Saturday, 21 February 2009

I'm Leaving

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No, that isn't just another of my silly meaningless titles.  I am leaving this house for good...well, I think I am.  I'm really not sure anymore, but I'll see how I feel in the morning.  Now I don't even have a place to sleep here, I don't see what can be so much worse at Woodberry.
I guess I'd better start at the very beginning, despite not feeling like writing a blog today - perhaps the spirits of Myspace are trying to tell me something about not writing a daily blog, by giving me something important to write about?!
Well, today (or should I say yesterday since it's now the early hours) we went to Westfields, which is supposedly the largest shopping centre in all of Europe.  To be quite frank, I didn't think a lot of the place, but then I guess not having enough money to buy anything from posh shops may contribute to that feeling.
We really went for Laura Ashley, to get a few wallpaper samples.  It was £2 an hour just to park the car, so we didn't hang around long.  I walked in and out of The Entertainer (which was only a tiny branch anyway), and then we headed back to the car through a maze of corridors full of posh shops.  Mum spent most of her time in the public services with an upset stomach, while David and I waited outside for her.
There was a huge branch of Accessorize there with a big jewellery section, but I thought it was rather pointless going in there with no money in my purse!
On the way back, I spotted a Nisa supermarket I'd not noticed before, and asked to stop so that I could look for the Dolly Mix ponies everybody has been talking about on the Arena.  They're one set of ponies I feel I could afford to buy as I know there are enough people who would be willing to buy any doubles I got for a little extra to probably cover my own set if I bought enough packets.  But, alas, there were none there.
David went to see a wallpaperer at Woodberry to discuss prices, while I practised VA'ing upstairs.  Mum came flying up to the bathroom with her upset stomach without warning me (right when I was doing MLP impersonations too), then annoyed me by laughing about my awful Rarity voice which she had apparently heard on her way up.
Nothing else really happened for the general blogging day...  I eventually turned the computer off and went upstairs to the communal bed, where I believed David was scanning Mum's old photographs as he'd promised to do (hence, why I was going to bed later than usual - I got told off for calling him away from doing her job before).  There I find him with the scanner and photographs pushed to one side, a rude newspaper opened on page three in front of him (Well, we know how he'd spent his evening then, don't we?), and him fast asleep.
Fine.  I was a little upset, as he'd promised he wouldn't sleep on the bed Mum and I have to share just for these last few nights while I have to sleep there before I said I'd move to Woodberry regardless of what state it was in, but I accepted that.  Said I'd open the window for five minutes before I went to bed to try and air the room a little; tried to keep myself calm.
I waited about an hour while he clears the bed, getting more and more tired...  Then finally I was able to get upstairs.  I went to open the window while I went in the bathroom and changed into my pajamas...only to see a huge pool of drool on the bed right where I have to sleep.
Okay, so I know a lot of you are probably saying that's no big deal, but when it makes me feel sick to have to sleep in a bed with someone else anyway, I can do without a third person coming along and dribbling all over the mattress while I think he's doing a job for Mum!
So I've said I'm not going to the communal bed tonight...or ever again for that matter.  But there's honestly nowhere else to sleep.  David has now claimed the landing for the rest of the night (he's angry with me and not talking to me, as the dribble is "nowhere near my face" - true, it's about halfway down the bed, but still), Mum has sprawled herself out on the only patch of clear floor in the lounge, and I'm just sitting in my usual space by the radiator.
I turned the computer on to try and keep myself awake, because I know I'll get an awful neck ache if I fall asleep here with no back support or anything.  Anybody want to chat?  I promise not to be too depressing - I just need to stay awake all night!
So I'm now telling them I'm moving to Woodberry as of tomorrow.  I don't see how it's possible really, as I have next to no money, no way of getting an income, no food (or kitchen!) over there, as well as no bed and all the other discomforts of this house.  No financial support as David says I'm being ridiculous to not want to sleep in that bed anymore. Oh, and no computer either.  So if I go offline for a few weeks, you'll know what's happened.
*Yawns*  I have a long, long night ahead of me...  And a very uncertain few weeks to come.   But I'll make it through, always have before, so no need to be downhearted, eh?
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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