Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Give them ANOTHER couple of days?!

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I'm sorry, but I'm getting really mad at my father now.  He agreed to meet the builder early this morning, KNOWING Mum and I wouldn't be able to come (Now that he sleeps in the bathroom, he rules when we can get up), and completely messed up the meeting.

He has given them another vague "couple of days" to try to fix the countertop before we can even start the long process of replacing it.  Apparently, what Mum and I saw before was not a rough attempt at fixing it, but more mastic that had been dropped on top of the scratch...  Um...

A. I have photos from the side of the countertop (which I still need to upload so can't post - sorry!) which show how the countertop now actually slopes where they've begun rubbing it down, so it's certainly not something dropped on top of the scratch...

B.  What the heck are they doing with mastic in the kitchen of a house where they're not even using the stuff?  And what a fantastic coincidence that it would be dropped right there on top of that scratch!

Somehow I feel that mastic has been added since Mum and I were over there, probably to cover up the bad work they did rubbing it down, probably to give them more time to think how to get out of paying to replace it, and David gave into them, of course!  I feel like screaming right now.

There were various other things said about wrong light switch plates etc., and David gave into them all the way along, but I won't go into details here because I'm feeling too ill.

David drove Mum to the dentist this afternoon for a check-up.  Her new dentist won't do anything for her.  She doesn't believe in fillings (they make bigger holes in the long run), can't do root canal treatment (that's for specialists, don't you know?!) and doesn't think anything should be done at all unless you're in absolute agony, and then it's time for extraction.  Her words, not mine.  What kind of dentist says that sort of thing?

I spent the time making some voice recordings from various videos on Youtube, and tried to sing Janyse's "That's What I Love About You".  Not to sound big-headed, but I do think there's improvment there.  If only I could get some proper lessons!  I'm going to try and make a better recording of myself singing the song, and then anyone who wants to hear it can just let me know and I'll e-mail it to them.  I don't want to put it up here in case of offending anyone, or causing copyright infringement etc.

Tonight we all went back to Brent Cross TRU, but David forgot to bring the "Spend £30 and get £5 off" voucher.  I'm about to do my first ever pony trade - with Cotton_Candy.  She's getting me some Dolly Mix Ponies, and I'm going to get her a pony from TRU in return.  BUT I discovered the ponies are still on a BOGOF offer so I'm going to surprise her with a second pony too.   (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this blog, so fingers crossed she won't see what I just wrote!)  Since I have to spend £30, I'm going to get myself the La-Ti-Da Salon, which I can just afford with the "pony percentage" of the money I've got from selling stuff lately, but that still leave another £5.  Hence, I'm happy to pick up two ponies for you, if you want something specific?  First person to comment/message me takes priority.

They have Name on Leg Ponies mainly, plus Eyeshadow Cheerilee and Sweetie-Belle, a couple of the Birthstone Ponies, and Dress-Up Royal Bouquet and Tropical Surprise.  Just let me know, otherwise I'll get some random ponies and put them up for sale in the new "Adoption Centre" of my Sales Album.  Yep, I've decided I'm going to have to harden my heart and start selling duplicate ponies that come my way.  Don't worry, all my old ponies will be staying, so if you've sent ponies to the Rescue Home, they're perfectly safe and happy.  I love them too much to send them away now!  I just can't keep accepting more and more duplicates now that we're moving to a smaller house.

For those who are curious to see my Sales Album, you'll find it *here* .  (Yep, yet another shameless plug!  Please help me out with moving to Woodberry and getting myself a bed while David hangs about in Grottsville forever! )

I just wish we COULD move to that smaller house.  Sleeping on the floor is really getting to me now, but I will not give in.  My legs ache so badly though, I could hardly make it around TRU today.  I don't know what's going to happen.

Oh, and David has just announced that my pony shelves are now coming by next Monday.  It was Thursday before!  And until they come, they can't be assembled, and until they're assembled, they can't be painted, and until they're painted, I can't get a carpet, and until I get a carpet, I can't get a bed...  AGH!  What an awful mess.

Well, I need to get some messages written to people, and it's almost 1am.  So I have to go now.  Huge hugs to anybody who has continued to read my depressing blogs the last few days.  I love you all! <3

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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