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"But you won't have a nice soft seat!"

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Still no advanced editing on Myspace, so yet another boring blog from me, I'm afraid.

I'm not really sure why I used the title I did, as it has nothing to do with this blog. It is simply quoting my mum when she said something rather ridiculous earlier today. But no matter - we'll get to today soon enough. But first, we have more catching up to do!

February 5th 2009

David and I went to Woodberry to meet a man about making shelves for his books and my ponies. I saw his bedroom painted for the first time. I must admit it's not my cup of tea, but if that's what he likes, I guess that's what matters. >.<

My ceiling had been painted too, but sadly I couldn't get any photos to show the correct colour - they all came up looking grey rather than blue! David and I also thought that Mum's room looked...different...but since there's no light in there, we couldn't figure out what it was. The walls looked lighter than the woodwork, but surely they hadn't painted the woodwork first? And Mum's wall colour was a lot darker than the woodwork should have been. So what WAS going on?

Just then there was a knock on the door; the shelving man, Steven, had arrived. He was an older man who spoke with a rather snobby affected voice. David made a big thing in my bedroom of telling Steven about my ponies, and trying to get him to laugh at me. But of course, a posh man like Steven would not lower himself to laughing at his client - He was far too professional! So I got the last laugh there! However, he did insist I had a hanging rail in my storage cupboard, because "no disrespect, but my wardrobe wouldn't be enough for all my clothes, believe him". Heh, three t-shirts and eight pairs of ripped leggings?! Ah well, maybe I'll actually have more clothes once I move...IF I can actually get a decent job and earn some money of my own, that is.

I got another laugh when we moved on to David's room. He plopped himself down on the floor and started rolling about under the sloping roof, measuring the wall while Steven kind of looked on at this crazy dust-covered creature, and delicately brushed the trouser leg he had messed up by getting down on one knee to measure part of the wall.

Anyways, moving on, Steven said we should have the shelves within 2-3 weeks. Oh, and he noticed the broken fireplace and, without us even mentioning it, he actually commented about what a beautiful fireplace it was, and asked what had happened. He thought it was disgusting that it had been treated with such disrespect, and couldn't believe the law doesn't appear to be on our side.

After dropping me back in Grottsville, David went to Tesco and got us some ice cream, because Mum has been really craving it for weeks. Of course, we have to eat a whole tub in one sitting, due to not having a freezer in this house, and because it was so late, it made Mum and I feel sick.

During the day, I'd done a lot of clearing up in the library and came across a few little MLP accessories that I thought I'd lost, so they've been put in their appropriate bags and boxes ready for moving to Woodberry...and a few more bits that I can sell. I need to get them photographed and uploaded to my Arena Sales Gallery! Be sure to keep checking that gallery for MLP merchandise or accessories - or just drop me a line if you're after anything specific. I desperately need to make a bit of cash, and I just might have what you're looking for. ;)

February 6th 2009

Didn't leave the house again. David went to see a lawyer about the fireplace, and she told him that we should "pay off the architect to get rid of him". WTH? He didn't even do his job, and is overcharging us! Oh, if we took him to court over the fireplace, Edwardian tiles and everything else that's been broken, it's only 50/50 that we'd win. What is wrong with the law in this country? Of course, once David came back and announced that, Mum got depressed and announced that she'd "lost interest in the house" and "wasn't going to look at any more colours until everything was resolved". >.<

David came in with a Pinkie Pie bubble bath bottle that he'd found at a charity shop in Ealing for £1. Now I don't want to sound ungrateful, as I'm really pleased he thought about me, but I feel awful that yet more money has been spent on ponies right when I'm trying to make some money by selling my duplicate stuff! But I can't bring myself to sell a bubble bath bottle with such a sweet little face! :P

Being housebound, I started messing about on the internet, and annoyed myself by finding out that My Little Pony Tales was being repeated on Tiny Pop right up until two weeks before David finally got the TV fixed. AGH! I've waited EIGHT YEARS for that show to come back on television, and I went and missed the re-runs by such a short time.

Oh, and they're currently showing "The Outer Limits" on one of our channels right now, and I missed an episode that Janyse starred in by about four weeks, and one of Shane's episodes by FIVE DAYS. I am officially irritated. :P

Mum and I ended up having a huge argument when she came to bed. I think I was miserable having been locked up all day again - what's the point of getting up in the morning if I don't even leave the house? I just get out of the communal bed, sit on the hard floor all day, and go back to the bed I have to share with Mum. I'm sick of it all. Anyways, I ended up sobbing into my pillow well into the early hours. The last time I looked at the clock it was 5.15am. :(

February 7th 2009

Exciting day - I actually left the house! Yep, David drove me to the tip to throw away some of the junk I have cleared out, and then to Wickes where we bought three garden lights that we don't even want but have been told to buy because Sickton said we needed them.

Oh, and finally to Curry's to look at...well, I'm not quite clear what we went to look at. David wanted to go, and spent most of the time staring at the movie they were showing on all the televisions. >.<

Mum refused to leave the house, because she was still too depressed. :(

February 8th 2009

Mum finally agreed to go back to Woodberry, telling us that she was "in such a bad mood that she would most likely start smashing the walls again". I dashed up the stairs to see my bedroom, presuming it would be painted by now. It had been...

I SCREAMED. David howled. Mum stood downstairs and looked at us. "What's wrong?" she said.

It looks kind of washed out in these photos, but... was AWFUL. My walls were a very bright and horrendously garish PINK! Dulux Kimono Pink, the colour I wanted my woodwork painted, in fact. It made the ceiling look PURPLE...the colour the walls should have been. I dashed upstairs to Mum's room...and found it HAD indeed been painted, but it was such a light colour you never would have guessed had the empty paint cans not been in the middle of the room.

What was written on the paint cans? WHISPER OF PASHMINA. Mum wanted PASHMINA pink not WHISPER OF Pashmina!!! I came downstairs to find Mum laughing and laughing at my horrible pink. "Well, you won't be laughing when you go upstairs." I told her. "Why, what have they done up there?" She ran up to the loft faster than ever, and then it was her turn to scream. How can they have messed up TWO rooms out of the four we gave them?! And why were they so desperate for colours if they can't even get them right once they have them?!?!

But more to the point, WHY DID DAVID INSIST ON GIVING THE JOB TO THESE USELESS BUILDERS?!?!?! Mum and I were fuming, and David was there trying to calm us down. "Well, at least it gives us more time to think of the other colours..." Well, since I am moving in at the start of next month, no matter what state the house is in, I would prefer they at least got my room right. >.<

I sold a MLP annual and two framed MLP pictures to DancingButterflies and baby_gusty respectively. Both very good buyers, should anyone in the pony community be looking for referneces. :)

I'm off now. It's Friday 13th tomorrow - oh well, it can't be any more unlucky than this year has already been, can it? *Giggles*

Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark, who is still looking to sign her name in lavender! xxx

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