I was able to get upstairs.  I went to open the window while I went in the bathroom and changed into my pajamas...only to see a huge pool of drool on the bed right where I have to sleep.
Okay, so I know a lot of you are probably saying that's no big deal, but when it makes me feel sick to have to sleep in a bed with someone else anyway, I can do without a third person coming along and dribbling all over the mattress while I think he's doing a job for Mum!
So I've said I'm not going to the communal bed tonight...or ever again for that matter.  But there's honestly nowhere else to sleep.  David has now claimed the landing for the rest of the night (he's angry with me and not talking to me, as the dribble is "nowhere near my face" - true, it's about halfway down the bed, but still), Mum has sprawled herself out on the only patch of clear floor in the lounge, and I'm just sitting in my usual space by the radiator.
I turned the computer on to try and keep myself awake, because I know I'll get an awful neck ache if I fall asleep here with no back support or anything.  Anybody want to chat?  I promise not to be too depressing - I just need to stay awake all night!
So I'm now telling them I'm moving to Woodberry as of tomorrow.  I don't see how it's possible really, as I have next to no money, no way of getting an income, no food (or kitchen!) over there, as well as no bed and all the other discomforts of this house.  No financial support as David says I'm being ridiculous to not want to sleep in that bed anymore. Oh, and no computer either.  So if I go offline for a few weeks, you'll know what's happened.
*Yawns*  I have a long, long night ahead of me...  And a very uncertain few weeks to come.   But I'll make it through, always have before, so no need to be downhearted, eh?
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Thursday, 19 February 2009

FIRE!!! Oh, no....TEACAKES!!! :p

Current mood:  restless

A burning smell fills the house.  Mum and I fear that David is setting fire to the kitchen again, and go running out there, screaming, to see what's happening.  Smoke is filling the kitchen.  Through the smoke, we can just about see him toasting teacakes in our toaster which isn't really wide enough to do so.  The teacakes have got stuck, of course...and so my father is left trying to prise them out with a metal fork.   I swear that if he doesn't find work soon, he's going to do some serious damage; whether it will be to the house, or to himself, I have yet to figure out!
So today was pretty boring.  We went to the house, where Mum decided she didn't like some of the colours we had decided on. >.<  We do think we've found a green for either David's office or the loft landing though.
My room is fine.  They'd left a rusty nail on the floor where I intend on sleeping in nine days, but otherwise I wouldn't have even known they'd lifted the floorboards.  Phew!
By the time we got back, it was too late to eat dinner and get out to Mum's monthly family history evening, so she was disappointed.  I'm also worried as we have some books we borrowed from their library which should have been returned, so I guess now we'll receive a nasty letter about that.
Oh, something I forgot to mention yesterday: Gabriella went for her appointment at Moorfields Eye Hospital, and they say that the pressure in her eyes is normal now.   So it seems it may have just been a dodgy test at the other hospital.  They want to see her agin in six weeks for a check up, especially as they still say her eyes are too big, and roll around too much.  It's sounding more like she may have a squint than something really serious though, so that's a relief.
Not much else to say about today.  I managed to watch most of the Walker Texas Ranger episode I recorded yesterday - you were all right, it is a great show, and now I'm wishing they'd just air the whole thing right back from the 1993 series.  Blast UK television being so odd - I feel like going out and buying a DVD box set now, but I don't have the money.  Oh well, maybe I should try recording the random episodes and try to thread together my own videos - if only I could get David to set up the second VCR that Emma gave us.
I've been trying to clear up in Emma's old bedroom and found a few more things to sell, mainly old Glo Friends, Teddy In My Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop stuff.  I also finally found my boxed Show Stable, so hopefully I'll be able to sort out at least one of my others (and hopefully all three) ready for sale, if anybody is looking for them.  I know shipping prices put a lot of people off, and I won't get a lot for them - I'd just like to see them go to good homes.  I need to put together as many accessories as I can for them first though.  I also found the old boxes for my G2 Castle, Wedding Carriage and Sailing Boat.  I don't know what to do with them, and wish I hadn't kept them now.  I haven't got space to keep the whole boxes, and really only want the backcards, but I know other people do want the boxes for their sets, so I feel bad getting rid of them after all this time.
Well, that's all, I guess.  I need to write to Elisabeth before I go to bed and my parents will be moaning if I don't switch the computer off soon.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What is wrong with that man?

Current mood:  giddy
So today I wake up at 7am to hear David calling Mum's name again and again.  She continues to snore.  I stick my foot out and nudge her.  "Hey, don't kick me!" she yells at me.  "He's calling you." I said...and promptly fell asleep again.
I didn't wake up again until about 9am.  By which time, David was in the bathroom.  He didn't come out until 10.50am, meanwhile I just had to lie in bed, getting more and more irritated that I couldn't get dressed and start my day.
When he did come out of the bathroom, he started messing about with his Mills & Boon list on his computer (which he'd taken to the toilet with him! ), still blocking me from getting to the bathroom.  I had forgotten what time Walker Texas Ranger was airing on Bravo, and thought it was 11am, so of course I was panicking - I guess I thought the TV would pack up before the three repeats or something.
Anyhow, eventually after Mum and I shouting at him that I wanted to get up, and him saying "Just give me ten more minutes to sort this thing out".  By the time I got downstairs, he had gone out.  Apparently, he'd gone to Woodberry via Tesco where he bought some light bulbs as the electrician had instructed.
I was able to record Walker on a VHS tape I, er, found...on one of David's piles of videos in the hall.  Now before you start yelling at me, I KNOW he won't miss it.  I forwarded through it last night after I wrote my blog, and found it had originally been a tape of homeschooling maths programmes, which he had recorded over with three random films...then recorded over them with part of a football match - now he doesn't record football matches to keep forever, so I guess he didn't want those films before, or even if he did, he hadn't checked the video very well when he wiped them off with that football match, had he?  He has so many hundreds of videos, he'll never miss it, I guarantee.
Anyways, that meant I didn't have to watch it in front of Mum, although she still noticed I was about to record something and, with such terrible eyes that she can't see anything on TV (!), she somehow managed to read what was coming up next.  "Oh, Walker Texas Ranger - is that what you're after?" she said.  I almost screamed.  We know what she'll be looking up on her next computer turn, when she's bored and Googling nonsense to see what comes up.  And since "drama is boring and stupid", we all know what she'll be saying about me after that. 
I still haven't had a chance to watch the show, by the way.  Darn not having my own room where I can retreat to watch a simple video!
When David returned, he told us that the electricians had already left by the time he got there, having still not finished the work they were supposed to have completed today.  Only the painter was there, so he put the lights in.  Why David couldn't have done it, if any non-electrician can, I just do not know.
Anyhow, it seems he had a good conversation with his painter friend.  "He's doing a lot of hard work, rubbing down the walls in the hobby room."  (The room right next door to mine) "Creating more dust, I suppose." I said, quietly.  "Have they replaced my floorboards now?"  David nodded.  "And is there a lot of dust all over her walls?" Mum asked.  David shook his head. "So did you close the door?" I asked.  David remained silent, and looked guilty.  "WHY NOT?!" I yelled.  All right, maybe I am being a bit silly about all of this, but after all these years of waiting I want my room to be as perfect as possible.
"Because I've asked the painter to go in there and clean it up..." David admitted.  Clean what up exactly?  I wonder if this is the reason he was so determined to stop Mum and I going over there today?  God knows what state my room is in, and I intend on sleeping there ten nights from now!
Oh, and what about the countertop, you ask?  "Don't worry about that." David reassured us.  "They're putting a dust cover over it to prevent further damage."  Mum and I shrieked in unison. "There's no point covering it up to prevent further damage!  The damage has been done!  They have to replace it, so why are they trying to prevent further damage now.  Don't tell me you agreed to that?!"
David nodded, sheepishly.  Oh God, what is going to happen now?  The whole countertop is covered in small hairline scratches, but this is the huge great scratch in question

(To the right of the big dusty mark)  It doesn't look so bad in the photo as it does in real life; would you really want that (or accept that) in your brand new kitchen on your £1300 countertop?!
Ah, but the painter has another solution.  He thinks they can "rub it down"!  How do they propose to do that?  It isn't wood.  What is it going to look like if they start sandpapering and messing about like that?!  You can't rub down that kind of thing...can you?
Oh, and on top of all of that I received a nice little letter from my local doctors surgery telling me I should go down their and get the vaccination against cervical cancer.  Well, I know I should.  I've been thinking about it for a while now, and since it's free, I may as well take it.  But the leaflet doesn't half scare you.  You may have a funny reaction causing breathlessness or you may even faint...but don't worry, the nurse will know what to do!  It doesn't help that I know someone who did react strangely to her first jab (you have to have three), and could hardly get home.  And each one is supposed to be a bit worse.  Plus my fear of needles, of course. 
And since I have no interest in relationships of that kind anyway, it all seems rather pointless.  But if I end up forced into marrying because I can't support myself, it could be a handy thing to have done.  It's just the paralysis case I read about in the paper that puts me off slightly.  The girl can't even walk now.  I know these things are rare...but I also know my luck.
Anyways, my arm is twinging now, just at the thought of that needle...  So I'm off to write about something of a cheerier topic on a forum somewhere, and go to bed.
Hope everybody is doing well.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark   xxx