Thursday, 19 February 2009

FIRE!!! Oh, no....TEACAKES!!! :p

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A burning smell fills the house.  Mum and I fear that David is setting fire to the kitchen again, and go running out there, screaming, to see what's happening.  Smoke is filling the kitchen.  Through the smoke, we can just about see him toasting teacakes in our toaster which isn't really wide enough to do so.  The teacakes have got stuck, of course...and so my father is left trying to prise them out with a metal fork.   I swear that if he doesn't find work soon, he's going to do some serious damage; whether it will be to the house, or to himself, I have yet to figure out!
So today was pretty boring.  We went to the house, where Mum decided she didn't like some of the colours we had decided on. >.<  We do think we've found a green for either David's office or the loft landing though.
My room is fine.  They'd left a rusty nail on the floor where I intend on sleeping in nine days, but otherwise I wouldn't have even known they'd lifted the floorboards.  Phew!
By the time we got back, it was too late to eat dinner and get out to Mum's monthly family history evening, so she was disappointed.  I'm also worried as we have some books we borrowed from their library which should have been returned, so I guess now we'll receive a nasty letter about that.
Oh, something I forgot to mention yesterday: Gabriella went for her appointment at Moorfields Eye Hospital, and they say that the pressure in her eyes is normal now.   So it seems it may have just been a dodgy test at the other hospital.  They want to see her agin in six weeks for a check up, especially as they still say her eyes are too big, and roll around too much.  It's sounding more like she may have a squint than something really serious though, so that's a relief.
Not much else to say about today.  I managed to watch most of the Walker Texas Ranger episode I recorded yesterday - you were all right, it is a great show, and now I'm wishing they'd just air the whole thing right back from the 1993 series.  Blast UK television being so odd - I feel like going out and buying a DVD box set now, but I don't have the money.  Oh well, maybe I should try recording the random episodes and try to thread together my own videos - if only I could get David to set up the second VCR that Emma gave us.
I've been trying to clear up in Emma's old bedroom and found a few more things to sell, mainly old Glo Friends, Teddy In My Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop stuff.  I also finally found my boxed Show Stable, so hopefully I'll be able to sort out at least one of my others (and hopefully all three) ready for sale, if anybody is looking for them.  I know shipping prices put a lot of people off, and I won't get a lot for them - I'd just like to see them go to good homes.  I need to put together as many accessories as I can for them first though.  I also found the old boxes for my G2 Castle, Wedding Carriage and Sailing Boat.  I don't know what to do with them, and wish I hadn't kept them now.  I haven't got space to keep the whole boxes, and really only want the backcards, but I know other people do want the boxes for their sets, so I feel bad getting rid of them after all this time.
Well, that's all, I guess.  I need to write to Elisabeth before I go to bed and my parents will be moaning if I don't switch the computer off soon.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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