Saturday, 28 February 2009

I guess rats like the taste of wires?

Seriously, that's most likely not the problem, but who knows in this dump?  Basically, the phone keeps cutting out (which means the computer does too, of course), and nobody seems to have any idea why.  So that's the reason I didn't post a blog last night.
There wasn't really anything to say anyway.  David went to oversee the glaziers who were fitting new glass in the front door at Woodberry.  While he was there, he rang Mum to tell her that the house was "a hive of activity"!  When Mum asked him what he meant, he told her that Benny, the Italian carpenter, was there, fitting shelves in the boiler cupboard that still has huge holes in the back of it...perfect for mice to get into our kitchen.  Oh, and the electricians were there - doing absolutely nothing, it would appear, since they still haven't changed the switches in the hall anyways.  So they were the hive of activity then?  "And the glaziers!" David said proudly.  Er, but you called them in yourself, independent of the useless builders.  He then started talking for the audience, and asked Mum loudly, "Any chance of colours by the end of the day?" like it's exclusively her holding things up.  He was the one who wouldn't look at colours months ago!  And now Mum is in no state to look at anything, he expects her to snap her fingers and have it all ready on a plate.
What do I mean by that, you ask?  Oh, Mum is seriously depressed and says that she wishes she had the courage to kill herself because there's no future ahead of her now.  And that isn't like Mum at all.   She says she wants to get estate agents into Woodberry to see what she can let the house for, and get out of all the stress.  But that would mean that we'll never leave this dump, and I'll never get an education or get away.  I feel really sorry for her, but in some cases I do think she's trying to be difficult (now that it's too late for my 18th birthday trip to California, "there's nothing in moving house for her, so she's washed her hands of it").  Like, the room she always said would be blue, she's now decided she wants in green - after it's already been painted, meaning we'll have to pay again to get it changed.
Anyways, she just keeps trying to go to sleep, and doesn't want to leave the house.  Which apparently means I don't want to either, since David is quite happy to leave me here on the lounge floor three days running, without even so much as an offer of taking me out, even though he knows I can't get out alone.
The garden is filled with rats again (like four or five at any one time).  They're running around the front garden too now, so we're surrounded.  The local cats are doing the best, but David really needs to put some poison out.  He does nothing but sit on the ex-communal bed ripping pages out of stamp and history magazines to keep, on the false pretence of "clearing up the house".
Tonight I asked to go to the internet cafe, so that I could have an hour of broadband internet access, and try to listen to some of the podcasts on Trevor Devall's website (Basically, interviews with voice actors).  But even on the machines at the cafe, they refused to play beyond precisely six minutes and twenty three seconds.  And apparently each show is over an hour long!  I had no idea, and thought they were just going to be ten minutes interviews or something.  I'm desperate to hear them, but fear I never will now.  Will someone do me a massive favour by taking a look at Trevor Devall's site for me, and seeing if you can load the podcasts?  I'm wondering if I just got a rubbish machine at the cafe, or if they're not working on any computer.
Then we drove to Woodberry, to look at the "fixed" countertop.  Oh, please!  Why did David even give them the chance to fix it.  Now we'll have even more trouble getting it replaced, but surely even they must agree our brand new £1300 countertop can't be left looking like THIS!

Oh, and as a final insult they'd left yet another coffee cup next to the scratch with splashes of coffee everywhere.
The door looks nice though, at least in my opinion.  I think it should be nice and light in the hall too.  Maybe we shouldn't have got those bottom panels glazed, as I fear they'll be a security threat.  But Mum wanted maximum light.

I'm recording (and half-watching; my nerves are too up in the air to concentrate totally on the TV) "The Quest" on ITV4.  I've waited four years for this movie to come back on a channel we get on our TV.  Things have got a lot easier since we got satellite again though.  After all these years struggling to find anything, I think I've taped most of the stuff I've wanted to see because of various actors over the past couple of months!   Looks like a good movie actually, which surprises me, considering some of the reviews I've heard.  I'll have to watch it in more detail tomorrow.  Shane was literally on for maybe ten minutes at the start, but then I already knew that was the case.  Still, good enough for me to find a decent movie starring my favourite actor, even if it was only a small role.
Hmm, I think that's all?  My hair feels all icky - so now I'll have to buy yet more dry hair shampoo to last me out until we move and I can wash my hair properly in a real bath or shower!  I'm sure you really wanted to know that...
Ooh, and I was able to update my profile at the internet cafe too.  Still some changes to be made, but now I'm back to slow dial-up, they'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Still, what do you think?  I love my new background.  Just in time for Spring!  I only hope this Spring will turn out not to be as bleak as it's threatening to be...
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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