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Ah, Finally!

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Yep, the time has come...  Right here, on February 16th 2009, you are about to witness a miracle.  I, Desirée Skylark, am about to do something I have not done since before our trip to Gibraltar last November.  FINALLY, the catch-up blogs will be completed, and I will be able to write up to date blogs on a regular basis again.  Superbly exciting, huh? 

Oh well, I guess I had better get on with the boring job at hand...

February 13th 2009

Friday 13th.  Great - just what we needed considering how this year has gone so far.  And since it's February, a month with exactly four weeks, I guess we get another one in March too!

We went to Laura Ashley to look at wallpaper, as suggested by Mum's e-friend, Jill.  Mum has always hated Laura Ashley, with the expensive "used furniture" range, made to look old and worn out before you even get it home.  Actually, I have to agree with her there.  I've never understood designer jeans with white "worn" patches or even holes in the knees.  And the same applies to brand new chairs that have been painted a perfect glossy white...except on the seat, where the paint has been "worn away" by people sitting on it "over the years".  Pointless, in my eyes (no offence to anyone who likes this stuff, of course!).  Anyhow, now that Jill says she likes shopping at Laura Ashley, Mum decided to give the shop another chance.  And guess what?  She LOVES the wallpaper in there now!

So we got quite a few free samples (although there were still other designs there that she liked, so we need to go to another branch and get more!), and then went on to Brent Cross TRU, since we were nearby, and I've been wanting to go and look at the ponies for a while.

I couldn't afford anything, and to be quite honest there wasn't much there I'd have wanted.  It's sad, but I think Hasbro has killed MLP, at least for me.  I like the new Ponyville Ponies with the wigs, but the Newborn Cuties look like little cats rather than ponies.  Rainbow Dash is sweet, but I can't possibly afford the big set she comes with.

All the ordinary ponies were buy one get one free, AND we had a get £5 off when you spend over £30 voucher, but I just didn't have the money to spare.  And they didn't have the new set with the accessories and matching designs anyways.  Just hundreds of the Name On Leg Ponies.  I know they've been in short supply in some areas, so if anybody wants me to pick some up for you next time I go, just drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.

Some lovely Petite Ponies came up for sale on the Arena ($30 for the very two playsets I have wanted for about seven years now, with just about all of their accessories, plus five ponies), but obviously I couldn't afford them either.  Why does all the good stuff have to come up for sale when I'm broke?!

February 14th 2009

Off to Woodberry we went once again...this time to look at the wallpapers we got at Laura Ashley.  I went straight to my bedroom as usual - I just love to sit on that dusty floor, and dream about finally moving house - where I came across an awful sight.  There, in the middle of my newly-painted room, were four huge sand bags.  They have been out in the front garden since last autumn, so God knows why they've been brought inside now.  Obviously, they're filthy and dusty...with the remnants of sand still in the bottoms of the bags.  Oh, and the painter was filling one with all his rubbish (yes, only one.  Why would anybody need to fill FOUR rubbish bags at one time?)  Well, I got upset.  Maybe everyone will tell me I'm being stupid, but why dump DUSTY rubbish in a newly-decorated bedroom?  There are so many un-decorated rooms still in that house, and there I am with all this filth leaning up against my nice lavender wall.

So I got hold of it and moved it out on to the landing, then began sweeping up all the dust that was underneath the bags with a broom the painter had left there.  David went mad, screaching at me that I "mustn't move their stuff", and I was "being unreasonable".  After all, my room "wasn't completed yet" (um, yes it is, it's just that the paintwork is a mess like in every other room in the house - but you wanted to keep Picton's choice of painter, remember?!) So, already upset, I shouted at him, "Well, I've waited eighteen years for my own bed, so shouldn't I at least have a nice, new, clean room to put it in when I finally do get one?".  Angry that the neighbours might have "heard my little fit", and know I'd waited eighteen years for my own bed, he told Mum and I that we were going home and didn't speak to us for the rest of the day like both of us had been naughty little girls or something, even though Mum hadn't actually said or done a thing on this occasion!

In the evening, she had one of her funny telepathic visions, and decided to check her old Lycos e-mail account, which we hadn't looked at in months.  And there she discovered that Lycos e-mail was closing midnight!!!  Just in time, I was able to save my most important old messages.  Sometimes it pays to have a strange family.

February 15th 2009 (Yesterday!)

Back to Woodberry to look at more colours.  Finally managed to get the shower room sorted out.  Then to Asda where I saw the anthro Ponyville Ponies for the first time...and I'm sorry, but they're just not my cup of tea either.  I thought they would have poseable limbs or something, but no, instead of that they have accessories actually welded to their hooves (or should that be hands?) and the clothes are actually moulded on to their bodies?!  Oh well, at least I don't feel too bad that I can't afford all these new things.

I was bad though, and bought the set of little £1.96 Ponyville Ponies.  I figure these might be the last ponies I actually like that I'll see for a while, and since the money could easily come out of what I've earned from selling MLP stuff over the last month or so, I felt I could bend the rules a little for these.  I know they're only slightly different to others that I already own, but Cheerilee's little wings are so cute!  And who could resist another Pinkie Pie?  Honestly?

Oh, and I saw the photos from the New York toy fair for the first time last night.  I very nearly screamed when I saw what they've done to MLP this year.  For those non-collectors, and any collectors who have somehow managed to miss the horror up until now ~  (Be warned, they'll give you nightmares)

The only one I can even bring myself to half-like is the little Pinkie Pie in this photo.  She looks kind of cute with her hair done like that.

Oh, and the SLH Rainbow Dash is growing on me slowly..

But for the most part, I think they look like a cross between little aliens and mutant cats rather than ponies.

I can't STAND the moulded hair and plastic clothes...

And if I'd had one of these things when I was a kid, I think it would have given me nightmares and scared me half to death...

What's with those weird eyebrows?!

Well, I guess it's for the better that there's hardly anything I like now that I'm too broke to buy them all.  I'm still disappointed though - I've collected MLP for sixteen years now, and this is the first time I've really felt like I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the vast majority of the stuff that Hasbro released any one year.  I even preferred last year's endless Core Seven re-releases in exactly the same pose!

I'm actually sitting here hoping that these will be so unpopular that Hasbro will discontinue the MLP line all together.  At least then there might be a chance of decent-looking G4 PONIES being released in the future.

February 16th 2009 (TODAY - I made it!)

Went back to Woodberry.  Nobody was working there.  Apparently, the painter's kid is ill, so he's left until further notice.  Now don't get me wrong, I feel very sorry for the kid and his father, BUT are you honestly telling me the builders don't know of any other painters who could work on our job in the meantime?

We tried to sort out the colours for the hobby room, but couldn't get a sample paint pot at Homebase for the grey we are looking at for the ceiling (to go with another Laura Ashley wallpaper, don't you know?!)

When we got back in the car following our stop at Woodberry, David started screaming.  Yes, screaming and wailing like a little baby.  We asked him what was wrong, but he wouldn't answer.  I guessed that he had shut his hand in the car door or something, so got out and opened it.  He continued to wail.  "What the Hell's wrong with you?" Mum yelled at him in the end.  Still, he didn't answer the question.  But suddenly, he stopped screaming, and said calmly, "Where are the scissors?"  I remembered they had been left in the loft, so he went and got them.  When he returned, he finally told us that a pen in his pocket had stuck in his leg...and he believed he'd stabbed himself with the scissors.  Er...  I told you I had a less than normal family, didn't I?!

He still can't get a job, and today an agency contacted him (both by phone and e-mail, no less) to ask him if he'd be interested in a job in Vancouver of all places.  Unfortunately, it's just a group message, so we won't be dropping everything and flying off to my happy ending just yet.  My parents (yes, the ones who "don't understand or know anything about my dreams" ) have spent the entire day joking about it though.  Actually, the first thing Mum said to me this morning was... "Some agency phoned him wanting him to go to an interview for a job in Vancouver!  Isn't that funny?  You'd have liked that, wouldn't you?  Too bad they only accept young people with a very high education."  And what would she know about that anyway?  I guess it's a follow-on from the conversation regarding me not getting to college the other day. I bit my tongue and let her continue her silly remarks throughout breakfast, getting more and more annoyed.  Then she wondered why I was in a bad mood when I finally did speak to her on a totally different subject.

Then tonight she checked David's e-mails and found it necessary to read the entire thing out to him again.  He was out in the kitchen and only heard half of what she said (or at least he claimed he did).  When he came into the lounge, he asked if she had been speaking to him.  She told him she had, and told him he'd had a message from whoever the bloke was who was asking him to go to this interview.  Anyhow, David's answer was, "Well, yes, of course that's my message."  Like he thought she'd been reading out mine or something (I'm not so stupid as to give her my passwords! )  Mum told him she never said it wasn't.  "Why did you say 'she' then?"  Don't ask what he was on about, as I don't have the answer.  Anyway, she put me through the whole ordeal of reading the thing out again, then added, "Why would SHE be offered a job in Canada?"  The conversation went on for about five minutes, ending with David saying, "I doubt they'd accept me.  But would you want to go to Vancouver anyway?"  In response, Mum put on her snooty disdainful anti-Canada voice that I fortunately haven't seen in the past few months, and said simply, "No, of course not.  Who would?"  I just sat on the floor, photographing the last of my MLP collection and quietly humming along to Janyse's "The Magic Of Think" CD which I was currently playing on the TV's DVD/CD player.  Her music is so uplifting and inspiring for times like these.

All right, so I just wrote about three paragraphs on my parents and their stupidity, so I guess they succeeded in annoying me.  On a lighter - but still depressing - note, I have run out of shampoo and conditioner just short of having washed my complete MLP collection.  (23 ponies, in fact!)  So now I'm going to have to buy another two bottles of that stuff...which irritates me, as I don't even have any of my own dry hair shampoo!   Since when did my ponies become better pampered than their owner?

Well, that's it.  I am finally up to date for the first time in three months!  I had one of my silly superstitions that until this blog was completed things would not go right for us.  And it certainly did seem that way.  So fingers crossed that means that now the blog is finally complete, the opposite will happen.

See you all tomorrow!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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